Lukas Morgan rides to school in a fire truck

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Monday morning third-grader Lukas Morgan got the fourth and final fire truck ride of the year from the Lincoln Fire Department.  Assistant Chief Darrin Coffey and inspector Bret Tripplett picked Lukas up at his home, along with his little brother, Jack, and dad Rod, and delivered him to Washington-Monroe School.

Lukas won this privilege by being the winner of the third-grade division of this year's Fire Safety Poster Contest. He was one of 70 entrants in the contest.

Lukas is the son of Rod and Justine Morgan of Lincoln.

Pictures by Nila Smith

Lukas' prize-winning poster

He and brother Jack get comfortable in the fire truck.


Lukas is ready to go.


Coffey and Tripplett watch while mom grabs a snapshot. Then they head out to school.

The fire truck pulls up in front of the school. With construction going on and other parents delivering their children to school, it is a pretty tight fit.

The truck is parked, and now it's time to pile out.

Washington-Monroe staff rush out to grab photos as well.


Dad is the last one to come out of the truck.

Lukas poses for one last shot with his brother, dad and the two Lincoln firefighters.


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