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Topics Covered:

  • Crop Damages
  • Up Coming Deadlines
  • Acre Production


Weather & Possible Crop Damages

If anyone experiences any type of damaging weather (hail, flash flood, excessive rainfall, wind, tornado, frost, lightning, etc.) during the growing season, please call our office or drop me an email.  We are required to observe and report these events in our STORM reporting system.  Some of these reports are cumulative and if severe enough, might trigger a Damage Assessment Report (DAR) request by the Governor.  These reports are important because they help pave the way for potential disaster legislation or disaster declarations by the Governor or the President of the United States.  The information contained in a DAR could justify the authorization of USDA to offer low interest emergency or disaster loans and activation of a disaster program such as SURE.  Help keep us informed on what is happening in your part of the county!

Up Coming Deadlines

2 Weeks Remaining for Crop Certification – Final date to report 2010 crops and land uses, including Conservation Reserve Program acreage, is July 15, 2010. Have you reported? If not, please take action now to avoid late filing fees. A minimum late file fee of $46 will be assessed for each farm certified after July 15.


2 Weeks Remaining for 2009 ACRE Program- Final date to report 2004-2008 historical yields for benchmark yield purposes as well as reporting 2009 crop production for farms enrolled in Average Crop Revenue program is July 15, 2010. Failure to report 2009 production by July 15th will void the entire 2009 DCP/ACRE contract. 

658 Production Form – Click on the link and type “658” into “Form Number” and submit


More on Gathering Yield Data for 2009 ACRE Contracts:

*July 15th Deadline*


·         Assigning Production Based on Similar Farms

Can I use a neighboring farms yield to certify my yield since they are similar?

-       The use of similar farms in assigning production is not authorized because of issues with Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).


·         ACRE ‘Plug’ Yield

What if I didn’t have control of the farm during a particular year(s)?

-       A plug yield will result if you are unable to obtain production records from the previous owner/operator.

What if I didn’t plant the crop for that particular year?

-       The result will be a plug yield without causing a “break in continuity.”


·         Insurance Premiums

Do insurance premiums pertain to the ACRE program?

-       Yes, your per acre producer-paid crop insurance premiums are added to your Farm ACRE Guarantee. We will be needing your per acre producer-crop insurance premiums *per farm.


·         Seed Corn

What options do I have for seed corn production?

-       If you have both seed corn and commercial corn planted on the same Farm # than the commercial corn yield will be used for the total farm acreage.

-       If you have all seed corn planted on the Farm, the commercial equivalent yield paid on by the company in contract with will be used (up to 120% of the county plug yield).

            LINK : FSA Policy on ACRE Production Evidence




John Peters



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