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[SEPT. 23, 2005]  Recent arrests of underage youth rocked the community and reawakened concerns for an ongoing problem. The number of the youth arrested for consumption of alcohol in the waning weeks of summer included known athletes and youth considered leaders by their peers. On one particular evening the arrests reached the staggering number of 30, most coming from one particular party.

Officials and school authorities have limited powers over the behaviors and discipline of youth. Community leaders have struggled for years, looking for ways to support or our youth in positive activities and redirect them from hazardous behaviors. These caring adults look to parents and the community for what to do and how to respond to such issues.

It is common knowledge and sense that privileges and their loss prove strong motivators in avoiding unapproved or illegal behaviors. This appears to hold true here, as the largest number of arrests occurred on the last night before LCHS school-year activity code would be enforced. Students did not want compromise their participation in school athletics, clubs and other activities.

Potential consequences speak loudly, and youth hear that.

On Monday evening, Sept 26, the Lincoln Community High School District 404 Board of Education will solicit public comment on the district's extracurricular code. The meeting is scheduled for at 7 p.m. in the Instructional Materials Center at the high school. Citizens wishing to address the board's extracurricular committee are invited to attend.

One option that has been suggested is to extend the school code to be in effect year-round, rather than lapse for offseason, between the last day of one sports season and the first sports (training) day of the new school year.

Two other area schools, Mount Pulaski and Hartsburg-Emden, practice year-round school ethics code enforcement. When asked if it seems to be effective, Hartsburg-Emden sports director Tom Mikelson said, "Sure is."

Faculty and coaches review violations at Hartsburg-Emden High School. Consequences are similar to the LCHS standards:

First infraction: Suspension in competition for one-third of the season. Accepting counseling cuts it in half.

Second infraction: Cut for the year.

Third infraction: Cut for the remainder of high school eligibility.

Lincoln Police Chief Robert Rawlins agrees that year-round enforcement would provide consistency and support positive behavior. "I think if the school board did go with a code that the students could not get into trouble year-around, it may help curb some of the problems," he said. "I think it would be a plus for the school to show that they will not put up with any type of illegal activities. If the school board went to a year-round policy, I believe that it would show that, like our laws, they are enforced every day of the year and not just for a special time frame (meaning that a student could go out and do whatever they want while school is out of session, and when school is back in session that they have to watch what they do or they could not be involved in sports or other school activities)."

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Youth need to know that they are valued and protected. They need to have boundaries and consequences that they can embrace. They need a community and parents to stand firmly.

What support do parents have from community leaders?

Two years ago the Healthy Communities Partnership Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Task Force offered a "parent summit," an evening of information for parents.

About 20 presenters -- comprised of health care representatives, school officials and others -- were present with a full slide presentation, pamphlets and information about parenting and our community youth issues and what our youth face.

Not one parent showed up that night.

Everyone still presented so they heard what one another had to say, and lively discussion ensued with interesting questions and answers. All parents missed a great opportunity to hear what goes on in the everyday lives of our children and their friends here in Logan County.

On Monday evening school officials are giving parents and the community another opportunity to make decisions that may influence at least some of our youth.

Healthy Communities Partnership director Kristi Lessen says: "It's easy for youth to obtain and drink alcohol, and that's a problem for all of us. It makes our roads less safe, our schools less effective, our community not as secure and our future less certain. We all have to be part of the solution. We need to work together, as a community, for the health and well-being of our youth. We have to communicate with the community at large, and, as a community, we have to work together to change the community norms that allow or encourage drinking by underage youth.

Extracurricular Code review on Monday, Sept 26, at 7 p.m. at the Lincoln Community High School Instructional Materials Center.

You can review the Extracurricular Code below this article.

[Jan Youngquist]

If you are interested in more information about teen substance abuse and other issues, you can contact:

Kristi Lessen, MS, CADP, CGW
Director, Healthy Communities Partnership
Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital
315 Eighth St.
Lincoln, IL 62656
(217) 732-2161, ext. 409

[Copy of document]


(Effective 7-20-04) except for the code violation section, retroactive to 8-13-03

It is our belief that participation in LCHS extracurricular activities is a privilege and not an absolute right of Lincoln Community High School's students.  Students who elect to represent LCHS by taking part in extracurricular activities must also accept the responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that exemplifies the behavior of a law-abiding citizen of the community.  Students must adhere to the following extracurricular code for the duration of their attendance at LCHS.  These rules, approved by the Lincoln Community High School Board of Education, have been set forth to guide students toward a better understanding of their responsibilities as representatives of LCHS.

The extracurricular code will go into effect on the opening day of the fall sports season and will remain in effect through the conclusion of the spring sports season. 


Lincoln Community High School as a member of the Illinois High School Association and the Central State Eight must adhere to the Constitutions and by-laws of these entities concerning student conduct, eligibility, and participation.


 Activities covered under the Extracurricular Code are:


Athletics                                 Other Extracurricular Activities

Baseball                                   Band                                       

Basketball                                Choir                                                   

Cross Country                          Contest Play                                        

Football                                    Fall Play                                              

Golf                                          Group Interpretation                            

Softball                                     Musical                                               

Soccer                                     Winter Play                                         

Swimming                                 FFA                                                    

Tennis                                      National Honor Society                       

Track                                       Student Government

Volleyball                                 Math Team

Wrestling                                  Managers

Cheerleaders                            Scholastic Bowl

Pom Pons                                 Speech Team



All coaches / sponsors will explain these requirements to their players / members prior to the start of practice / rehearsals.

1.                  Students who participate in extracurricular activities at LCHS must be enrolled as a full time student and will have a signed "Extracurricular Code" on file in the Activity Office or with the sponsor.

2.                  Each year, students who participate in competitive athletic activities (also cheerleaders and Pom Pons) will have an athletic permit card filled out in the Activity Office (seniors, juniors, and sophomores) or with the School Nurse (freshmen).

3.                  Students who participate in extracurricular activities will maintain passing grades in at least twenty (20) credit hours of work per week, the equivalent of passing at least four (4) credited courses.   Physical Education will not be included in the four (4) credited courses.

4.                  Students who participate in extracurricular activities must have passed and received credit toward graduation for twenty (20) credit hours of high school work for the entire previous semester, the equivalent of passing four (4) credited courses, to be eligible for the next semester.  Students must also have a GPA of 1.00 (D+) the previous semester to be eligible for the next semester.  Physical Education will not be included in the four (4) credited courses.

5.         Students who are not passing four (4) credit hours per week will be declared ineligible for the following week (Monday through Saturday).  These students may practice but are not eligible for interscholastic competition or performances.

6.         Students who did not receive four (4) credit courses and a GPA of 1.00 (D+) at the end of a semester grading period will be declared ineligible for the next semester and may not participate in any contest during the time of ineligibility but may participate in practices with the approval of the head coach and Activity Director.

7.         Students must be in attendance at school for the entire school day in order to participate that afternoon or evening in any extracurricular game, contest, or performance.  Upon request of the student the principal may waive this requirement in special situations. 

8.         All athletes, cheerleaders, pom pons, and their parents / guardians must attend a mandatory pre season meeting with the Activity Director.  One meeting will be good for all four years unless the extracurricular code is changed.

Once a participant has signed a code, it will remain on file in the school office and will be in effect for the student's entire high school career at Lincoln Community High School. 


(Conviction is not a prerequisite to disciplinary action)


            Level 1:            A.        Possession or use of tobacco products

B.                 Serious acts which are detrimental to the individual, the sponsor, coach, the squad, or the school

Level 2:            A.        Possession or use:

1.                  Alcohol

2.                  Drug paraphernalia

3.                  Illegal drugs, any drug in a non-prescribed manner, or substances to enhance (alter) performance

B.                 Any misdemeanor

C.                 A repeat of level 1

Level 3:            A.        A serious felony which is detrimental to the individual, the sponsor,
                                                coach, the squad, or the school 

                                    B.         A repeat of level 2

Level 4:            A.        A repeat of level 3

Any participant committing one or more of the above infractions regardless the source of information (providing the hearing process finds the evidence credible) is subject to the following:

                         Penalty                      Reduced penalty with counseling

Level 1:   1/3 of season             1/6 of season

Level 2:   1/2 of season             1/4 of season

Level 3:   1 year                        1 Full season-previous record of participation

Level 4:   Finished for the rest of your H.S. career
                           No reduced penalty and may not attend banquet


Students with activity code violations related to alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use or school suspensions related to alcohol or other drug use may participate in a substance abuse early intervention and education program offered by the LCHS Student Assistance Program counselor.  Students may also participate in privately arranged counseling offered through a community agency, private practice, or religious based organization.  The LCHS Student Assistance Program operates as follows:

·        Students participate in a group setting.

·        Groups meet two days a week after school.

·        Four sessions are required to be eligible for a reduction in the activity or school suspension.

·        Students or parents concerned about substance abuse addiction will be referred to other agencies.

·        A $40 fee is required at the first session.  This fee will be directed toward substance abuse materials and supplies.

·        The responsibility for attendance rests with the student.  A student who misses the first session will be given an opportunity to attend the second.  A second absence will result in the reinstatement of the full activity code penalty and/or school suspension.

·        The group leader will expect the rules of the group to be respected.  If a student is disrespectful of the group or anyone in the group, the student will be asked to leave.  Students will not receive a refund in this situation.  The Assistant Principal’s or Activity Director’s office will suggest alternative counseling in the community.

Once the counseling program has been completed, the counseling service must provide the Activity Director with a signed written statement showing the date of enrollment and the date of completion to be filed in the activity office. Failure to complete the counseling program requirement will result in a return to the higher penalty of the regular scheduled contests or performances.


  1/6 of season 1/4 of season 1/3 of season 1/2 of season

Sport (# of games)

(# of games)

(# of games)

(# of games)

(# of games)

Baseball (35) 6 games 9 games 12 games 18 games
Basketball (B-30,G-26) B-5,G-4 games B-8,G-7 games B-10,G-9 games B-15,G-13 games
Cross Country (11) 2 meets 3 meets 4 meets 6 meets

Football (9)

1 game 2 games 3 games 5 games
Golf (18) 3 matches 5 matches 6 matches 9 matches
Soccer (18) 3 games 5 games 6 games 9 games
Softball (35) 6 games 9 games 12 games 18 games
Swimming (14) 2 meets 4 meets 5 meets 7 meets
Tennis (18) 3 matches 5 matches 6 matches 9 matches
Track (18) 3 meets 5 meets 6 meets 9 meets
Volleyball (27) 5 matches 7 matches 9 matches 14 matches
Wrestling (29) 5 matches 7 matches 10 matches 15 matches

Other extracurricular activities suspensions:

The sponsor, Activity Director, and the Principal will determine the suspension period for all other extracurricular activities.  The 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 rule will be used whenever possible with consideration taken for band and chorus grading procedures.

If involved in athletics and other extracurricular activities at the same time:

If you are involved in both athletics and other extracurricular activities at the same time you will be ineligible for each activity you are involved in as well as the athletic activity.  If not enough activities remain for your penalty, you will be ineligible for the rest of the season including state competition.

Any suspension must be concluded prior to the beginning of the state level competition in order for that student to be eligible in any state competition (state competition includes regional / sectional competition and beyond).

Should the infraction take place prior to participation in or involvement in an activity, the participant will be declared ineligible for the next scheduled activity, contest, or performance in which he / she elects to participate.  Note:  It can be carried over to the next school year if that is his or her next activity.  (This would be the next athletic activity and the next other extracurricular activity).

Levels one, two, and three (who do the counseling) may practice but cannot participate in a contest or performance until they have completed their suspension.  Levels one, two, and three (who do the counseling) may receive their award at the banquet in the activity in which he or she participates provided they have met all criteria for the award. Levels three (who do not elect counseling) may not attend the banquet, or receive any awards. 

For the consequence to be considered served, the student must start the activity on the original starting date of that activity.  The student must complete an activity for the consequence to be considered served.


The principal and activity director will meet with the code violator, parent/guardian, and will provide the student with his or her due process rights (an informal hearing of the charges against him or her).  The student accused of a violation will be informed of the charges and given the opportunity to explain or respond.

The proceedings will be documented and kept on file in the school office.  A certified letter or other appropriate notification stating the violation and the action taken will be sent to the parent/legal guardian of the participant, and a copy will be forwarded to the Administration, coach(es), and sponsor(s).

You may appeal the decision of the Activity Director and Principal in the review hearing, by replying with a registered letter within ten days of the receipt of the letter to Lincoln Community High School, Superintendent, 1000 Primm Road, Lincoln, Illinois 62656.

You may appeal the decision of the Superintendent by replying with a registered letter within 10 days to the President of the Board of Education, 1000 Primm Road, Lincoln, Illinois 62656.


If a conflict will occur between athletics and other extracurricular activities a contract should be drawn up between the coach, sponsor, student, and parent before the season begins.  The contract must be signed by the coach, sponsor, student, and parent and on file in the Activity Director’s office.  Contract forms are available in the Activity Director’s office.  If the coach, sponsor, student, and parent cannot agree, then the student must choose only one activity to participate in.

If an athlete wants to participate in two athletic activities during the same season a contract must be draw up between the coaches, athlete, and parent before the season begins.  The contract must be signed by the each coach, athlete, and parent and on file in the Activity Director’s office.  Contract forms are available in the Activity Director’s office.  If the two coaches, athlete, and parent cannot agree then the athlete must choose one sport to participate in.


Students are required to ride the district provided transportation.  No student will be allowed to ride to or from any activity with anyone except a parent/guardian.  If a parent/guardian wishes to have their child ride with them, they must contact the coach/sponsor in person and put it in writing.


Head coaches or advisors may have additional rules or conditions, but the Principal and Activities Director must approve them.



I have read and understand the Extracurricular Code of Lincoln Community High School and agree to abide by these rules and regulations.   I understand that Lincoln Community High School must also follow the Constitutions and by laws of the I.H.S.A. and the Central State Eight Conference concerning conduct, eligibility, and the participation of students involved in interscholastic activities.

As a parent/legal guardian I will uphold my responsibility to my son/daughter and Lincoln Community High School and will cooperate in the enforcement of the Extracurricular Code.   I furthermore give my son/daughter permission to participate in extracurricular activities at Lincoln Community High School during his or her high school career.

                                                                                                     Date              ____________

Participant's Signature and Parent / Legal Guardian Signature


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