The year in review

2013 Logan County Fair

Album 8

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The Logan County Fair is also one of the many online magazine publications that we do yearly, and this is a great time to acknowledge the people who work behind the scenes at LDN. 

We couldn't do what we do out in the field without the support and hard work of our staff back at the office. 

Special thanks to Dee and Lisa who are our graphics people. They work hard to make our advertisers happy with ad layouts that are clean, concise and beautiful. These two are also the ones who put together every magazine, making each one memorable and special.

Pictures by Lisa Ramlow, Nila Smith and Jan Youngquist

At the mud bogs



At the demo derby

Dept. O cake and candy judging

At the garden tractor pull

At the talent show

At the talent show


Audra's Studio of Dance at the talent show


Haircut Actual at the talent show

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