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January 2002

Wednesday, Jan. 30
SPONSOR: American Red Cross
WHO: Public
WHAT: Blood drive
WHERE: Mount Pulaski American Legion (Note: This is a change of location.)
11 am to 5 pm

Thursday, Jan. 31
SPONSOR: American Red Cross
WHO: Public
WHAT: Blood drive
WHERE: Atlanta Christian Church
noon to 6 pm


February 2002

Saturday, Feb. 2
SPONSOR: Lincoln Public Library
WHO: Public, high school age through adult
WHAT: Board Games Rodeo
WHERE: Lincoln Public Library, Pegram Community Room
11:30 am to 2:30 pm

Tuesday, Feb. 5
SPONSOR: Asperger Syndrome Support and Awareness of Central Illinois
WHAT: Presentation by Professor Gail Richard of Eastern Illinois University: "Talking through Asperger’s disorder with your adolescent and other teen issues"
WHERE: Springfield Lincoln Library, Carnegie Hall North, corner of Seventh and Capitol, Springfield
WHEN: 6:45-8:30 pm

Thursday, Feb. 7
SPONSOR: Logan County unit of University of Illinois Extension
WHO: Public, by preregistration; call 732-8289 by Feb. 4 
WHAT: "What to Do With Stuff," presented by Ellen Burton
WHERE: Extension building, 980 N. Postville Drive in Lincoln
10 am

Saturday, Feb. 9
SPONSOR: Lincoln Public Library
WHO: Public, high school age through adult
WHAT: Board Games Rodeo
WHERE: Lincoln Public Library, Pegram Community Room
11:30 am to 2:30 pm

WHO: Public
WHAT: Lincoln's Birthday Open House; presentation by Susan Krause, music by The Prairie Aires
WHERE: Mount Pulaski Courthouse
Susan Krause at 2 pm; The Prairie Aires at 6 pm

Sunday, Feb. 10
SPONSOR: 4-H Foundation
WHO: Public
WHAT: Spaghetti dinner, raffle
WHERE: Knights of Columbus Hall in Lincoln
11 am to 2 pm

Tuesday, Feb. 12
SPONSOR: Lincoln Writers' Club
WHO: Anyone interested in writing
WHAT: Regular meeting
WHERE: Pegram Room at Lincoln Public Library
6 pm

Thursday, Feb. 14
SPONSOR: Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital
WHO: Public
WHAT: Love Your Heart seminar; event is free of charge
WHERE: ALMH -- lower level 
Open from 7:30 am to 1 pm

Saturday, Feb. 16
SPONSOR: Lincoln Public Library
WHO: Public, high school age through adult
WHAT: Board Games Rodeo
WHERE: Lincoln Public Library, Pegram Community Room
11:30 am to 2:30 pm

Saturday, Feb. 23
SPONSOR: Lincoln Public Library
WHO: Public, high school age through adult
WHAT: Board Games Rodeo
WHERE: Lincoln Public Library, Pegram Community Room
11:30 am to 2:30 pm








SPECIAL EVENTS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Logan County Pinewood Derby resultsVoter registration for disabledTime to register to vote

REGULAR POSTINGS FOR ORGANIZATIONS:  Girl ScoutsLincoln Writers’ ClubOasisU of I Extension


Logan County Pinewood Derby results

Well over 200 kids participated in the first Logan County Pinewood Derby for area Cub Scouts. All went very well.

Countywide champions were Corey Janssen from Pack 107 in first place, Jordan Cooper from Pack 122 in second place and Ethan T. Graue of Pack 101 placing third.

The derby was set up with triple elimination at the den and pack level. Each den had first, second and third places. Each pack also had first, second and third, with their first- and second-place winners going on to the finals.

The racing began at noon and lasted until 7 p.m.  

Placings in each pack:

Pack 99
1. Cameron Harnacke, 2. John White,
3. Mat Merreighn

Pack 101
1. Ethan T. Graue, 2. Evan Aughenbaugh,
3. Ben Beavers

Pack 107
1. Corey Janssen, 2. Kyle Shanle,
3. Rigoberto Ernst

Pack 111
1. Jarrod Grover. 2. Billy Grover, 3. Jamie White

Pack 112
1. Zach Everson, 2. Buck Rifner, 3. Jeff Owen

Pack 118
1. Kyle Jones, 2. Carey Jones, 3. Adam Burge

Pack 122
1. Austin Curry, 2. Jordan Cooper,
3. Donald Klumpp

Overall champions
1. Corey Janssen, Pack 107;
2. Jordan Cooper, Pack 122;
3. Ethan T. Graue, Pack 101

The Logan County Cub Scouts plan to do it again next year, with Mount Pulaski possibly being the next hosts.

[Provided by Chris Graue, Pack 101]

Voter registration for disabled

March 19 general primary election notice to the elderly and people with disabilities

Citizens who are not registered to vote and cannot leave their home, hospital, nursing home or other institution because of a permanent physical disability can arrange for voter registration by contacting a deputy registrar or the county clerk’s office.

Voter registration will close on Feb. 19 for the March 19 general primary election.

If you are physically able, you may register to vote by going to the county clerk’s office, Room 20 in the Logan County Courthouse, 601 Broadway in Lincoln. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. You will need to show two forms of identification, one with your current address on it.

For people with physical disabilities and the elderly, election judges will be available at the polling place on election day to assist voters when a friend or relative is unable to help. Handicapped-voter booths will be available for your convenience. Physically impaired or elderly persons may be eligible to vote absentee. Please contact the Logan County clerk’s office for information.

For any information concerning voter registration or voting for the elderly or disabled, please call the Logan County clerk’s office at (217) 732-4148.

[Sally J. Litterly, Logan County clerk]

Time to register to vote

Are you registered to vote?

The March 19 primary is rapidly approaching. The close of registration is Feb. 19. If you have moved, or if you have married and changed your name, it is necessary that you change your voter registration with our office in order to cast your vote in the election.

If you have questions about your voting eligibility, please contact our office at (217) 732-4148.

{Sally J. Litterly, Logan County Clerk]


Girl Scouts announcements

  • Girl Scout leader meetings:  the first Thursday of each month, at the usual time and place.

Websites with lots of ideas that Girl Scout leaders, families or kids can use: 

See the website for Girl Scouts, Land of Lincoln Council, at

You can send questions and suggestions to the council by clicking here:

Also, see the national Girl Scouts site at

Lincoln Writers’ Club
meets Feb. 12

The Lincoln Writers’ Club will meet at 6 p.m. Feb. 12 in the Pegram Room of the Lincoln Public Library. Anyone interested in writing is invited to attend.

For further information, call Rebecca Johnson at 732-2723.

Oasis update

The Oasis, Logan County’s senior citizen center, at 501 Pulaski St. in Lincoln, is open weekdays (except holidays) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The center also is open on Friday and Sunday nights for table games. Dominic Dalpoas is the executive director. Activities are open to all Logan County senior citizens, regardless of membership.

Thursday bingo games

Preceptor Eta Chapter will sponsor the weekly bingo games starting at 1 p.m. Jan. 31. Please join friends and acquaintances for an afternoon of fun and great prizes.

Think Tank speaker

Lyle Reed will be the featured speaker at 9 a.m. Feb. 6. His presentation is entitled "Career in Teaching." A question-and-answer session will follow.

Raptor Show at Havana

The Feb. 2 trip to see the live eagles has been canceled.

Circuit Breaker appointments

Feb. 4 appointment times are available in Lincoln for people qualifying by age, income or disability who require assistance completing their Circuit Breaker forms for relief from property tax, mobile home tax and rent. The program also provides assistance for pharmaceutical assistance coverage. Call the Oasis for an appointment.

Game winners

The weekday pinochle winner for both Jan. 18 and 22 was Mable Hoagland. Weekend game winners for Jan. 18 were Esther Will for pinochle and Tom Garrison, Ken McCray and Louise Wiebers for 5 in 1.


Friends of the Oasis members receive bimonthly newsletters by mail. For more information, people can call the Oasis at 732-6132 or 732-5844.

Extension to offer lesson on de-cluttering

At some point in your life, you may have to downsize or de-clutter the stuff in your home or even dismantle a loved one’s home. After everyone has selected the treasures to keep, what do you do with all the unwanted stuff? What steps do you take to de-clutter the items stashed around the home and no longer used?

On Thursday, Feb. 7, the Logan County unit of University of Illinois Extension is sponsoring a "Lesson for Living" called "What To Do With Stuff!" The session will begin at 10 a.m. at the Extension building, 980 N. Postville Drive in Lincoln.

Ellen Burton, consumer and family economics educator from University of Illinois Extension East Peoria Center, will present information on three steps to de-clutter and downsize stuff in the home. You will learn about the various alternatives to dispense with non-titled property. Downsizing can help eliminate stress as you begin to simplify your home and reduce the number of things you have to take care of. Help other people by donating some of your unwanted items to charity.

Burton will present information on types of sales to consider in selecting the best options for the family’s situation. Other topics to be presented include how to choose an appraiser, prepare for an auction, find an auctioneer, donate items to charity and receive a tax deduction for donated items.

Interested individuals are invited to attend. Please call 732-8289 by Feb. 4 to preregister for the program. It will last about two hours and is provided at no cost to the participants.

Happenings at the U of I Extension office

The local office of the University of Illinois Extension is hosting a series of educational presentations. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Programs will be at the Extension office at the northwest corner of the fairgrounds, 980 N. Postville Drive.

Reservations will be requested; programs will be cancelled if fewer than 10 people are registered. 

Call 732-8289 to make reservations. There will be no charge for any of the programs

Planned programs for the coming year through University of Illinois Extension:

•  Thursday, Feb. 7, 2002, at 10 a.m. — "What to Do With Stuff," Ellen Burton, consumer and environment educator, East Peoria

•  Tuesday, March 12, 2002, over noon hour 12-1 p.m. — "Salads," Jananne Finck, nutrition and wellness educator, Springfield

•  Thursday, April 11, 2002, at 10 a.m. — "New Friends, But Keep the Old," Patti Faughn, youth and family educator, Springfield

•  Tuesday, May 15, 2002, at 10 a.m. — "Air Quality," John Fulton, Lincoln


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[Click here to see and print the wedding announcement form]

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[Click here to see and print the engagement announcement form]

Youth becoming leaders today

[JAN. 11, 2002]  The Y Leaders Club is a group of teens who are into volunteering. The Y Leaders do service for the community and the YMCA.

Members of the club range between the ages of 13 and 18 years. The club is open to both boys and girls. There are six active members in this year’s newly formed club. Holding officer positions are Cara Slack, president; Jordan Tabb, vice president; Elizabeth Kirk and Cara Brewer, co-secretaries; and Kyle Jackson, acting as treasurer. Sarah Farris is the club’s adviser. The club members meet twice per month to review, discuss and plan for future activities.

Most recently, the Y Leaders have volunteered their time over the Christmas holiday to assist with Fun Days for school-age children. In the past, Y Leaders have been scorekeepers for the Y’s girls basketball program, helped with the Prairie 100 bike ride and the Harvest Run. In addition, they help with mailings of newsletters and program guides as well as stapling, folding, stuffing, sealing and stamping any other information that needs to reach the Y membership.


[to top of second column in this article]

After the attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. on Sept. 11, the club members felt compelled, like many of us, to help. They had the idea to make red, white and blue ribbons to hand out at the intersection of Kickapoo and Clinton streets. In just over an hour, four of the Y Leaders collected $393.08 for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Nearly every car that passed through the intersection gave something. That was a truly proud day for the group and their adviser.

They have also begun going to area nursing home to play bingo with the residents.

The Y Leaders Club has been at the Lincoln YMCA for almost two years. The teens in this program enter the club as concerned youngsters and will leave the club as accomplished volunteers.



People all across this country and, in fact, around the world, claim roots in Logan County. They have very interesting stories to tell, and some of them like to connect with those of us who stayed at home. Logan County Diaspora publishes the stories of former Logan County residents. With their permission, we also include their e-mail addresses so that old friends might be reunited.  If you wish to be part of the Logan County Diaspora, e-mail  

Diaspora correspondents

Click on names to see letters and stories.

v Indicates LDN sponsors

Family and Friends in the Armed Forces

Friends and relatives serving in the armed forces are listed here so we might all hold them in our thoughts, prayers and well wishes. If you know of other friends and relatives serving (they need not be from Logan County), please send the information to Along with the name, you are invited to include the branch of service, current location of service, postal address, e-mail address and relationship to the person providing the information (optional).

Jerome A. Allen

U.S. Air Force

At Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

Postal address: 5805 Mountain Home St.

Unit J-13

Nellis AFB, NV 89191


Class of '00


SST Kenneth Allen
and wife Susan Allen (Elza)

U.S. Army-1AD-HHC

Weisbaden, Germany

E-mail: or

Jon Barton

West Point, N.Y.

Jon Bowers

Lackland Air Force Base, Texas

Josh Campbell


Justin Clott

U.S. Navy

Will be deployed in mid-January

(Address not available yet)


CDR Jim Cravens

(Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Lincoln)

U.S. Navy

At Atlantic Fleet Headquarters, Norfolk, Va.

Postal address: CDR James O. Cravens, N02GR

1562 Mitscher Ave. Suite 250

Norfolk, VA, 23551-2487-2487

E-mail:  or 

Staff Sgt. Evan Jay Downey

U.S. Air Force

In transit to Mildenhall Air Force Base, England

(Address not available yet)

Son of Lucky Eichner

Ben Estes

Fort Benning, Ga.


[to top of second column in this article]

Charles Lindstrom Jr.

U.S. Air Force

At Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana

Postal address: 8525 Chalmette Drive

Shreveport, LA 71115


Class of ’81 LCHS

Airman Chad M. Maxheimer
U.S. Air Force

Postal address: 9AEW JSOAC-S

Unit 10

APO AE 09351


Son of Mike and Suzie Maxheimer of Chestnut and Michelle Lowe of Mount Pulaski

2000 graduate of Mount Pulaski High School

Kevin McGinnis


Michelle K. Ramlow


At Pentagon

Postal address: 5409-B Steeplechase Drive

Fredericksburg, VA 22407


Maj. James E. Reineke,
Deborah, Nathan, Emily

Air Force

Misawa Air Base, Japan


Robby, Ami-Jo and Angela Spickard

National Guard medical support

Tech. Sgt. Thomas Yarcho

U.S. Air Force

At Ramstein Air Base, Germany


Class of 82


Ongoing class reunion in cyberspace for 1960 graduates of LCHS


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