State Representative Tim Butler engages Mount Pulaski students
on issues of government - Album

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State Representative Tim Butler visited Mount Pulaski High School yesterday morning and spoke to students about government issues. He met with the students in the cafeteria and touched on topics including the Illinois budget problems, pensions, unions, gun laws, presidential candidates, MAP grants and Common Core.

According to Gale Clark, who teaches Social Studies and American Government to the seniors, "State Representative Tim Butler spoke to our senior class and our eighth grade class. Our seniors asked a lot of really important and serious questions. Maybe one of the best outcomes today was that our eighth grade students were there and they were able to see how serious our seniors were taking Representative Butler's appearance."

In addition to learning, the students were able to have a little fun with the representative as he even put on a Mount Pulaski Toppers baseball hat and took a "selfie" with the group.

Representative Butler closed his question and answer session by urging students to get involved in their communities and to get out and vote.

[Teena Lowery]

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