Quick instructions for Logan County Tax Search

[click here to go to the tax search site]

  1. In the Logan County Treasurer screen, click Tax Search


  1. Fill in information to search for the desired property. **


  1. Click on the blue parcel ID to acquire more information about this parcel. 


  1. Scroll with arrows at the top of the page to search different years on this parcel or advance to the next parcel ID number.  You must scroll down and to the right to view all of the information about this property. 


** It is best to use little information in the search form when trying to find a parcel.  Use either a last name with the initial of the first name or the just the address of the property.   You may have to try different wording because of the nature of this program. 


Be sure to clear the form before you try another method to search. 


[or click here to go to the tax search site]