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September 25, 2000

Children celebrate Easter during an Egg
Hunt this morning, 
sponsored by
the Lincoln Park District 
and Maple Ridge Care Center.

If you can 
read this . . .

[APRIL 22, 2000]  The greater majority of you are taking something for granted this very second.  You are reading.  Did you know that a 12th grade literacy level is needed to read and fully comprehend a newspaper article?  A National Adult Literacy Survey conducted in 1992 by the Department of Education found that 21 to 23 percent of the adults in the U.S.A. function well-below the fifth grade level – known as “level one” – in basic reading, writing and computational skills necessary for functioning in daily life.

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Protect your investment
[APRIL 22, 2000]  First, the obvious: it’s thunderstorm season.  I know this because my dog is currently at my feet under my desk, whimpering and trying to hide from the storm (I have turned the computer off and am writing my article out longhand on a legal pad).  The phones are out, and the lights are flickering.  What you may not know or realize is that every electronic device in your home or office is potentially in great danger every time you hear that thunder and see that lightning.  Computers, stereos, television sets, VCRs and all the other hi-tech gizmos that enhance our lives are in danger of being damaged beyond repair by lightning.  Especially computers!

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LDN wants you to join the party
LDN challenges the other hand to clap

[APRIL 22, 2000]  Lincoln Daily News is about to celebrate its three-month birthday, and we want our readers to join the party.  You see, an online newspaper offers wonderful opportunities for interaction. So get ready to join the fun and start interacting with our community’s daily online newspaper.

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Announcements –

- Wood chips and compost available at old city landfill

- Arbor Day tree planting

- Historical society in Mason City offers free dance lessons

- Baby-sitting clinic offered April 29

- ALMH accepting applications for summer teen volunteers


Yesterday's news –

- Severe weather hits Logan County—more
to come

- Lincoln: A destination

- Former Lincoln man now in the NBA

- New vice-president and trust officer at Logan County Bank