Costume Ladies demonstrate versatility of 1800s fashion

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Pictures by Nila Smith

Hoops varied in sizes and were never worn for daily dress. It was also noted the leading cause of death among women in the 1800s was from their clothing catching fire while cooking.

Can-cans were added on top of the hoop and could be one or multiples.


Then comes the skirt.

Women of means almost always had someone to assist them in dressing.

For a guest in a home, the hostess normally provided someone to assist with getting dressed.


The day dress includes a long-sleeved blouse with a detachable lace collar.  Many items were detachable so they could be washed without the entire dress being washed.


Women of means also avoided having the sun hit their skin. For a woman to have a tan indicated she had to work in the fields. Therefore, every inch was covered during travel, and often a parasol was carried to shield the face.

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