4-H Scrambles Night - a few notes from the photographer

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Pictures by Teena Lowery

A big announcement was made during the 4-H Scrambles Night. Pam Tibbs will be inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame at the Illinois State Fair on August 13th.




Winners in the calf scrambles can take their calf home and bring them back the next year to enter the Steer Competition. Competitors are judged on grooming, confirmation and showmanship. The overall winner of this year’s Steer Competition was Vivienne Pratt.

It takes and dedication and tenacity to rope a calf and the participants in the calf scramble showed both. Adamm Hoerbert from the Hartem Clover’s 4-H Club got the first catch, but a couple of those calves were pretty determined not to be caught. It was a tough night for the last competitors.


After repeatedly being drug by a calf as he attempted to rope it, an exhausted looking James ‘JR’ Lynn, also a member of the Cloverdale 4-H Club, finally roped the last calf of the night, garnering loud cheers and applause from the crowd.


Here, Cullen Tyson, one of the toughest kids you'll ever see, shows his calf catch from last year in the Steer Competition, and caught a new one during scrambles.


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