• 3 terms of service on the Logan County Board

  • Proposed, voted for and actually cut your taxes

  • Achieved the very first County funding for the EDC

  • Voted for funds to support senior services

  • Supported the Logan County Paramedics

  • Supported a bike trail, public golf course and a skateboard park

  • Served twice on the Logan County Board of Health

  • Chaired the Regional Planning Commission

    • achieving new subdivisions, enterprise zone extensions for business and industry and rezoning to create new jobs and save current ones

  • Served all 3 terms on the Animal Control Committee as their welfare matters too.


  • BA University of Richmond, 1977

  • BS, D.C. - Logan College of Chiropractic, 1982

  • Awarded: Intermediate Honors from Phi Beta Kappa (National Academic Honor Society)

  • The American Legion Award for Academic Excellence 1977

  • Inducted into SCABBARD and BLADE (ARMY ROTC Honor Society 1977)

  • Member: National Physics Honor Society and National Political Science Honor Society

  • Served twice on the Church Council of St. John United Church of Christ, the Board of St. Clara's Manor and Boards for the Illinois Chiropractic Society and the American Chiropractic Association


  • I have practiced as a Chiropractic Physician in Lincoln continuously for 25 years.  My wife, Grace, and I are the parents of David and Katherine; 8th graders at LJHS.

  • The Logan County Board is not the place to begin on-the-job training.  It requires people who have had the experience of serving on several Boards prior to trying to govern the business of Logan County.

  • My work puts me in contact with a cross-section of our community every day.  I listen to the dreams and fears, the compliments and complaints of people like you. 

  • I am available all day long to attend to County Board matters, as well as my patients.

  • Last, but very important, I have accepted no financial or "in-kind" contributions from any person or business.  The voters and taxpayers have a right to know, before casting their ballots, if a campaign is being funded by persons, businesses or organizations who might later seek a vote from the County Board.

I will treat your concerns and your hard-earned money as if they were my own.

Dave Hepler

Political Adv. pd. by Dave Hepler