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June 03, 2000

Capstone Survey Reveals
Perceived Problems

Drugs, alcohol and domestic abuse stand out for community
that generally likes itself

[FEB. 9, 2000]   The good news in the Capstone committee’s survey ["Lincoln Loves Library,
9-1-1, Fire Service"]
is that Lincoln residents are generally very favorable toward their community. Most public services received a high rating. Dr. Ernest Cowles, from the University of Illinois at Springfield’s Center for Legal Studies, worked with Lincoln’s mayor and police department to prepare and conduct the survey. Cowles told a group of citizens assembled at Lincoln Community High School last night that, "In most communities we find much higher levels of dissatisfaction with public services."



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               TEACHING & LEARNING

Mt. Pulaski Student L-I-V-I-D About Bees

[FEB. 9, 2000]  It took 13 rounds, 106 words and a little under an hour for Tim Poffenbarger, 13, of Mount Pulaski to recite the five-letter word that would clinch the Logan County Spelling Bee 2000 Title.  He stood tall as the word was pronounced and listened closely as a definition was given.  As he bent down to reach the microphone, he recited “l-i-v-i-d,” for the win.


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For Youth and For America

Japanese woman visits local 4-H club

[FEB. 9, 2000]   They are learning about how to make the best better.  That’s the 4-H motto.  Just this week, members of the Millennium Clovers, a recently reorganized 4-H club, discovered that this means reaching out, discovering new things and embracing new ideas.


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