Historic airplane lands in Lincoln

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Pictures by Curtis Fox

This beautifully restored 1937 Stinson Reliant from the original American Airlines livery made a precautionary landing at the Logan County Airport on Sunday, May 31st when it developed engine problems.

Dean Del Bene (L) found the derelict aircraft at a small airport near Chicago. He took ten years to restore it to its original glory. When Mark Riedl (c) was 12 years old, he began helping Dean with the restoration. Mark’s daughter Olivia (R) was enjoying the trip from Chicago to Dallas when the flight made an unexpected stop at the Logan County Airport.




Local pilot Ed Baker, a friend of Mark’s, helps remove the cowl from the radial engine.

The damage is about to be revealed.


Dean checks the damage.

The instrument panel is restored to look as it did in 1937.


The original bill of sale from 1937 is still on the aircraft.


The original Stinson logo.


Ed Baker is about to remove the damaged cylinder.


Mark Riedl and Olivia, with Atlanta pilot and friend, Ed Baker. Baker proved essential in helping to assess the damage to the airplane engine.


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