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Farm Museum Auction
Rybolt Farm Equipment Museum
State Rt. 54, Kenney, Illinois
June 19 & 20, 2009 10:00 a.m.

The remains of the Rybolt Farm Equipment Museum will be sold at Absolute Public Auction. Three large sheds are full of the below listed items. For many pictures visit our website:

DAY ONE: Small collectibles and rack wagon items. DAY TWO: Horse drawn and large stationary items

-Threshing Machine: Avery 1910 “Yellow Fellow” threshing machine;
-Sheller: Joliet corn sheller believed to be “Dustless Cylinder #2; McCormick Deering belt powered sheller;
-Hay Equipment: International hay loader; wood pullies; loose hay forks;
-Pumps: Myers belt drive water pump; Peader pump; belt drive grinding wheel; several speed jacks; wood frame well pumps; wood well pipe; several hand crank bucket pumps;
- Broom Corn Machine: Broom corn threshing machine; F W Reese, Paris, IL broom corn assembly machine w/vise;
- Shellers: Sandwich “Veteran”, wood; New Idea, metal; Hocking Valley, wood, Lancaster PA;
-Mills: Bloom Corn Cutter Crusher #3 Pat. 1900; Foose Mfg, horse powered grinder; Hallenge grinder; Joliet grinder; Hobart coffee grinder; Corn Belt Spartan mill, Pontiac; Triumph pto mill; Baldwin American Pat 1867-72 fodder cutter;
- Washing Machines: Dexter wringer, Maytag electric, (2) Michigan Washing Machine Co; Syracuse “Easy” Model M; Savage; folding wash stands; double wood tub machine; ABC washing machine pat. 1908;
-Related Equipment: disk gang sharpener; 36”x8” millstone w/8” sq. hole in center; 45” swedged tooth sawmill blade; several misc. saw blades;
-Sawmill: Kingsland & Douglas #4, Mfg. Co.; built in St. Louis in the 1800’s; Ottawa Kansas log saw;

-Binders: International Corn Binder; (3) McCormick & McCormick Deering Grain Binders ; IH corn binder, parts;
-Reaper Parts: could be International Harvester “Champion” reaper wings & misc. parts;
-Buggies & Carts: Storm buggy (carried mail in the Petersburg area); covered buggy, looks like Sechler Carriage Co buggy; 2nd covered top buggy; sm. pony cart; home made chariot; sulky;
-Cutters & Sleds: (3) cutter sleighs; several bob sleds; (2) pair of metal log sled runners; wood freight sled;
-Planters & Drills: Superior press wheel grain drill; (3) GM Gundlach drills, wood box, double spoke wheels; check wire stakes & wire; Van Brunt wooden box drill on steel; press drill with a wooden box; Black Hawk, Hays, JD, two row corn planters (parts); JD 494 planter;
-Cultivators & Plows: John Deere one & two bottom plows;(2) two stalk cutters on steel (one is P & O); (2) drag type stock cutters; M/H 8’trip lift field cultivator; Oliver rotary hoe; Graham chisel plow; muck disk; (2) IH gang plows; IH sulky plows; several one row sulky cultivators; 3 row Bell roller; Emerson & David Bradley one bottom plows; wood soil roller; “Tumble Bug” dirt scraper; pull type ditcher; 9’ Dunham cultimulcher; IH 3 & 4 bottom plows;
-Wagon Related: Peoria IL endgate seeder; Humphry & Sons seeder Joliet Sept 4, 1894; JD Triumph scoop gate; several nice spring wagon seats; seat springs; wood wagon bows brought to Dewitt Co. by Garret Stoughtenbouro from Butler, OH in 1854; ground drive end gate straw spreader;
-Horse Related: harness dip tank; misc. harness; hames; metal & wood eveners; single & double trees; -Orchard Sprayers: (2) Hays wood tank orchard sprayers, Galva IL;
-Potato Related: New Aspinwall potato planter; (5) other potato planters; Burton potato plow; 5 other unique potato plows; possibly Dowden potato digger;
WALK BEHIND EQUIPMENT: (2) Van Brunt one row drills; Peoria one row drill; Moline Plow Co. lister; (3) New Departure wood cultivators; (2)slip scraper; sod plow moldboard;
-Harrows: metal harrow sections; wood harrow sections;

-Tractor & Combine: Oliver 77 for parts, engine stuck, S/N 337103C7D; CC Case Tractor, S/N 4200487, complete, but engine stuck and tires bad; AC 5 foot combine (parts);
-Trailer: Homemade trailer with the stock racks, made from a Model T, titled by the State of Illinois in 1942. made by Harry Ellrich of Moweaqua.
-Household: (8) Edison Blue Amberal record cylinders; Sterling pump organ; 45” warp, wood frame rug loom; Bell wooden churn, McDermaid, Rockford, IL; Daisy sq metal churn; American Bosch radio; tin lined pop cooler; small copper kettle; hog scrapers; #25 1868 lard press; several sm. lard presses; maple syrup evaporator tanks; ice saw; Solidity cobblers vise; 40” dia.x8” round cutting block;
-Hand Tools & Equipment: Buckeye post drill; flat irons; wood planes; shingle cutter; monkey wrenches; 2 man crosscut saws; buck saws; (2) surveyors chains; hand held grass seeder; waste paper press (WWI); sm. wood lathe w/wood beam; many unique hand tools;
-Livestock: Stewart #8 sheep shearing machine; milk cans; cream separators, Superior cream separator; hand crank milk tester; fence stretchers; (30) unique hanging scales;
-Automotive: (4) Inland air pumps; (6) bicycle type pumps; Jacks: (15) mechanical auto jacks including Ashland Elite 1911, #30 1914; Model T tire chains;
-Advertising: McCormick sign; Edwards & Co Kenney, sign; sm. White Crown metal sign;
-Cast Iron Stoves: Caboose stove; New Idea brooder stove; Warm Morning coal stove;
-Seed Related: (2) Kalamazoo Michigan grain graders; short bagger elevator; (2) Hero #2 fan mills; hand crank corn grader; seed corn germination cabinet; wood box seed treater; tobacco plant setter; several hand held corn graders; shucking pegs;
-Blacksmith: (2) Edwards #5a metal shears manufactured in Albert Lea, Minnesota; Badger State #14 shear; horseshoe vise; Mole’s 26M pat. 1877 tire shrinker; hand crank forge; 5’ & 6’ blacksmith bellows; (2) pedestal grinders; post drills;
-Scales: platform scales; lg. Toledo produce scale; beam scales; balance scales; 40 scale weights;
-Books: Farmers Institutes yearbooks 1905, 1913, 1932, IL livestock report 1911; Laws of IL 1895; Dieses of Horses 1907;

Rybolt Farm Museum

Mike Maske Auction Service
119 S.Lafayette St.
Mt. Pulaski, IL 62548 (217) 519-3959
IL Lic.# 440.000157

TERMS: Cash or approved check payable on the day of the auction. Not responsible for accidents or items after sold. All items are sold “as is where is”. All items must be removed within two weeks after the auction.
AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This will be a history lesson in the making. Mark your calendars and plan to bring as many of your grandchildren as you can. We will try to sell it all in two days but reserve afternoon of Sunday June 21 in case we need more time.


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