Wednesday, December 18, 2013
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Public hearing notice to the people of Lincoln

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[December 18, 2013]  Following is a notice of a public hearing at Lincoln City Hall on Thursday evening at 7. The hearing is on a petition for a special use in an R-1 residential district.



Please take notice that the Plan Commission of the City of Lincoln shall hold a public hearing on Thursday, December 19, 2013 at 7:00 P.M. in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, to hear the following petition. 

Patrick and April Doolin have filed a petition pursuant to Section 11-4-4, (D) of the City Code, for a Special Use in an R-1, Residential District to establish a private horse stable use on property on North Union Street legally described as follows: 

Part of the Northwest Quarter of Section 30, Township 20 North, Range 2 West of the Third Principal Meridian, Logan County, Illinois, divided into and designated as Parcels 4A and 4B, described as follows:

Parcel 4B:  Commencing at a brass disk found at the North Quarter corner of said Section 30; thence South 89 degrees 58 minutes 06 seconds West along the North section line a distance of 999.99 feet; thence South 0 degrees 01 minutes 54 seconds East a distance of 118.68 feet to a right-of-way marker found at the Point of Beginning; thence South 85 degrees 48 minutes 28 seconds East along the Southerly right of way of Lincoln Parkway (F.A.U. 7706) a distance of 861.43 feet to a Ĺ" pin found; thence South 34 degrees 59 minutes 54 seconds East along said right of way a distance of 90.77 feet; thence South 69 degrees 16 minutes 27 seconds West along a creek called Brainerdís Branch a distance of 724.27 feet; thence North 30 degrees 51 minutes 47 seconds West along the Northeasterly right of way of the Illinois Terminal Railroad a distance of 373.25 feet to a 5/8" pin set; thence Northwesterly along said right of way, being a tangent curve to the right, said curve having a radius of 2864.93 feet and a chord of 84.60 feet which bears North 30 degrees 01 minutes 01 seconds West, an arc distance of 84.60 feet to the Point of Beginning.

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The petition shall be on file in the Code Enforcement Office in City Hall for public inspection, comment, questions and objections may be filed with the City Clerk until 3:00 P.M. on December 19, 2013.

Susan K. Gehlbach
City Clerk

[Text from file received from Susan K. Gehlbach, Lincoln city clerk]


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