I started a journey with no real direction,

 tried to keep expectations low.

To my own amazement that adventure would take me,

 places I never thought I would grow.


A Lady I met with the soul of an angel

advised “leave a thumbprint” wherever you go.

 Make an image, leave a memory, place your presence,

seems stronger sometimes than ever you’ll know.


These words that I’ve written for this person who touched me,

as I sit here lost in her glow.

Are my hope to reveal the fondness I feel,

 for the kindness and love that she’s shown.


For this woman I speak of while healing her own pain,

which I’m sure was so hard to endure.

Took the time and the patience to stand by this latent,

 and make him know that he’d found the cure.


My fear from the outset was losing something,

that I never had the right to own.

What I gained in the long run was peace and contentment,

that I will never be left alone.


While I wish for this flower all the comfort and dower,

that I know my love would ensure.

I’m aware of her journey and will stand by in tarry,

till her heart tells her which way is pure.

All she need know right now is that he’s there somehow,

wishing he could help her feel secure.



Love always,