Mayor Keith Snyder offers a walk-through tour of the Lincoln Depot

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Pictures by Nila Smith

This is the bar area in the depot:  It was added much later and will more than likely be removed.

This room was the kitchen of the restaurant:  It will also be restored to its original look.


These are the original brick walls of the depot from the interior. They have been painted over. And will need some kind of restoration work done.

When the depot was built, it was two buildings joined together with a roofed pass-through. Snyder said the pass was wide enough for a horse and wagon to go through it directly to the freight cars for loading and unloading.

Snyder said the walls to his left and right were added at some point in time, closing off the pass-through. Those walls will be removed so the station will once again be two buildings.

The north building at the depot may be turned into the Amtrak station and the Am-shack on the southwest corner of the property will be torn down.

This is the walk-way between the two cabooses on the north end of the building.

One caboose, Snyder said was used as an office area for the restaurant.


This is the dining car that is attached to the depot:  This particular car is connected to the depot building and not visible from the outside.

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