Oasis announces contractor for remodeling of their new location

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Pictures by Nila Smith

The Fricke staff is invited to come up front.

Chuck Fricke addresses the audience ...


... then defers to his son Nathan

From the left are Kurt Fitzpatrick of Webster Construction, Ron Olthoff and Nathan Fricke of Fricke-Calvert-Schrader, Dalpoas, Chuck Fricke and Steve Jenness of Fricke-Calvert-Schrader, and Mike Miller of Webster Construction.

The full floor plan for the new facility.

The east end of the building will be a social area with computer lab and offices at the rear.


The Oasis Gift Shop, board room and exercise room will be in the center of the building.

The west end will be dining area and may be rented out in the future for banquets.


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