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Lincolnite reflects on help following storm destruction

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To the editor:

Here's what is "right" about Lincoln, IL:

On the evening of July 10 while I was at Johnson Center for a LCT rehearsal, a storm blew through Lincoln and did a great deal of damage to my house.

Due to the high winds, my front and back steps were completely blocked with huge limbs. Other limbs tore holes in the roof and rain poured into the attic and seeped into the second floor rooms.

In addition lightning struck the power line and subsequently "fried" the Ameren meter, electric service box, breaker box, refrigerator, washer, dryer, and AC unit. Needless to say, my house looked like a war zone. When I opened the front door, electrical smoke poured out so I grabbed the dog and called 911.

Fire and police personnel were here in seconds and determined the source of the electrical smoke was the refrigerator.

After spending the night with my neighbor Beth, I realized that I needed lots of help and many people stepped up to the plate to assist me. Mark Shew and his crew immediately took charge and knew what I needed even before I did.

Lee Reiners cleared the trees off my house.

My neighbor Jake and my daughter Brittney both showed up with chain saws and started on the limbs in front of the house.

Neighbors Caitlyn, Kristy, Chloe, Sydni, Savannah, Keagan, Aimee, Beth, and Greg came to help carry brush to the street.

[to top of second column in this letter]

Then Suzanne and her children Aiden, Dylan, and Ryan showed up with rakes and raked my front yard and terrace.

Of course the city streets and alleys' crew was right there and started loading up debris.

Kudos to Isaac McGee for electrical work, McEntire Appliance (Ron, David, and Perry) for the loaner refrigerator, Tom, Jason, and Andy from Albert Bros. who put in a new AC unit, Ameren, fire, and police personnel who came quickly on Monday evening, Hampton Inn for my home away from home for 8 days, and of course, the city crew who hauled away huge mounds of debris 3 different times.

And then there were the gift cards I received from people who knew I wasn't able to live at home.

Yes, some of the people involved will be paid by my insurance, but everyone helped as quickly as possible and was so kind.

This kind of caring spirit is what makes Lincoln a great place to live. With all the negativity that seems to "surround us, it is a pleasure to show an example of positivity that really exists in our town.

Kay Dobson

[Posted August 16, 2017]

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