A Rose and a Cactus


There have been times in my life Iíve felt very dry

Much like a cactus in the sun, waiting to die.

As I look at my life heading towards the middle

I canít help but laugh, at least chuckle a little

At the thought of my world that Iíve always lived in

Standing still, moving forward, about to begin.

For the years of joy and pain that Iíve seen,

Have only prepared me for this love that I glean.

Just as flora and fauna crave attention and care,

My love need know that Iíll always be there.

The rose that Iíve met with thorns so well placed,

Has allowed this cactus to feel so graced.

So the fear that the dew will melt off and wither,

Should be met with the knowledge that it falls like a feather.

And nourishes life in this desert forever




Love Always,