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Friday, Oct. 9, 2020
published daily from 8am Lincoln, Illinois

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Today the Paint the Paper Pink picture features the Atlanta National Bank staff - nine lovely ladies and one really great guy who knows that real men DO wear pink.

The Thursday breast cancer awareness and education quiz question was: If breast cancer runs in your family, you are sure to get it - true or false

The answer is FALSE.

Having breast cancer in your family doesn't guarantee you'll get it. Most women who get breast cancer don't have a family history. Some breast cancers are related to gene changes that are inherited from a parent. But many times, cancer runs in families because family members have similar lifestyle habits – habits you can control and change to lower your risk. This includes staying at a healthy weight, getting regular physical activity, and limiting or avoiding alcohol. If you suspect you might have an inherited gene mutation, talk to your doctor about genetic counseling. The most common mutations that increase breast cancer risk are in the BRCA genes.

Knowing your family history empowers you to tackle the risk factors you can control. It should also motivate you to get screened regularly so that breast cancer is caught early – when it's small and hasn't spread it is easier to treat. Talk to your doctor about your risk, when you need to start screening, and whether you need extra tests beyond mammograms.

But, like all forms of testing and treatment, there are other considerations. Be sure to read today's feature article from the American Cancer Society. You will learn that testing isn't for everyone for some good reasons.

Photo by Karen Hargis       (Click on image to enlarge)



Should You Get Genetic Testing for Cancer Risk?

4-H Foundation recognizes Theobalds as Family Spirit Award winner


Paint The Paper Pink

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