Maroons no match for the 'Elite' Railers
Next stop: supersectionals against Cahokia
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MATTOON  Friday night was one stellar night for the Railers. They had a point to prove with the Champaign Central Maroons, and they had no trouble proving it. The Maroons walked away with no doubt: The Railers are the better team even if the Maroons did manage to beat them once.

The Friday night victory gave the Railers the sectional title for this year. They are now officially members of the Elite Eight, with just three games between them and the state championship. Their next game will be Tuesday night at the Prairie Capital Convention Center in Springfield. Game time is 7 p.m.

As we draw closer to the end of the magnificent season, we have to send a gigantic thank-you to Debbie Olden for all the great photos she has provided us this season. This batch is her best yet, and we encourage you to take a good look at each one of them because they are as stellar as our team!

Pictures by Debbie Olden





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