Sale of restaurant equipment and accessories will benefit Oasis building fund

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Monday morning several Oasis volunteers donned their heavy coats and went to what will someday be their new home, the former Rusty's Clubhouse, to help keep an eye on and answer questions about the restaurant equipment and accessories they are selling. The money from the sale of the merchandise will go into the Oasis building fund and assist with covering the cost of the upcoming remodeling of the building.

The sale continues today from 1 to 4 p.m.. The format for the sale is a silent auction. Bidders write their names and their dollar bid on a sheet attached to the individual items. Director Dom Dalpoas said that after the sale closes this evening, the group will go through the bid sheets and notify winners. Because some of the items up for sale will have to be taken apart and removed from the building, Dalpoas said they would make arrangements with the winning bidders for a time when those items can be removed.

Dalpoas also said that a floor plan for the remodeling has been designed and is currently in the hands of contractors who will bid on the project. Those bids are due back to the Oasis board the first part of March.

Pictures by Nila Smith



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