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posted daily OVER THE NOON HOUR (CDT)

September 23, 2000

This year’s autumnal equinox at 12:27 p.m. (CDT) yesterday, Sept. 22, marked the beginning of autumn, in terms of astronomy. At equinox, day and night are the same length everywhere. Days north of the equator have been getting shorter since the summer solstice, on June 20, and will continue to shorten until the winter solstice, Dec. 21. With less daylight, leaves lose their green matter, or chlorophyll, giving way to the pigments we recognize as fall colors. Autumn is commonly called fall because of the falling leaves, but falling temperatures are also a part of the season. Indian summer is the name for a temporary return of warmer days in late October or early November.

[Mayor Joan Ritter cuts the ribbon honoring the downtown renovation at the Harvest Fest Celebration Saturday morning.  Main Street Lincoln honored the twelve buildings in the IDOT Facade Grant as well as four others whose owners did the renovation.  Attending the ceremony, left to right: Thressia Usherwood, tourism director; Richard Sumarall, head librarian; Juanita Josserand, city clerk; Wally Reese, Main Street Lincoln; Ron Vancil, president of Vancil Contracting Co. which did the IDOT renovation; Dan Bock, realtor; Grant Eaton, city sewer plant manager; Ron Schilling, Lincoln College; Ivan Ray; Mary Conrady, CEFCU; Wendy Bell, Main Street Lincoln Program Director; Jeff Byerline, manager of Lincoln IDOT project]


The question is...

[SEPT. 23, 2000]  "With all the warnings as to the health risks of smoking tobacco products, why do young people still smoke?"

[answers and photos]

[click here for pictures of the Lincoln Community High School Homecoming parade]


Railers lose homecoming heartbreaker

[SEPT. 23, 2000]  I rarely listen to cheerleaders. It's not that our cheerleaders aren't good, because they are and its not that they don't work hard and try, because they do. I just don't usually listen to cheerleaders. I'm too involved in watching the game (especially my own son). But last night, I listened to one of the final cheers of the game and I'm glad I did. It reminded me why I had just watched every excruciating minute of the Railers 35-0 loss to Jacksonville. It was a simple cheer. It went something like this: "We love the Railers, We love the Railers, We love our Railers." Only someone who loved the Railers could have watched what happened last night.

[complete story]


Farm Progress Show 2000 preview

Three days of exhibits
and entertainment at
Logan County’s back door

Part 2 - Neat things to do at the Farm Progress Show

[SEPT. 23, 2000]  If climbing up on shiny new equipment isn’t your thing, there are still a lot of interesting sights and activities at the Farm Progress Show next week at rural Cantrall.

[complete story]


Fall is here!
Got any fun ideas for crossword puzzles?  Email them to


New Holland celebrates 125th anniversary
Roads and telephones part of village history

[SEPT. 23, 2000]  The early streets of New Holland, like those of other small towns, were mud and dust. Later the village graded the streets and put on an oil coating. A very important early road was the old stagecoach road, also known as Edward’s Trace, which ran through New Holland from Springfield to Peoria. In 1920 and 1921 this road was graveled. The first concrete highway to go through the village, then called Route 120 but now Route 10, opened in November of 1931.



Walking the talk, 24-7

A profile of Allan Elder and the Sons of Light
motorcycle ministry

[SEPT. 23, 2000]  Ministry and evangelism among hard-core motorcyclists bikers is not for the fainthearted or the fair-weather Christian. According to Allan Elder of the Sons of Light motorcycle ministry, biker evangelism takes the Christian message to its essential core. Bikers who live on the edge of life and often face the edge of death are blunt and ask the direct question: "Are you a just a Christian on Sunday or are you a Christian 24-7?" They want to know if you live the faith you profess 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, according to Elder. Bikers "will call you on it if your life is not 24-7," he says. "Regular people won’t." That lack of accountability in the mainstream churches is "killing Christianity," believes Elder. The Sons of Light ministry seeks to share the Gospel of Christ with those who live hard and ask the hard questions.

[complete story]


Zion in Lincoln hosts Mission Extravaganza

[SEPT. 23, 2000]  Zion Lutheran Church in Lincoln is hosting a Mission Extravaganza on Sunday, Sept. 24, to celebrate God’s work at home and abroad.

[complete announcement]


Jolly Seniors group announces program for Sept. 26 

[SEPT. 23, 2000]  The Jolly Seniors group from Lincoln Christian Church invites people 55-plus to attend their monthly meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 26, at 10 a.m.

[complete announcement]


Mason City will have a double celebration when native Victor Wonderle returns from Olympics

[SEPT. 23, 2000]  Wonderle won men's individual archery silver metal earlier this week. Friday he competed with the USA men's team archery to bring home more Olympic metal. The men's three-man team archery is bringing home Bronze metals.

[sports report]

Hear it here!

The next Lincoln Railer football game is at Springfield
on Friday, Sept. 29.

You can hear the game right here on LDN
via Media One Broadcasting system.


Court reports
[SEPT. 23, 2000]  The Law and Courts page includes a new set of weekly court reports, marriage licenses and dissolutions. The Lincoln Daily News does not list the names of the individuals unless convicted and age 18 or older.



A special thanks to all who participated in Family Fun Day

[complete letter]

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Next week LDN is going to the dogs! We will bring you dog stories, dog tips, and doggone good health advice. If your dog likes to read, show him Lincoln Daily News next week!

LDN will also provide you with more Farm Progress Show reports in Rural Review, and more of that little historic community due west of Lincoln, our 'Good Neighbors,' New Holland.

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