My heater isn’t putting out much hot air. What’s wrong?

There can be many problems that can contribute to your heater not working properly.
I will list a few:

• Low coolant level- or an air pocket in the heater core or heater hose
If you think that coolant is not circulating through the heater core, feel both the inlet and outlet return hoses. They should feet hot when the engine is operating and the heater is on.
• Thermostat problems
• A plugged heater core
• An inoperative air flow control or inlet door not functioning properly
• A defective blower motor. If the blower motor doesn’t work (no sound/air) the motor may be defective
• Electrical short in the heater circuit
• A kinked or pinched heater hose
• A weak water pump

So if you notice that you have no heat one cold winter morning, give Charron’s a call at 217-735-2222. We can help get you warmed up!