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Lincoln Daily News becomes a morning news source


Donít worry.  Lincoln Daily News will still have the same look and feel that we've developed over the last eight years. The content will still be the same: news from the state, nation, world, sports, business, health and articles about what is happening in Logan County. Youíll still be able to find the articles you want to read, because the organization of Lincoln Daily News will remain the same.


What changed is that Lincoln Daily News is now published six days a week starting at 8 a.m. rather than over the noon hour. After almost eight years, Lincoln Daily News has become a MORNING online newspaper rather than an afternoon paper, making sports news, state, national, international, business and health news available earlier in the day to better fit your schedule. 


Throughout the day we will continue to add news items as they become available, with each dayís issue being complete by 1 p.m. Emergency and breaking news items will continue to be slipstreamed into the current issue as they become available.


This means Lincoln Daily News can now be your complete news source in the morning and throughout the day.


Thanks for reading Lincoln Daily News.


[Notice: No trees were sacrificed to bring you this message.]