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Growing earth-conscious youth

Fifth-graders make posters, third-graders get trees

[MAY 3, 2001]  Each winter Logan County Soil and Water Conservation District conducts a poster contest for all the fifth-graders in the county. This year's conservation theme for the posters was "Lines on the Land." Events included a classroom presentation along with a video.

Winners of the poster contest were Hanna Laramee, first place, $20; Pat Gleason and Kaitlyn Kutz, tied for second place, $10 each; and Christina Stoll, third place, $5.

[First- and second-place winners from Elkhart sit with their teacher, Mrs. Ann Olson. From left to right are Hanna Laramee, Pat Gleason and Kaitlyn Kutz.]

[The third-place winner, Christina Stoll, is from Zion Lutheran School in Mount Pulaski. She is pictured here with her teacher, Mrs. Jean Davis.]

Winners of honorable mention in the contest included Shekinah Pelc from New Wine School, Jarod Parrott from Elkhart Grade School, Jamie Curry from Elkhart Grade School and Dustin Aylesworth from Zion Lutheran School in Mount Pulaski.


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[Mrs. Radtke and her third-grade class at Elkhart Grade School hold their white pine seedlings.]

The Logan County Soil and Water Conservation District distributes trees to all the third-graders in the county each year for Arbor Day. Resource conservationist Steve Bracey delivered white pine seedlings to the third-grade class at Elkhart Grade School and gave a short presentation in observance of Arbor Day.

ABCs and anger control

Kindergarteners learn from policeman

[APRIL 27, 2001]  Chester-East Lincoln and the Lincoln Police Department are beginning violence prevention instruction as early as possible: kindergarten. And as Officer Montcalm and kindergarten teachers Mrs. Foran and Mrs. Warnisher have learned, the message is sinking in.

When Officer Montcalm arrived the students shared with him how the techniques that he had taught them in earlier sessions were working. They shared specifically how they used his tips to control their anger during the week. A couple of kindergarteners said they used the breathing technique. Others tried talking through disputes or going to an adult.

The violence prevention curriculum focuses on three things: cooperation, understanding it is OK to disagree, and a "Healthy and Positive People Alphabet."


In the first class session, the students learned two BIG words, which they were able to recall even in the third lesson: cooperation and disagreements. The class defined cooperation as "working together." The students also remembered that when it comes to disagreements, it is OK to disagree, because everybody is different.

During the second session, the students worked through an activity book that illustrated ways to control anger. In addition to the breathing technique and discussing problems, students also learned to yell into a pillow or count to 10 slowly.

After a short review of the last two classes, Officer Montcalm took the students through the Healthy and Positive People Alphabet. The class met trusted adults such as an Ambulance driver, Doctor, Firefighter, McGruff, Neighbors, Police officer and Sheriff. They reviewed dangerous habits to avoid, such as Cigarettes and Guns, and good habits to practice: Buckle-up, Exercise, Helmets, Jump rope, Kites, Orange juice, Reading, Vegetables, Washing hands and Zipping coats.


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[When Officer Montcalm arrived, the students shared the techniques he had taught that they used during the week to control their anger.]

[Students listed the messages they learned in the two songs.]

The two kindergarten classes also listened to two songs. The first was about playing it safe and taking a bite out of crime. It instructed the students to look left, right and left before crossing the street, learn their address and phone numbers, and never let strangers know that they are home alone. The second song, "Stop the Violence," suggested ways students can help reduce violence.

Before leaving, each student received a McGruff sheriff’s badge-sticker. After next week’s session, each student will be awarded a certificate for the completion of the violence prevention program for kindergarteners.


Educators and officers alike hope that the students will remember and use the simple tips and easy habits they learned in kindergarten to reduce the level of violence around them.

[Jean Ann Carnley]


U.S. Rep. Ray LaHood spoke to Mr. Jeff Cooper's and Ms. Ruth 
Sloot's first hour civics and economics classes Monday.

LCHS Showcase of Talents

[APRIL 7, 2001]  Talent: Think of the word, apply it to Lincoln Community High School, and whom do you think of? Our recently honored basketball star Greg Alexander? Sports is not the only place you’ll find all-stars. How about Kyle Sitton? Haven’t heard of him? Well, the talents of Sitton and many other LCHS students were on display Thursday evening at the second annual LCHS Showcase of Talents. From 6:30 to 8:30, any and all could walk the halls of LCHS and admire the many skills of our next generation.

[Click here to see photos from the LCHS Showcase of Talents]

From cookies in Ms. Silano’s Culinary Arts room to entertainment centers outside of Mr. Spear’s woodworking shop, the many and varied skills could be seen, felt, heard and tasted (yum)! For the record, Sitton is a junior in Mr. Parrott’s welding class. He made the 7-foot-tall "welding man" on display in the gym foyer.

Mr. Jim Moore, the electronics teacher, demonstrated an electronic car, built by his students, that would change direction whenever it sensed an object in front of it. In Mr. Moore’s computer classes the students learn how to assemble a computer from "parts" to "power on!"

In Ms. Welsh’s advanced biology class, students had constructed displays of cell and city models, giving insights for comparisons between the real and the micro worlds.

Some displays taught you things without you realizing it. The students from the math classes were playing miniature golf on a course they constructed themselves. The lesson? No, not how to subtract strokes from your score, but a hidden lesson in geometric angles.

Ms. Chamberlain’s display for the Survey of Family and Consumer Science class concentrated on the importance of milk. Students made milkshakes for consumption. They also took donations for Child Abuse Awareness Month, with proceeds going to DCFS. This class, formerly known as home ec, is doing a good job preparing its students for the "real world" after graduation.

In Mr. Parrott’s welding class, students learn basic and advanced welding techniques, such as MIG and TIG welding. Plaques for top honors, awarded from competitions over the past six years, are proudly displayed in the woodworking shop.


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His woodworking students learn the basics about using the tools and safety, at the beginning of the school year, and work throughout the year on various projects. The large desk, built by Dani Moser, on display outside of the woodworking shop, was an example of the fine craftsmanship of Mr. Spear’s students.

Ms. Silano’s culinary class was, probably, the most popular. The delicious food made by her students was eagerly gobbled up by parents and students alike.

Upstairs, in the band room, a new school anthem composed by students Jason Yarcho and Kyle Pepperell could be seen and heard.

Not on display at LCHS, but a project that can be seen in the Mayfair subdivision, is a 1½ story house in the midst of construction by students involved with the Lincoln Land Technical Education Center (LTEC). Under the guidance and tutelage of Bill Marquardt, area students bus out to the building site daily. They learn basic construction skills and put those skills to work. After completion, the house will be sold to the highest bidder. Any profits go toward the house to be built by next year’s LTEC students. This is the 35th year for building houses by LCHS students.

These projects, and many more that were on display, were ample proof of the abundant talents of the kids attending LCHS. With the instruction and guidance of the dedicated teachers of LCHS nurturing this talent, our next generation appears to be in good hands.

[Jim Stone]

Honors & Awards

Dreusicke selected for office in law fraternity at U of I

[MAY 7, 2001]  Laine Dreusicke has been selected to the office of vice president of the pre-law chapter of the Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity at the University of Illinois-Champaign. She is James Scholar honor student and is currently a sophomore majoring in international studies. Ms. Dreusicke is a 1999 graduate of Lincoln Community High School.

LCHS District 404 honor roll report

Third nine weeks

[MAY 4, 2001]   

Grade 9

High honor list — Kyle Atteberry, Brandon Babbs, Audrey Beach, Emily Bechtel, Jenna Behle, Beth Boch, Kelsey Carnahan, Patrick Charette, Sidney Comstock, Samantha Conrady, Lindsey Dirks, Abigail Ebelherr, Joseph Gillen, Allison Hower, Stephanie Humble, Caleb Jurgens, Michael Kasa, Jason Leisinger, Abigail Matson, Adam McGee, Megan Osborn, Anna Schick, Andrew Schreiber, Emily Shattuck, Mitchell Sheley, Kimberly Steffens, Jordan Tabb, Corrine Thorsen, Kelsey Washam, Brian Whalen, Jessica Whalen, Nathan Whiteman, Emilie Young

Honor list — Deanna Acuff, Fay Allison, Sarina Berry, Sean Bova, Cara Brewer, Erica Brickey, Elizabeth Brown, Katherine Buse, Kyle Charron, Jennifer Cook, Kasey Courtwright, Kathy Coyle, Brianna Dennis, Danielle Edwards, Aaron Eimer, Jenna Gleason, Zachary Goodman, Roberta Green, Samantha Hudelson, Kyle Jackson, Sarah Jacob, Trent Kavelman, Katrina Kelley, Jillian Kimberlin, Cynthia Kleinman, Sara Koehne, Heather Koester, Scott Lee, Justin Matheny, Allison Matthews, Shaun Mattingly, Jason Melton, Elizabeth Meyer, Miles Musick, Corinne O’Donoghue, Emilly Patrick, Emmanuel Payne, Amanda Perry, Kirstin Rawlins, Bradly Reinhart, Angela Ridgeway, Sarah Satterfield, Gregory Saylor, Sierra Schacht, Sarah Shanle, Curtis Simpson, Shaun Thompson, Rachael Tibbs, Aaron Uphoff, Nicole Vincent, Danelle White, Kenneth Zessin II

Honorable mention — Andrew Aper, Darrin Babbs, Lisa Berkshire, Cory Bruns, Jessica Carey, Stephanie Couch, Cassandra Dahman, Brittany Farris, Melissa Gohl, Sabrina Harris, Amy Holmes, Karen Hulett, Ashley Johnson, Paul Johnson, Erik Knecht, Christopher Kurtz, Stephanie Martin, Christopher Matson, Emily Mills, Sarah Nelson, Christopher Podunajec, Douglas Rohrer, Alyssa Schneider, Cara Slack, Dustin Sparks, Holly Swinda, Andrew Tillman, Shelley Wheat


Grade 10

High honor list — Megan Boyer, Elizabeth Brooks, Justin Bruns, Erin Clark, Jennifer Davis, Amanda Davison, Jamie Eckert, Megan Fleming, Kirsten Gandenberger, Tyler Gehlbach, Amanda Harmsen, Yolanda Hill, Robert Irving, Chelsea Jones, Kari Lambert, Jerrod Marten, Sara Matthews, Kari McFadden, Lydia Moehring, Omar Obaisi, Abrigail Sasse, Miranda Schumann, Amanda Shelley, Lindsay Struebing, Gerardo Valdιs, Rian Welles, Jennifer Whalen, Eldon Wiggers, Melissa Windham

Honor list — Jerad Alberts, Christopher Allen, Emily Bakken, Shana Bean, Joel Brassfield, Elizabeth Carmitchel, Dominique Dawson, James Ewins, Timothy Fak, Cory Farmer, Jamie Fuiten, George Gahr, Joshua Gibson, Thomas Gramley, Jamie Hamblin, Brandin Heidbreder, Kenzi Huelskoetter, Christopher Hurley, Candace Landers, Amanda Mahler, Charlotte Malerich, Deborah Martincic, Mary Mittelsteadt, Keayana Moore, Adrienne Neal, Daniel Oller, Adam Ramlow, Stanton Schumacher, Kasey Slack, Bret Tripplett, Anna Volk, Collin Voyles, Julianna Wood, Christina Xamis

Honorable mention — Joel Andreasen, Melissa Aper, Amy Butts, Reid Conklen, Holley Curry, Samantha Davison, Jason Fitzpatrick, Jason Fulmer, James Fults, Joshua Gallagher, Brandon Judd, Carrie Loveall, Carrie Meyrick, Ann Nicholson, John Peters, Jonathan Powley, Ashley Presswood, Allyson Ray, Jeanna Reed, Travis Schleder, Holly Shehorn, Brianna Sheldon, Toby Tobias, Eric Weaver, Deamondo Welsh




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Grade 11

High honor list — Tracy Allen, Wesley Allen, Michael Aper, Clint Awe, Veronica Babbs, Laura Baker, William Barmes, Jeffrey Barringer, Ryan Bast, Sarah Bates, Heather Bean, Lisa Behle, Emilee Bender, Linda Birnbaum, Jo Borowiak, Matthew Boyer, Stephanie Brady, Jessica Bree, Jessica Bryant, Tera Buccholz, Jennifer Buffington, Mary Burlington, Alan Cade, Sarah Carrillo, Adam Chrismore, Victoria Cooper, Katie Courtwright, Christina Crowe, Ashley Dammerman, Callie Davison, Kerry Dobihal, Kelly Dowling, Lauren Eckhardt, Megan Franz, Catherine Frazier, Lindsay Froschauer, Andrew Frost, Angelenea Galbreath, Katherine Gillen, Kelli Gleason, Shannon Jacobs, Lisa Johnson, Amanda Kilhoffer, Michelle Kilhoffer, Rachel Knight, Brian Lee, Rachael Liesman, Holly Maestas, Ashley Marten, Michael Martin, Joshua McMullen, Britne Meyer, Jonathan Meyer, Noor Obaisi, Jeremiah Ohmart, Heather Otto, Laura Phillips, Abbey Sabo, Wesley Schaub, Daniel Schick, Adam Schonauer, Blake Schoonover, Jacob Shanle, Lesley Skelton, Rachael Slayton, Daniel Sparks, Melissa Story, Darcy White, Stacey Willis

Honor list — James Abbott, Jessica Alexander, Cara Aussieker, Colleen Ayars, Brady Baker, Elisha Bateman, Candace Battin, Christopher Berger, Rachel Buchholz, James Cabit Jr., Micole Caskey, Angioletta Curcuru, Sara Farkas, Jennifer Florey, Amanda Giles, Brandi Guzouskis, Christina Kennett, Andrew Knopp, Kimberly Koester, Scott Maestas, Derrick McCray, Caroline McLean, Laura Pollett, Lori Reinwald, Brittany Shaw, Brooke Siltman, Jodee Tibbs, Amber Wright, Ashley Wurth

Honorable mention — Eric Agostino, Katie Fitzpatrick, Ross Green, Beau Hanger, Heather Hudelson, Timothy Kerns, Ashley Kurtz, John Metz, Shirley Nalley, Anne Thorsen, Emily Wilkinson, Colt Wright

Grade 12

High honor list — Carmen Altman, Matthew Aper, Jonathan Ashley, Brian Aussieker Jacqueline Bakken, Brandon Banister, William Barton, William Bates Jr., Nicholas Bay, Brayton Boss, Nicole Bottrell, Ashley Boyer, Glendon Bradley, Brittany Charette, Carlos Chavez, Shannon Chrismore, Sara Conklen, Angela Couch, Ali Davidson, Anna Davison, Johnathan Davison, Justin Dedman, Brittney Dellow, Matthew Duckworth, Ann Elliott, Colleen Fitzsimmons, Adam Freeman, Christopher Fuiten, James Glenn, Rebecca Gramley, Rebecca Hahn, Carrie Hoffert, Misty Horath, Tara Hower, Erin Hudelson, Allison Humbert, Molly Johnson, Summer Johnson, Jeffrey Jones, Jay Jording, BreeAnn Kelly, Kirsten Knutilla, Joseph Kuro, Matthew Kurtz, Kristofer Langellier, Ashley Lee, Allison Leonard, Max Letterly, Elizabeth Logan, Derek Lohrenz, Raymond Loveall, Angela Maestas, Tyler Malerich, Rafael Mancini, Jessica McDougall, Kimberly McFadden, Kristi Melton, Christopher Meyer, Brittany Muck, Morgan Murphy, Amber Otto, Danielle Peifer, Kyle Pepperell, Alison Perring, Tyler Perry, Christy Peters, Shawn Pettit, Kristin Petty, James Phelan, Sarah Priest, Amy Rehtmeyer, John Robb, Amy Ryan, Stephanie Savery, Hilary Schweitzer, Craig Shattuck, Nicholas Shaw, Jake Sheley, Jameson Sheley, Laura Shelley, Amber Skelton, Benjamin Sloot, Angela Spickard, Miranda Stone, Timothy Uphoff, Harley Utterback, Adam Wessbecker, Stephanie West, Bradley Widmer, Danielle Winter, Paul Yarcho

Honor list — Naomi Adams, Greggory Alexander, Jamie Baker, Andrew Bartman, Ashley Bowen, Geoffrey Brown, Amy Case, Susan Chon, Jessica Colvin, James Fleshman, Aaron Freesmeier, Thomas Gallagher, Michael Hickman, Amy Humbert, Tristan Lemme, Matthew Maple, Ted Michalsen, Reuhama Miller, Elisabet Montagut, Tiffany Short, Jeffrey Skaggs, Adam Skelton, Shelli Skelton, Joshua Specketer, Christy Stiles, Zachary Tibbs, Darren Vinyard, Breeann Werth

Honorable mention — Jacklyn Aper, Marla Camilo, Kory Conrady, Joshua Fulk, Jeremy Galligos, Kyle Gleason, Rebecca Harmon, Christopher Killebrew, Aaron Matson, Amanda McDougall, Danielle Mosier, Rebecca Oller, Joanie Shaub, Joshua Sinnett, Lindsey Spurling, Quentin Workman

Mount Pulaski High School honor students listed

Third quarter, 2000-2001

[APRIL 30, 2001]   


Straight-A honor roll — Hannah Clevenger, Matthew Curry, Korey Davis, Jacqueline Jason

High honors (3.80 and above) — Scott Mason, Damien Schlitt, Jesse Wilham

Honors (3.50-3.79) — Thomas Becker, Caleb Dirks, Sarah Stratton, Timothy VanPelt

Honorable mention (3.00-3.49) — Kristin Beckers, Nicholas Davis, Ashley Jackson, Shannon Lippolt, Emily Minick, Andrew Volle


Straight-A honor roll — Nicole Bensko, Lindsay Clements, Mark Cochran, Angela Dumire, Sally Maske, Ashley McCormick, Justin Richner

High honors (3.80 and above) — Emily Allspach, Cara Cannon, Tiffany Conaway, Lisa DaVault, Rex Davis, Angela Dirks, Stefanie Eades, Matthew Fuller, Michael Stoll, Nicholas Waymire

Honors (3.50-3.79) — Ryan Gieseke, Katherine Oglesby, Cassandra Rogers

Honorable mention (3.00-3.49) — Zachary Cyrulik, Todd Deibert, Lacey Hild, Kristin Hummel, Michelle Kmetz, Samuel Morrow, Brandon Neale



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Straight-A honor roll — Larry Coers, Mary Curry, Carolyn Hudson, Colton McClellan, Sarah Nichols, Jacob Tierney, Rebecca Tobias, Andrew Waymire

Honors (3.50-3.79) — Jessica Rhodes, Christopher Schaffenacker, Marcy Wilham

Honorable mention (3.00-3.49) — David Clevenger, Lesli Crady, Mathew Davis, Brittany Faith, Christina Gardner, Ryan Kunken, Michelle Montgomery, Blane Olson, Hallie Reeley, Chet Reynolds, Kristin Rucks, Erin Schmidt, Nathaniel Tierney, Ray Wilson


Straight-A honor roll — David Allspach, Kenneth Cowan, Bethany Dulle, Jonathan Erlenbush, Stephanie Jason, Thomas Maske, Bradley Stoll

High honors (3.80 and above) — Casey McCormick, Mary Olson, Timothy Poffenbarger

Honors (3.50-3.79) — Susan Cochran, Michael Jones, Bethany Snelson, Caleb Whitson

Honorable mention (3.00-3.49) — Kaycie Clayton, Brian Clements, Tyson Durst, Duane Gieseke, Traci Howe, Steven Loveall, Cortney McCormick, Joseph Moore, Casey Rogers, Andrew Stewart, Allison Stoll, Christopher Vaughan

Northwest School honor roll

Third nine weeks

[APRIL 28, 2001]   

Third grade

High honors — Camillia Bone, Brandon Chrisman, Maggie Hunter, Amber Stephenson, Jordan Vermeire, Dillon Wolcott

Honors — Brandon Bacon, Rachann Cutshall, Samantha Garner, Anthony Hoye, Corbin Leith, Heather Ramsey, Courtney Sampson, Briana Skaggs, Amber Sutton

Honorable mention — David Justman, Amber Landers, Cody Samborski, Kemberli Thorne

Fourth grade

High honors — Jason Stauffer, Kaitlyn Stauffer

Honors — Brittany Ferguson, Hannah Fanner, Shon Gascoigne, Billy Grover, Leah Prather, Doreen Sheen, Carissa Skaggs

Honorable mention — Louie Gill, Alex McIntosh, Kurtis Neumann, Nathan Treuthart



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Fifth grade

High honors — Melyssa Campbell, Jairris Vermeire

Honors — Mollie Ash, Jenny Carroll, Toni Chapman, Ashtin Hopp, Corey Gill, Malachi Tockey

Honorable mention — Sarah Adams, Kelly Beck, Jordan Foss, Vincent Ingram, David Knollenberg, Chase Koke, Aaron Landers, Taylor Lesson, Kayeleen Price, Nickey Scogin, Stephanie Tibbs, Jallisa Tisdale

Sixth grade

High honors — Max Pozsgai, Andrew Stephenson, Jake Walters

Honors — Matt Alley, Danielle Blomquist, Bryson Boyd, Cameron Cook-Root, Emily Gilmer, Mallory Hinton, Amar Khatri, Kevin Kirk, Daniel Parson, Cody Simmons

Honorable mention — Christina Buckles, Jimmy Lolling, Nikol Mattingly, Tyler Nagel, T.J. Turley

Zion Lutheran School honor rolls

Third nine weeks

[APRIL 23, 2001]   

Third grade

High honor roll — Jordan Barr, Scott Carnahan, Michael Eack, Betsy Laurence, Kathryn Opperman, Emily Sheley, Raeann Sheley

Honor roll — Bethany Dzekunskas, Bryce Hunsley, Diana Kastendick, Josh Kastendick, Lorenda Kirby, Devin Pegram

Honorable mention — Douglas Alberts, Kristine Apel, Kallie Hoinacki

Fourth grade

High honor roll — Colleen Pech, Ethan Plumier

Honor roll — Katelyn Harmsen, Jenna Hubrich, Lauren May, Todd Schumacher

Honorable mention — Alec Broughton, Hailey Cooper, Samantha Lambros, Brittany Rogers

Fifth grade

High honor roll — Jenna Opperman, Annie Sheley

Honor roll — Ian Arneaud, Sabra Boyd, Andy Brown, Emilie Lowe, Amanda Podbelsek, Sara Rossetti, Kristin Sullivan, Sarah Walker

Honorable mention — Emily Grass


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Sixth grade

High honor roll — Michelle Eack, Allyson Fuiten, Nick May

Honor roll — Josh Bartels, Joey Heidbreder, Kate Kastendick, Chris Powley, Isaac Sheley, David Williams

Honorable mention — Andrew Galligos, Nathan Hoefs, Shannon Laughery, Merideth Laurence, Allicent Pech

Seventh grade

High honor roll — Amanda Baker, Lindsey Boerma

Honor roll — Nathan Neal, Danna O’Brien, Amy Schumacher

Honorable mention — Caitlin Cooper, Dana Landess, Paige Podbelsek, Aaron Steffens

Eighth grade

High honor roll — Kaylee Carnahan, John Harmsen, Audra O’Brien, Jordan Plumier, Steve Rogers

Honor roll — Amber Hickey, Laura Routson, Luke Sheley, Corrie Taylor

Honorable mention — Lynne Davidson, Samantha Gohl, Jessica Prather

Hartsburg-Emden Junior and Senior High honor rolls

Third nine weeks

[APRIL 21, 2001]   

* denotes 4.00 GPA

Sixth grade

High honors — Joshua Conrady*, Jeffery Clark, Taylor Hilgendorf*, Abby Olson*, Jason Rohlfs*, Joshua Rohlfs*, Ben Wagoner, JoEllen Westen*, Alicia Newby, Andrew DeJarnette*, Travis Folkman, Weslee Umphyres

Honors — Sara Behrends, Candice Collins, Vienna Purdue, Chelsey Rankin, Jordan Gass

Honorable mention — Paul Klokkenga, Natasha Johnston

Seventh grade

High Honors — Megan Backs*, Blaine Hellman, Bill Detmers*

Honors — Nichole Buse, Jeff Lessen, Chynna McCloud, Zachary Flatley, Scott Ubbenga, Michael Schneider

Honorable mention — Erin Semple, Curtis Conrady


Eighth grade

High honors — Brian Baker*, Jenna Bergman, Michelle Billings, Andrea Cross, Joni Cross, Heather Osborn*, Abby Klokkenga*, Brock Lessen*

Honors — Drew Olson, Brandon Crane

Honorable mention — Jeramy Adams, Erin Dial, Amanda Johnson, Jenna Leesman, Drew Wibben


Ninth grade

High honors — Kory Leesman*, Megan Leesman*, Alyssa Moehring, Blaen Fletcher, Molly Klokkenga*, Matthew Wrage, Krista Ubbenga*, Sasha Talkington, Joshua Sherwood*

Honors — Kyle Horner, Melissa Tillman, Victoria Tuttle

Honorable mention — Nicholas Alberts, Amanda Cordray, Kyle Hoerbert, Brittney Kavanaugh

[to top of second column in this list]


Tenth grade

High honors — Mark Baker*, Cody Christian*, Natalie Coers*, Anthony Jones, Ashley Jones, Ashley Luken*, Ryan Duckworth*

Honors — Nicholette Chapman, Nathaniel Griesbaum, Tiffany Umphryes, Sarah Harrington, Danelle Clutter, Ann Proefrock

Honorable mention — Joshua Anderson, Brooke Detmers, Danielle Bergman, Matthew Gleason, Alexis Wenninger, Shane Westen


Eleventh grade

High honors — Nichole Coers, Monica Proefrock*, Daniel Eeten*, Kent Leesman*

Honors — Jaci Cross, Nicholas Coers, Valerie Tillman

Honorable mention — Amanda Cheatham, Patricia Custer, Sarah Struebing


Twelfth grade

High honors — Leann Alberts, Kate Wrage* Brad Aper*, Matthew Duckworth*

Honors — Justin McCormick, Jennifer Tuttle, Jean Ann Cross, Tasha Williams, Amber Post

Honorable mention — Matthew Chapman, Larry Jones



Elkhart Grade School honor roll

Third nine weeks

[APRIL 20, 2001]   

Sixth grade

High honors — Kaitlyn Faucon

Honors — Angela Cunningham

Honorable mention — Allison Durchholz, Leanna Gleason, Kelsey Hudson, Kristin Miller

Seventh grade

Honorable mention — Wilson Bock, Ryan Dennison, Johanna Thatcher

Eighth grade

All A’s — Maggy Gleason, Molly Gleason

High honors — Matt Davis, Zach Moore, Jeremy Ott

Honors — Jamie Smith

Honorable mention — Mallory Davis, Dan Gleason, Brittany Hinds, Sarah Moore

Chester-East Lincoln honor students listed

Third nine weeks

[APRIL 19, 2001]   Chester-East Lincoln School has completed the third-quarter grading period for the 2000-2001 school year with the following students in grades six, seven and eight receiving recognition:

Junior high

High honors — Chris Ackerman, Curt Courtwright, Jared Davison, Emma Ebelherr, Jennifer Ewins, Michelle Fitzpatrick, Erin Frick, Sam Frioli, Leslie Froschauer, Andrew Fulton, Kara Gehlbach, Bobbi Hartwig, Kyle Hower, Kevin Huelskoetter, Alison Kessinger, Nate Kessinger, Michelle McFadden, Andrew McQuellon, Laura Merriman, Aaron Meyrick, Daniel Ohmart, Chris Ramlow, Craig Rohlfs, Dustin Schaub, Lindsey Skelton, Troy Tolan, Tracy Turner

Honors  — John Brooks, Melissa Cunningham, Austin Hartwig, Keisha Holder, Ruth Ohmart, Ezekiel Payne, Wesley Reynolds, Brooklyn Robbins, Bridget Ryan, Kayla Shull, Jeremy Sinnitt

Honorable mention  —  Emily Burge, Mia Martinie, Nick Shehorn, George Vanos


[to top of second column in this list]

Sixth grade

High honors — Cody Davison, Jessica Florey, Jordan Gallagher, Cassie Gunning, Carman Landers, Rachel Noel, Clark Schoonover

Honors — Nick Bell, Taylor Berglin, Royce Duncan, Josh Edwards, Rhiannon Hoagland

Honorable mention — Heather Beck, Megan Geriets, Adrienne Hildebrandt, Aaron Steinberg, Marjorie White


Mount Pulaski Grade School’s honor roll

Third nine weeks

[APRIL 18, 2001]   

Sixth grade

All A’s — Britney Cowan, Taryn Durst

High honors — Joel Bailey, Isaac Blue, Abbie Southerlan, Emily Toohill, Allison Wilson

Honors — Carl Becker, Amy Meister, Breanna Polk, Chelsey Seitz

Honorable mention — Timothy Davis, Noah Ramsey, Andrea Wilham

Seventh grade

All A’s — Brian Beecraft, Elizabeth Conaway, Erica Montgomery, Kim Oglesby

High honors — Chris McDonnough, Andrew Meister, Bethany Pehler-Kohl, Cynthia Wilson

Honors — Brad Deibert, Michelle Haynes

Honorable mention — Allsion Eades, Ashley Hartman, Nathaniel Huff, Jenilee Jensen, Gregory May, Clinton Myers, Jaclyn Pierce, Andrew Schaffenacker, Tiffany Turner, Jordan Wilson

[to top of second column in this list]

Eighth grade

All A’s — Mallory Clements, John Foley, Lindsey Mason, Anthony Waymire

High honors — Josh Blaum, Chase Lowery

Honors — Megan Allspach, Cassie Buckles, Justin Garner, Amanda Murphy

Honorable mention — Danielle Barr, Victoria Hill, Brittany Holmes, Lacey Horath, Korey Letterle, Jason Nichols, Courtney Seitz, Amber Turner

Lincoln Junior High School honor students listed

Third nine weeks

[APRIL 17, 2001]   

Seventh grade

High honor roll — Victoria Catherine Jones, Rachel Diane Kasa, Kristina Marie Allen, Jeremy Ryan Hamblin, Jordan Amos James Ackman, Heidi Rose Beshears, Elise Gabriela Valdιs, Kayla R. Groves, Aaron Jeffery Wunderlin, Derek R. Dexter, Karlie J. Pleasant, Whitney Dee Kincheloe, Isaac Wayne McGee, Patricia Gail Carmitchel, Jacob Matthew Greitman, Tawyna Lynn Taylor, Heather Lyn Welker, Brittany Nichole Uhlry

Honor roll — Judy Nicole Falcon, Seth Aaron Goodman, John Kenneth Dallas, Peter Steven Barmes, Joshua Curtis Larson, Ami Kay Falcon, John Joseph Lucio, Alex French, Stacie Leigh-Anne Renfro, Moses Daniel Hernandez

Honorable mention — Chris Shane Gossett, Tori Kay-Lyn Weck, Melissa M. Allen, Emily H. Henrichsmeyer, Adam Logan, Charles Henson Bryant, Mason Patrick Coons, Meghan Elaine Greer, Autumn Nichole Roos, Tyler J. Cook-Root, Derrick Lynn Quisenberry, Aaron Dayne Altman, Kayla Elizabeth Washam


[to top of second column in this list]

Eighth grade

High honor roll — Amanda Ellen Metz, Gregory Stephen Gandenberger, Andrew Scott Herrington-Gilmore, Chantell Skye Evans, James Steven Cosby, Kate Miles, Dobihal, Brady T. Gerdts, Brittany Nichole Feese, Caleb Bayce Hurley, Holly Marie Phillips, Chuck Allen, Lester Von Galbreath Jr., Justin Michael Ash

Honor roll — Bryan Lee Boring, Heather Marie McGinnis, Michael Ray Dano, David Llyod Vincent, Megan Marie Prather, Zachery Keith Boulb, Tyler Allen Casper, Brennan Lowell Boss, Nicole Marie Sparks, Erik Dru Davenport, Joseph Walter Papuga, Rusty Houchins

Honorable mention — Matthew Alan Knight, Lance Michael Agostino, Brandon Lee Denney, Christopher R.B.K. Cabit, James Edward West, Robyn Lynn Hashman, Joshua Randall Rogers, Lauren D. Perring, Bo Eric Wright, Jennifer Lynn Everson, Sean D. Weaver, Tristan Eugene Heyen


Zonta awards five scholarships

[APRIL 14, 2001]   The Zonta Club of Lincoln recently completed judging for their health career scholarships being awarded for the 20th consecutive year. Since 1981 Zonta has awarded 55 scholarships, totaling $56,750, to 41 recipients. The following five students from Logan County were awarded $1,000 each for 2001:

•  Tara Ashley, the daughter of Tom and Nancy Ashley of Lincoln, is a junior studying pharmacy at Purdue University. Tara has attained the dean’s list for the past three years and is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. During the past summer she worked as a pharmacy technician at a Lincoln pharmacy.

•  Nicole Ludolph, a senior at Eastern Illinois University, will begin studies at Southern Illinois School of Dental Medicine this fall. A member of the Association of Honor Students and Kappa Delta sorority, she was selected from a national pool of applicants to participate in a professional oncology education program at St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis last summer and was invited to return again this summer.

•  Shannon Perez of Lincoln is a freshman in the radiographic technology program at Lincoln Land Community College. She is married to Cecilio Perez and is the mother of three children. Shannon is an assistant Girl Scout leader and a volunteer at Northwest School.



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•  Kathryn Jean Stoll is the daughter of Kenton and Marcia Stoll of rural Chestnut. A freshman at the University of Illinois, she is a student in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences and Human Nutrition. Her academic goal is to become a child and adolescent psychiatrist. She was awarded the Jonathan Baldwin Turner Scholarship in the College of ACES.

•  Melissa Williamson, daughter of Guy and Sue Williamson of Lincoln, is a sophomore studying occupational therapy at St. Louis University. She serves as a mentor through the St. Louis University outreach program and is the sophomore student representative to the occupational therapy program.

The Zonta Club of Lincoln congratulates all the scholarship applicants for their high level of academic attainment and encourages them to participate in the program next year.


Kristina Allen recognized

[APRIL 7, 2001]   The United States Achievement Academy has announced that Kristina Allen of Lincoln has been named a United States National Award Winner in English.

This award is a prestigious honor very few students can ever hope to attain. In fact, the academy recognizes fewer than 10 percent of all American students.

Kristina, who attends Lincoln Junior High, was nominated for this national award by Kathy Litherland, a teacher at the school.

Kristina will appear in the United States Achievement Academy Official Yearbook, which is published nationally.

"Recognizing and supporting our youth is more important than ever before in America's history. Certainly, United States Achievement Academy winners should be congratulated and appreciated for their dedication to excellence and achievement," said Dr. George Stevens, executive director of the United States Achievement Academy.



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The academy selects USAA winners upon the exclusive recommendation of teachers, coaches, counselors, and other qualified sponsors and upon the standards of selection set forth by the academy. The criteria for selection are a student's academic performance, interest and aptitude, leadership qualities, responsibility, enthusiasm, motivation to learn and improve, citizenship, attitude and cooperative spirit, dependability, and recommendation from a teacher or director.

Kristina Allen is the daughter of Steve and Shelly Allen of Lincoln. Her grandparents are Paul and Helen Allen and Maxine (and the late Weldon) Ryan, all of Pekin.

[United States Achievement Academy news release]

West Lincoln-Broadwell honor roll

Third nine weeks

[APRIL 2, 2001]   

Sixth grade

High honors — Brandon Farmer, Marty Oltmanns, Gary Rademaker, Candace Schmidt, Matthew Schreiber

Honors — Katelyn Atteberry, Andy Cummings, Seth Fink, Sarah Laughlin, Jonathan Lessen, Kendra Matthews

Seventh grade

High honors — Katelyn Beavers, Rachel Clark, Maxwell Goodrich, Anthony Whitacre

Honors — Jacob Carey, Uriah Kilgallin, Ryan Miller, Christine Presswood


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Eighth grade

High honors — Megan Farmer, Rachel Hahn, Alex Gurga

Honors — Matt Bean, Becca Dykstra, Jason Harp, Alisha Kaesebier, Katie Muck, David Pickering, Savannah Stephens


Washington-Monroe School honor roll

Third nine weeks

[MARCH 31, 2001]   

High honors

Third grade — Michelle Brawdy, Colton Brosamer, Dalton DePoy, Katie Gosda, Torre Hill, Mason Musick, Nick Everson, Brooklyn Ferguson, Amy Jordan, Jeffrey Owen, Chris Shawgo, Caiti Wunderlin

Fourth grade — Andrew Brinkman, Cody Follis, Colt Hickey, Brock Satterwhite, Samara Shane, Jessica Tieman

Fifth grade — Kaleb Gordon, Jessica Owen, Garrett Romer, Kelsey Dallas, Alex Huerd, Rebecca Kasa

Sixth grade —Brandon Rahn, Mercy Mulligan, Juliann Papesch, Tim Wiser


Third grade — Shaniqua Long, Tanner Parrott, Nathan Swearingen, Randi Vieregge, Ali Buck, Justin Jenkins, Kelsie Plummer, Hope Renfro

Fourth grade —Dena Boyd, Nichole Etcheson, Kayla Jenkins, Allysa Kemp, Tommy Stanley, Glodonna Hoyt, Tasha Ackman, Kendra Cisco, Nate Kunkel, Joseph Papesch, Ashley Shook

Fifth grade —Zack Bernhardt, Andrew Gonzales, Nicki Kodatt, Sabrina Matson, Kami Thompson, Ashley Shawgo, Arielle Alley, Eric Gonzales, Kelly Gosda, Jerold Jordan, Marissa Musick, Chelsie Shawgo

Sixth grade — Gary Hake, Derek Hurley, A.J. Weakley, Albert Eckhoff, Wes Schrader, Ashley Vincent

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Honorable mention

Third grade — Chris Bernhardt, Jason Metelko, Brandon Jones, Jordan Baker, Caleb Boulb, Krista Cathers, Lucas Davis, Ethan Tabor

Fourth grade — Nic Brown, Ryan Davis, Lia Jordan, Kaily Mote, Buck Rifner, Ariel Staton, Kayla Giles, Jacob Shawgo

Fifth grade — Nic Cummings, Kassie Tungate, Brock Vale

Sixth grade — Brittney Denney, Nikki Shehorn, Kourtney Thompson, Josh Welker, Jami English, Kaeley Fitzsimmons, T.J. Hernandez, Megan Moos

Bringing Up Grades — B.U.G. Award

Justin Reynolds, Dylan Neumann, Kyra Harvey, Jessica Crowell, Joey Hickey, Beth Camille, Ariel Lopez, Racquel Sales, Brittany Dickson



Conservation summer camp opportunity available

[MARCH 15, 2001]  Junior high school and high school students have an opportunity to attend summer camp offered by the Touch of Nature Environmental Center at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. These camps combine adventure skills such as canoeing, caving, camping and hiking with a challenge to both physically and mentally develop an awareness and respect for our environment.

 Through a series of activities, campfire discussions and presentations, students are involved in current environmental issues, which will help them become problem-solvers of the future. This appears to be an excellent opportunity for any student interested in the field of conservation.

This year's programs include Ozark canoeing expeditions for high school students and the Ozark Riverways Canoe Trip for sixth- to eighth-grade students. Program information has been sent to all high school and junior high schools in Logan County.


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The Logan County Soil and Water Conservation District will be sponsoring one full scholarship or two partial scholarships, depending on the number of applications received. Students interested in information concerning scholarship applications and funding should contact the district office, 1650 Fifth St. Road in Lincoln, (217) 732-2010, Ext. 3.

Students will need to submit a short description of their interests and why they would like to attend one of the workshops. The deadline for applications is May 11.

[Logan County SWCD news release]

School Menus

Lincoln Elementary Schools

Breakfast menus

(Milk is served with all meals)

Monday, May 7 — Cereal, toast with apple butter, juice

Tuesday, May 8 — Cream of wheat, toast, fruit

Wednesday, May 9 — Cereal, cinnamon toast, juice

Thursday, May 10 — Fruit pie, toast

Friday, May 11 — Cereal, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, juice

Lunch menus

(Milk is served with all meals)

Monday, May 7 — Corn dogs, baked beans, snack crackers, fruit cocktail

Tuesday, May 8 — Salisbury steak, corn, bread and butter, peaches

Wednesday, May 9 — Beefy nachos, green beans, pudding, pears

Thursday, May 10 — Submarine sandwich, hash brown, fresh veggies with dip, strawberry applesauce

Friday, May 11 — Oven-fried chicken, mashed potatoes, bread and butter, peas

Mount Pulaski Grade School

Lunch menus


Milk is served with all meals.

Condiments are served with all meals.

Students in grades three through eight may choose hot dog on a bun or peanut butter and jelly sandwich in place of main meal.

Students in grades six through eight may also choose a chef salad.

Monday, May 7 — Hot dog on a bun, potato wedges, carrots, pears, cookies

Tuesday, May 8 — Breaded chicken patty on a bun, lettuce, dill pickle, tri-tator, orange, rice crispy treat

Wednesday, May 9 — Chicken fingers, green beans, strawberries, cake, bread, oleo

Thursday, May 10 — Taco salad, cheese, sour cream, baked beans, peaches, pudding pop, bread, oleo, orange juice

Friday, May 11 — Hot ham and cheese on a bun, corn, pears, jello, potato chips


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Monday, May 14 — Sloppy Joes, tri-tator, mixed veggies, apple crisp

Tuesday, May 15 — Breaded fish on a bun, lettuce, pickle, peas, orange, rice crispy treat

Wednesday, May 16 — Oven chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, peaches, bread, oleo

Thursday, May 17 — Hamburger on a bun, cheese, pickle, potato wedges, strawberries, ice cream

Friday, May 18 — Cheese pizza, lettuce salad, green beans, applesauce, brownie

Monday, May 21 — Barbecued chicken on a bun, potato wedges, carrots, peaches, animal crackers

Tuesday, May 22 — Hot ham and cheese on a bun, mixed veggies, tri-tator, applesauce

Wednesday, May 23 — Corn dogs, peas, potato chips, strawberries, ice cream



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