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Here before cars       Send a link to a friend

In response to the gentleman saying, "Let there be noise" --

Why in the world should I have to move because of the noise? I was here first, not the car races. I have no problem with the other activities at the fairgrounds. I have never heard the demolition derby or concerts at my home in all of the years I have lived here -- over 12 years! But since the races began last year with the one that was held last fall and the one last weekend, I could hear the noise over a mile away from the fairgrounds, even with my windows closed.

As for the mayor not getting many complaints: This city makes it difficult to make a complaint, as they have given me the runaround on who to make the complaints to per my last letter to the editor. I know it is no use to complain. No one in the government here cares to listen to their constituents anyway -- unless you are part of one of their cliques.

You will be happy to know that I will be leaving this town by the end of the year and moving back to a location that appreciates homeowners and has better zoning laws and restrictions for just such issues.

Melissa Byrd

(posted 5-14-04)

Racetrack affordable family fun
and good for Lincoln economy      
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I would like to respond to the only 10 complaints about the new and exciting sport that has hit our town of Lincoln. Everyone knew of the prospect of the noise and all the down[side of] … the track. They were given the opportunity to voice their thoughts. Still very few did, and it got built and it did have great success the first day out -- 1,200 patrons paid, not to mention the drivers' fees are terrific for our economy.

I also wanted to respond to the printed complaint by Ms. Melissa Byrd. I also live in the general area of the fairgrounds. I think living with a few stimulating hours of a little noise to help the town, then I say grin and bear it! The beloved balloon festival will still be here as it was before it was moved to the fairgrounds, and I expect it still will be, so I say rejoice for this family night out for a few pennies.


Eric Harris

P.S. I, too, work midnights and we will adapt OK.

(posted 5-14-04)

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Something to do on Sundays      Send a link to a friend

First off I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Norm and Gary for a very successful first running at the new Lincoln Speedway. It all came together in record time, and I for one am very pleased to have a track in our hometown.

Now then, I wish to address those of you who have a problem with the noise or dust or whatever it is people want to find to complain about. Everyone always says there is nothing to do in Lincoln on a Sunday. Well, now we have the racetrack, and I think it shows a closed-minded opinion to be down on it because of little minor things.'

I mean, look at the Logan County Fair. They have music, rides and events that make a lot more noise than the races, and people are just fine with that and it goes for a whole week I mean, come on, that doesn't bother people?


[to top of second column in this letter]

Then you have the balloon fest going on for a weekend. Again you have music, rides and events, not to mention the hot-air balloons taking off and doing the night glow. And again everyone is fine with that.

I say, "Bravo!"

If someone goes complaining about something new, just go and see what it's about. This racetrack will help Lincoln as well as give race fans a close-to-home place to go. I hope this letter opens some minds and brings in some new race fans.

Larry Harl

(posted 5-14-04)

Races at the fairgrounds appreciated       Send a link to a friend

Thanks for the new sport brought to Lincoln. Lincoln needs this to boost the economic base. When was the last time the grandstand had 1,200 people? Let the good times roll.

W.D. Rogers


(posted 5-12-04)

Let there be noise       Send a link to a friend

I would just like to put a note on here for all of the people that are going to complain about the noise with the races. Why do you want to start complaining just because Lincoln finally gets something that looks like it might actually work out for the city? And people just want to get rid of it already.

If you don't like the noise, you need to move. You know that the fairgrounds always are a noisy place. Let's see here… During the fair you have concerts, tractor pulls and demolition derby. OK, I know that those tractors and demo cars make the same amount if not more noise than these race cars. So you should know by now that it is going to be noisy around the fairgrounds no matter what. If you can't take it, there is plenty of farmland around Lincoln that would be a great place for you to sit out and dwell.

Chad Kerns

(posted 5-12-04)

Not looking forward to more noise       Send a link to a friend

To the city of Lincoln:

Allowing the car races at the fairgrounds is the worst idea this city has come up with to date... among many other things as well.

I was trying to enjoy my rare weekend off. But to my dismay, extremely loud noises from the cars could be heard well over a mile away, to the northeast of the fairgrounds, at my home. My daughter and I could not have a nice evening out in our back yard for Mother's Day with all of the noise. And when we tried to get away from the noise by going back inside the house, the noise could be heard in every room. There was no way to get away from it.

When I tried to register a noise complaint with the police department, as the races went on well after 10 p.m. on a school night, they told me that I needed to register my complaint with the city. So I called and talked to our city clerk today. She informed me that I needed to contact the police about it. I said that they told me to call City Hall. Boy, talk about the runaround with this city!!!


[to top of second column in this letter]

I dread next Sunday when they start these stupid races up again, as I will be trying to sleep because I will be working my midnight shifts at that time.

On another note... They have basically destroyed the look and the atmosphere of the fairgrounds with this new racetrack and stands. It will not be enjoyable to attend other events there now. I knew that it would force the balloon fest out, but the city does not seem to care about this.

I hope this city wakes up soon and will learn from its many mistakes.

Melissa Byrd

(posted 5-11-04)


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