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If anyone serves Me, he must follow Me; and where I am, there will My servant be also. If anyone serves Me, the Father will honor him. + John 12:26

I came across this picture online just a few moments ago.

This little guy is my buddy, Kingston. He is now 8 years old. Kingston is the true definition of an 'Acolyte'. This term in Greek is 'Akoloutheo" and means "I follow". Ever since the early Church, young men apt for ministry almost literally 'follow' in a Pastor's footsteps on Sunday mornings, robing up, lighting the candles, and learning to serve the Lord in His House.

It's been my experience that sometimes you have to kind of 'encourage' (cough cough) young men to serve as acolytes. With Kingston, he ASKS me if HE can serve. "Pastor, can I light the candles?"..."Pastor, where's my robe?"... "Pastor, can I ring the Church bell?". He even often leaves his family and comes and sits by me in the first row. I guess no one ever told him that Lutherans never sit in the front row!

A few Sundays back the Congregation came up for Communion and Kingston comes up too to receive a blessing with the rest the members. It was very quiet and somber as I was giving everyone the wine and all of a sudden, Kingston breaks the silence! "Pastor Dan, can I help with the cups?" Like usual, he caught me off guard, along with the rest of the Congregation lol. I thought quickly and said "Yes Kingston, go get the other tray and collect the cups after me". And so he did! As I looked at my people, they were either smiling or wiping a tear from their eye.

Do I need to expand anymore on what Kingston's sermon preached to us all? Na! Believers will serve Jesus, and 'follow' the Greatest Servant who died and rose for us! Kingston didn't preach using words, instead he showed us what a follower of Christ does, following and serving Jesus!

On this day, Kingston's sermon was far greater than mine. Following Jesus and serving Jesus go hand in hand. And I'll tell you something, not even I remember what I preached for the sermon on a few weeks ago, but nobody is going to forget Kingston's unintentional sermon!

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