Ghosts, goblins, and green globs of goo invade downtown Lincoln

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Every year the public anxiously waits to see what clever costume Mayor Keith Snyder will come up with. Traditionally he has chosen to impersonate a fellow city official.

This year that choice was city attorney Blinn Bates. Pictured to the left is Bates in casual dress and Snyder wearing what Bates normally wears to the weekly city council meetings. Snyder had the costume "correct," right down to wearing shoes with no socks, which is something Bates normally does.

Snyder said his big dilemma in doing this year's outfit was getting his hair colored to match Bates. In the end, Snyder said he had more hair coloring on his hands than he did on his head, but nonetheless, he was a convincing substitute for the young attorney.

Pictures by Jan Youngquist



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