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Lincoln, IL

    posted daily aT NOON (CDT)

September 26, 2000


HYPE hits
the ropes

[JULY 11, 2000]  "Hardest part is at the top because you're tired."  James Cosby

"We were the first to complete it. It's all in the plan." Zach Boulb

"On the third level, we realized we both are afraid of heights." Kristi Simpson

"You need a lot of upper body strength." Kristi Simpson

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Zion Lutheran selects
new principal

[JULY 11, 2000]  Zion Lutheran School in Lincoln has selected a new principal after a nationwide search. Fred Krueger of Atchison, Kan., will begin his administrative duties later this month. He also will teach upper grades part-time when school starts.

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An interview with Jeff Mayfield

Tomczak next to tackle Lincoln football challenge

Part 1 of 6

[JULY 11, 2000]  Whenever a coaching opening is announced, you can usually see the would-be coaches circling above that position for miles. A possible exception to that might be the Lincoln High School football job. As hard as the kids and coaching staffs have worked, mustering a little success has been hard to come by. Sometimes a step forward has been followed by two steps back. Personally, I admire all of these coaches and players that have persevered through thick and thin...mostly thin. I can relate to their pain. As a freshman, I quarterbacked my team to a perfect record...0-9! However, my junior year we advanced to the state championship game. It’s a long and tough road. Changing mind-sets and attitudes is one of the hardest things to do in sports. Playing a brutal schedule against teams with outstanding athletes will not make it any easier. Ron Tomczak knew all that when he accepted the job. He’s not coming in on a whim with blinders on. In fact, he saw two Railer games last season. He’s come here with a plan...with a strategy to turn things around. This week the LDN sports talk editor sat down with the new coach in his office to try to uncover the plan at hand...

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This is not to make light of the dark

[JULY 11, 2000]  When long summer evenings bring people of all ages outside to walk, bicycle, push their children in strollers or walk their dogs, I think something must be right with the world. Whether they're alone, in couples, as family clusters or in youthful groups, I like to see people take time for simple outdoor activities. The reasons for going out may vary. In some cases it's part of a decision to get more exercise or to do more family activities. Other people are probably just tired of staying inside. If the air is still warm and humid, at least there's a break from the sun's rays.

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One day changes lives

Local advocates for residents in long-term care make a difference

[JULY 11, 2000]  Initial training session to become a volunteer advocate and protect residents’ rights in long-term care facilities is scheduled for Saturday, July 15, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Lincoln Hill Free Methodist Church, 201 S. College in Lincoln. The advocate training is provided by I Care, a long-term care ombudsman program.

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