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Trinity Episcopal Church supports local causes

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[June 21, 2014] LINCOLN - On Sunday, June 15, Trinity Episcopal Church members celebrated giving to those who are in need near and far. The church gave $3000 to various local organizations that help people stay in their homes by delivering nutritious meals; help others to afford to live in a nice home of their own, and to help those facing stresses of an un-anticipated pregnancy.

Reverend Mark Evans made the presentations during a congregational celebration lunch.
First to be called forward was a representative for the Meals on Wheels program. Becky Leamon is the senior and family assistance director for Community Action of Central Illinois.

Leamon is also in charge of the Foster Grandparent Program and received accolades for her work with that program this year as well.

The MoW program delivers meals to those who don't get around well and maybe can't get out. Workers and volunteers also deliver meals to congregate sites where people can come eat a meal and socialize. The program helps insure nutritional needs are met, especially for senior citizens that would like to remain living in their own homes but maybe need just a little help to do so.

As Leamon looked around the room she named several people from Trinity that volunteer their help in the program, "I just want to thank you all for your dedication to the program and to the people in our community. It is very much appreciated and very much needed."

Next call was for a representative of the Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center
(commonly referred to as the Pregnancy Resource Center). Linda Nelson serves as the Center's director, but was unavailable on this morning. In her stead, board member Ben Vogel came forward.

Reverend Evans began by saying, "We'd like to thank you for the fine work you do on building the kingdom."

Vogel responded in kind, "I want to thank you all for helping spread the love of Jesus in the Resource Center."

The Center's services include pregnancy testing, assistance and counseling. Vogel said, "Something new we did new this year was to hold a retreat for women who were post abortion. Twelve women came that were carrying that burden around on their back, and walked away a lot lighter from that healing," Vogel said. We're going to try another one in the fall, he said.

Reverend Evan's next called Tonita Reifsteck, who accepted the check on behalf of Habitat for Humanity of Logan County. Reifsteck explained that like the church tithes, Habitat also tithes to build homes in other parts of the world. While the Logan County Chapter has built 19 homes in Mount Pulaski, Atlanta and Lincoln; there have been over 500,000 homes built around the world.

Reifsteck recognized the many ways beyond funding that the church has been instrumental in helping Habitat; some members have been workers, some have served on the board, some bring food to workers on the site and other assistance has been provided.

Tom and Stacie Wachtel were present and asked to come forward also.

Reifsteck highly praised Tom for making Habitat what it is today. He has been in charge of the recent building projects and spent countless hours serving Habitat in other ways; even an hour here, an hour there, making a difference for years now.

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Reifsteck went on to explain a little more about Habitat. She said, "We don't just build homes. We build families. If you'd see a family that has lived in deplorable conditions, get a key," she paused overcome by emotion, and someone added "it turns around lives." Reifsteck continued, "Grades go up for children." As she paused, and the room broke into applause.

Reifsteck told those present to consider people they thought might be a good candidate for a home and urge them to apply. She said that often people think they'll never get it, and won't apply.

Various members of the church have served in each of the above organizations for years helping to make our community a better place.

Reverend Evans announced that checks would also be going to sister churches in the country of Peru, and to Tabora in Tanzania, Africa. He said that Tabora has more Episcopal members than in all the U.S., but that they are a very poor people there, "So, we want to help them all we can."

In conjunction with the giving celebration, the congregation and guests enjoyed a home smoked pork luncheon. The pork, that everyone agreed was wonderful, was made in a smoker that won a design award at Illinois State University. The smoker was made by the son of a member of the church.


Community Action of Central Illinois, Meals on Wheels
For information regarding social dining sites and/or meal delivery services, contact CAPCIL Senior Programs Staff (217) 732-2159 ext. 240. If you are calling outside Lincoln, you may use the toll free number: 1(877) 588-7189 ext. 240.

Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center
308 N. Union St.
Lincoln, IL 62656

Habitat for Humanity of Logan County
P.O. Box 714
Lincoln, IL 62656 

Habitat for Humanity of Logan County
HFH Center address:
909 Woodlawn Rd.
Lincoln, IL

Warehouse address:
915 Woodlawn Rd.
Lincoln, IL
Phone: 217-732-6412
Tues. - Fri. 1:00 - 4:30
Sat. - 9:00 - noon

A 2010 report on local and international Habitat for Humanity movement:
Habitat reaches milestone: 400,000 homes built or repaired since 1976
Logan County chapter working on No. 15

Nursing Homes

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