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Video dispute concerns responsibilities as well as politically correct rights


Dear Editor:

I have read the letters supporting and opposing the removal of adult movies from the video store shelves. I have heard arguments for and against all types of "moral" or "Christian" views. The assumption is always that the rights of the individual who wants to purchase adult videos or practice some other sort of behavior that may be deemed "immoral" are unquestionably more important than the rights of those who oppose it.

We want to shout about our own personal rights. We want to be able to flaunt our beliefs. But we must only do so if it is politically correct. We cannot do so if it in any way hints of Christianity or morality.

When was the last time anyone stood up for the rights of a Christian to pray in public? When has there been a public outcry because Bibles were banned from school? We hear small stories around graduation time of a school here or there that is having a rift over prayer at the commencement exercises, but even then, it is the "rights" of the students opposing prayer that are touted rather than the rights of the students wanting prayer. We hear about the fanatics shooting at abortion clinics, and cults that have rounded the bend and created havoc, but we don't hear about that "rights" of the Christian community that are constantly being stepped on and put down.

Why is there no public outcry when a nativity scene is removed from a public lawn? Why do we support demonstrations over endangered animals, but we call the demonstrations of those opposing the endangerment of human babies fanatical? Why don't we hear about the injustice of having to remove any "Christian" material from the workplace, but are constantly bombarded with advertisements and products promoting things that make even the stouthearted blush?

Maybe the Christian community is at fault. Are we willing to sit back and allow our rights to be trampled, while every other left- or right-winged group gets their rights written up in laws and constitutions?

When we speak of rights, the right to view, purchase, read, write, etc., we must remember that for one to claim a right, they have to allow for all other groups to claim that same right. With all these groups and individuals claiming their "rights," who is left to take responsibility?

I guess the question will remain — Are the rights of a few adults more important than the responsibility we all share to raise decent, moral children? Is the right to produce and view materials of this nature more important than the right of children to have a few years of innocence?

I will take responsibility for my own children, to keep them, as much as possible, from that type of exposure. Is anyone else willing to take responsibility for the rights that they enjoy?

Pam Sheley

Elkhart mayor thanks everyone who helped with homecoming weekend


To the editor:

Elkhart has lots to be proud of, and this past weekend another source of pride was brought back. The Elkhart homecoming came back to the village, complete with a parade!!

To all those residents of the village that worked untold hours for several weeks, you did a superior job. The events were well planned, the food delicious, the parade well organized and on time, the games and entertainment enjoyed by all.

To the participants in the parade and special events, thank you for taking time from your day to help us celebrate ours. Your willingness to share in the day is but another example of the "best in small-town cooperation."

To those who had exhibits uptown, thanks for the information and for helping support Elkhart. To the sponsors, Graue Inc. and Illini Bank, a special thank you for helping make the weekend possible. Also, thanks to our local papers, both print and online, for promoting our homecoming.

To the visitors who came to spend part of the weekend in Elkhart, do come back!! Better yet, why don’t you plan to move here; we’d love to have you!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, "Elkhart is the best village in Illinois." Thank you all.


Dayle Eldredge

Village President

They thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Moon Over Buffalo’ performance


Dear Editor:

Thank you for providing the opportunity to win tickets to see "Moon Over Buffalo" through your online contest.  My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  Everyone involved with the production did a wonderful job.

Thanks again,

Kim Larson 



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