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Opinions on representation by districts or at large


Dear editor:

Your vote can make a difference. The advisory referendum on the ballot lets voters say whether the Logan County Board should be elected by districts or remain at large.

I believe that Logan County Board membership should be split into districts. According to the Illinois County Board Association, less than 5 percent of the counties in the state have at-large elections. All the county boards surrounding Logan County are elected by districts.

Under the present at-large system 10 out of the 13 board members are from Lincoln. Mount Pulaski, Chestnut, Cornland and Latham are currently not represented and have not been for years. Districts would provide for a representative that is more in touch with the concerns and issues of a certain area. Also, the at-large system discourages worthy candidates from running.

Please exercise your right to vote April 3. Let the county board members know your opinion.

Bill Glaze

Mount Pulaski


To the editor:

"With hearts too great for rivalry, with souls untouched by jealousy, they lived to teach the world that it is time to abandon the path of ambition when it becomes so narrow that two cannot walk it abreast."

Those remarkable words were written of President Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant by Horace Porter, aide-de-camp to General Grant. Those words spoke of the unique character needed to preserve the union, and they should speak to us today.

While our local issue of county board members being asked to represent every citizen (at large) or to represent a narrow geographical population (by district) is not on a scale of civil war, it has, regrettably, served to divide and alienate the board and to some extent our community as well.

There are those who would have you believe that good government depends on where you live. If you believe that, then you should vote for districts.

I agree with General Porter that people called to positions of leadership can "walk it abreast." The "narrow path" of judging people by labels, be it urban or rural, young or old, male or female, black, white, or other color, Catholic, Protestant or other faith, rich or poor, educated formally or by the school of hard knocks must be "abandoned." Lincoln and Grant, a statesman and a soldier, did and saved the nation.

For many citizens of Logan County, we too are in crisis. Taxes are still too high and good jobs are too few. Many young people cannot remain on the family farm, while many older people struggle to remain in their homes. The Logan County Board needs people willing to serve who will consider the greater good of all, not just the local concerns of a few. The at-large composition of the board has served us well for three decades. It continues to call to service those with "hearts too great for rivalry."

The time has come to "abandon the path of ambition" and affirm by remaining an at-large body that every voice will be heard by every member and that the whole is truly more than the sum of the parts.

David R. Hepler

Logan County Board member


(See Where They Stand for more discussion of representation by districts or at large.)



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