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Thank You Letter for TV/Computer Monitor Recycling

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To the editor:

On behalf of the Logan County Joint Solid Waste Agency, I would like to thank the City of Lincoln for their partnership in sponsoring the recent TV and Computer Monitor Recycling Collection. It was a huge success evidenced by the large turnout.

Thanks are sent to Walt Landers, Lincoln Street/Alley Department Superintendent, and his crew, Russell Wright and Joe Davis; Mayor Seth Goodman and Lincoln City Council members, Tracy Welch, Ron Keller and Rick Hoefle; Building and Safety Officer, Wes Woodhall; Logan County Board members, Gene Rohlfs and Scott Schaffenacker, also a LCJSWA Board member; Habitat for Humanity volunteers, Bob Chamberlain and David Wilmert, former Lincoln City Council/LCJSWA Board member; Jim Struebing, LCJSWA Board Chairman; Wanda Rohlfs, former Lincoln City Council member, Sara Erlandson and Ron Rohlfs, who all volunteered their time and labor to the collection.

Additionally, thanks are sent to the Lincoln Wal-Mart Supercenter, Lincoln IGA and Walgreens for providing refreshments for the volunteer workers. The Logan County Fair Association has partnered with the Agency for over a decade allowing use of the fairgrounds for these large collections. Illinois American Water volunteered to cover the cost of one of the trailers for the collection; the City of Lincoln and the Building and Grounds Committee of the Logan County Board covered the cost of the two remaining trailers.

[to top of second column in this letter]

The collection began nearly an hour early to accommodate the large turnout. Over three hundred (325) Logan County household participated in the collection. Two hundred fifty of the household were from Lincoln with the remaining households coming from nearly every city, town and village in the county. Approximately 900 pieces of electronics were collected with the majority being projection, console or larger table-top TV models.

All the electronics collected were sent to Advanced Technology Recycling (ATR) in Pontiac for processing. ATR is a regional electronics recycler providing environmentally sound recycling services to individuals, businesses, schools and units of government. ATR reports that the electronic materials collected weighed in at 36,799 pounds and the percentage of material expected to be recycled is 90% per load from a residential consumer collection.

Logan County residents expressed the desire/need to dispose of TVs and computer monitors and the recycling collection was the direct response of local government, area businesses and civic organizations to meet this need. Plans to hold future collections are in discussion; “Like” the Logan County Joint Solid Waste Agency’s Facebook page for the most up-to-date and current information on county recycling opportunities.

Mitzi Rohlfs, Coordinator
Logan County Joint Solid Waste Agency

[Posted August 21, 2017]

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