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Tuesday, July 2

LC scores with new soccer coach

[JULY 2, 2002]  Lincoln College Athletic Director Allen Pickering has announced the hiring of Rick Carpenter as the womenís soccer and softball coach for the upcoming seasons. 

Pickering stated: "Rick has demonstrated he is a winner, and I would expect him to have a good program in both sports after he gets a chance to do some recruiting of his own. I expect him to make great strides in our program, since he comes from a school with great winning traditions.

"I am certainly grateful to Todd Spellman for keeping the program going this past year and know that Todd will continue our tradition as an assistant coach to Rick."


[Photo by Jean Ann Miller; Lincoln College Communications]
[Rick Carpenter]

Carpenter comes to Lincoln College after coaching menís soccer at State Fair Community College in Sedalia, Mo., for the past 10 years. Carpenter compiled a record of 211-30 over his 10-year period and had national champions in 1998 and 1999. He was named Regional Coach of the Year in 1997, 1998 and 1999 and was selected as National Coach of the Year in 1998 and 1999.


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Carpenter has coached 10 first team All-Americans and had two players selected to the Parade magazine All-American list. He has also coached four major league soccer players and eight professional indoor soccer players. Carpenter has served on the coaching staff of various soccer camps in the St. Louis area and served as executive director for various soccer programs in his 10 years at Sedalia.

"I am getting in on the recruiting program too late for this year, but I am already looking toward recruiting for the following year," Carpenter said. "I have several areas in mind for recruiting. We have eight sophomores and 10 freshmen this season, and we will go with what we have. It will be a little tough the first year or two; however, I expect our team to play well.  

"As for softball, this will be my first year of coaching. I have played a lot of baseball, including playing on a state championship team in summer baseball. Softball will give me a new challenge."

Carpenter will join the teaching staff at Lincoln College and will also be a counselor.

[Bill Martinie]

Pony baseball results

[JULY 2, 2002]  Last Thursday night the Knights of Columbus Phillies staged another exciting come-from-behind victory against the Union Planters Bank Dodgers.

With the Dodgers leading 7-4, the Phillies had one last chance for victory. The Phillies sent nine batters to the plate to score four runs, with Jeremy Moore delivering his second hit of the game to score Brian Willmert and to secure the victory for the Phillies. Also having hits for Phillies were Troy Tolan, Tyler Nagel and Justin Mason with a triple.

Seth Laurence pitched the entire game for the Phillies.

Offensively for the Dodgers, Aaron Altman had a triple, Ryan McCain had two singles, and Mason Coons and John Martinez hit singles.

[Duane Moore]

Bronco results

[JULY 2, 2002]  Waterstreet Catering 19, Battery Specialists 10

Kody Swarts pitched the complete game for the Waterstreet win. He also had a double, two RBIs and two runs scored.

Also for Waterstreet, Jon Oliver went three-for-three, with three runs scored and two RBIs. Josh Oliver had three hits and three runs scored. Jason Hatfield went two-for-two with two runs scored and four RBIs.

For Battery Specialists, Nate Treuthart went two-for-two, with three runs scored and two RBIs. Also for Battery, Trevor Matheny had a double, two runs scored and two RBIs.

[T.J. Swarts]

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Dog days already here

By Jeff Mayfield

[JULY 1, 2002]  When it gets this hot, I donít even care. I thought the dog days werenít supposed to start until the end of July. Anybody up for moving Lincoln to northern Minnesota, Michigan or Wisconsin? Iím sure there are sports going on somewhere, but unless it has something to do with ice or water, youíd be pretty crazy to either be involved in it or watching it on days like today! So, Iíll stop stalling and try to dig in, although I must say that when itís this hot my motivation for anything but a move next door to sponge Bob is hard to muster!

Completion of the Cardinal tribute

I mentioned last week at the end of my story that that was only the beginning. [See "My Buck tribute."]

As I went off to college, I took Jack Buck and the Cardinals with me. One of my greatest Cardinal moments ever took place in my college dorm room.

We were getting some late-night study in when the Cardinals were playing the hated Astros. The Redbirds had the game in hand and then let the lead slip away. Houston tied it and we went to extra innings. That was just our cue to pop more popcorn. In the top of the 12th the Astros exploded for three runs and it appeared that our doom was sealed. But wait. Our leadoff man walked, and the next man up was plucked by a pitch. Someone else hit a seeing-eye single that loaded the bases.

While all this was going on, more and more people were pouring into our room. If you ever saw my roommate, Gene Adams, you would realize what a sight this was. Consider that a dorm room is no bigger than a broom closet. Now picture me in that room with a 6-foot-5, 220-pound man of steel. Now conjure up a dozen other scruffy characters from down the hall in the room. Soon the guys from upstairs were piling in as well. They said they came for the popcorn, but the drama of the moment was the real attraction. Jack Buck was the pied piper. While many of us had already given up, Jack never did!


Roger Freed stepped to the plate for the Cardinals. Roger was a giant of a man and a player that you always hoped would continue to get better. I donít think that ever happened. But on that particular night, there was magic in the air. Few times in my life have I seen Cardinal and Cub fans come together like they did in the wee hours of that morning. As the count moved to 3-2, Mike Shannon said, "Olí Abnerís done it again!" Then Buck let loose with one my personal favorite all-time calls: "Freed corks one into left Ö good night, everybody Ö the Cardinals have just won the game 7-6 on a grand slam by Freed!"

You should have seen the dorm that night. That hit set off one of the most raucous celebrations that I have ever witnessed. Guys jumping up and down on beds, popcorn everywhere, Mountain Dew cans shaken up, shooting foam across hallways. You wouldíve thought that the Cardinals had just won the pennant. But no. It was just another magical Buck moment in another lost season. But it wasnít lost on me. And it wasnít lost on that dorm full of guys!

Other Cardinal memories or stories

They just keep pouring in. Thereís the story of Buck and his wife on a flight that was delayed. Oftentimes when that happens, someone will collect everyoneís boarding pass along with their dollar and pull out a winner. The lucky person drawn wins all the money in the bag. Stewardesses donít usually like this game, because they say that 90 percent of the time someone in first class generally wins; then they have to deal with a plane full of upset people.

It would be a little different on this day. Buck and his wife were sitting in first class when a little girl from the back of the plane who looked like she could use the money panned through first class to collect the rest of the boarding passes and money. Sure enoughÖ someone in first class won. It was Mr. Buck. The fans booed heartily.

The little girl, disappointed that she hadnít won, sauntered up to Mr. Buck with the cash. "It looks like you won, mister." Jack told the little girl that all he wanted was his boarding pass and his dollar back. She was stunned when he handed her the bag full of money, $238 to be exact. Buck could have never known this, but as it turns out, the girlís dad had just lost his job and the family really did need the money!


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Cardinal manager Tony LaRussa tells everyone that he always called Jack the Renaissance Man. He said he always called Jack "a man for all seasons." He said that Jack would always quickly respond, "Tony, what Iíd rather beÖ is a man of the postseason!"

If you ever want to hear a great joke, download the broadcast of a Montreal game played 10 or 12 years ago. Jeff Parrot was an Expo reliever that Montreal had warming up during a rain delay. As Shannon pointed that out, Buck said, "Parrot? That reminds me of one of my favorite stories." He proceeded to tell one of the funniest Parrot jokes I have ever heard. I laughed so hard, I fell off the bed!

Or thereís the story of the little boy with MS who visited Buck and Shannon up in the broadcast booth. They put him in between the two-one row behind them for his safety because no ball had ever reached that area.

Beforehand Buck had one of the interns go down into the office and bring up some Cardinal T-shirts for the boy and his parents. As they broadcast that inning someone fouled off a pitch and it was heading toward press row. It hit a window and broke it, struck a couple of counters, and dropped in the box of T-shirts right in front of the boy.

Before the game, Buck ó knowing that the visit was scheduled for that day ó had mentioned to Shannon how great it would be if the boy could get a foul ball, but he said that wouldnít happen in a million years because the boy would be unable to catch it. When that ball landed in that box, Shannon said, "I donít know who was more surprised and elated, Buck or the boy." Shannon went on to say that Buck motioned to him to do the play-by-play by himself, as Buck was quietly sobbing!

There are zillions of these stories floating around, and Iíve just plucked out a few for your enjoyment. Rest assured that Jack Buck was a greater man than he was a broadcaster. And as a broadcaster, heís in the Hall of Fame. I could never give him a better tribute than that!


For more Buck tributes and Cardinal stuff, click on

As far as Darryl Kile goes, I donít even know what to say. I think it has hit me too close to home to be able to report on it impartially. I do know that I was moved by how many men described how much this guy meant to them.

So, I guess we have to ask ourselves, can we learn anything from these deaths? Maybe, itís if you have something to say to somebody, go ahead and say it. If you care for somebody, tell them. If you have someplace you want to go, go there. If you have something you want to see, go see it. And most of all, if you need to set all things right, donít waste another minute. Set things right today!

And let me be the first to practice thisÖ to all our loyal LDN readers. Thanks for reading my crazy and zany stuff. And not only that, but for stopping me on the streets and telling me so. That really means a lot to me and I thank youÖ in fact, itís why I do it.

Itís made me realize one of the many great things about where we live. We have great people. Iím glad my son is growing up in a community like this one. I just told a mother last week that if my son grows up to be anything like her two boys, weíll be pretty proud. Heck, we might be proud even if he doesnít!

Oh well, have a great week, everybody. Stay out of the heat and we hope to see you soon.

[Jeff Mayfield]


["'Greatest Cardinal of them allí has fallen"]


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