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Holy Family Parish
316 S. Logan St.

  Rev. Jeffrey G. Laible
Rev. John Huy Pham
Liturgy schedule:
  5PM Saturday
  8AM & 10AM Sunday



Jefferson Street Christian Church
1700 N. Jefferson St.

Preaching minister:
  Dustin Fulton

  9AM & 10:45AM Sunday
Midweek activities:
  "Truth North": 6PM Wed.
Website: www.jeffstreet.org
E-mail: dustinf@jeffstreet.org

Lincoln Christian Church
Independent Christian Church
204 N. McLean St.

Preaching minister:
  Ron Otto

  8:15, 9:30, 11AM & 6PM
Midweek activities:
(Beginning Sept. 12)
  Adult, Youth & Kids' Club:
6:30PM Wed.
Website: www.lincolnchristianchurch.org
E-mail: gtparmenter@insightbb.com

Prairieland Christian Church
P.O. Box 108, 1st St. Hartsburg, IL 62643

 Vance Russell

Sunday School:  9:30AM
Worship: 10:30AM

Church of God

Lincoln Church of God
1415 Fourth St.

  Jacob Skelton

Sunday School:  9:30AM
Morning Worship:
Evening Service: 6PM
Wednesday Family Hour:


Trinity Episcopal Church
402 Pekin St., Lincoln
 James Cravens

 7:30 & 9:45AM Sunday
 9:00AM Wednesday


Kingdom Life Ministries
2500 Woodlawn Road
Pastor: Joe Bennett
 10AM & 6:30PM Sunday

Lincoln Bible Church
2316 N. Kickapoo St., Lincoln

Don Hoover
 Ron Denlinger
 Dave Pepperell
Worship: 10AM Sunday
Sunday School: 9AM
Prayer meeting: 6:30PM
Overcomers in Christ:
 7PM Tuesday 


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Association of Free Lutheran Congregations
1140 N. State St., Lincoln
Worship: 10AM Sunday
E-mail: gslc@ccaonline.com

Immanuel Lutheran Church  ELCA
1409 Pulaski St., Lincoln
Pastor: Daniel Tuhy
Worship: 9AM Sunday
Sunday School: 10:15AM
Praise Service:
 5PM Saturday
Website: http://www.immanuellincoln.org
E-mail: immanuel_lincoln@verizon.net


Open Arms Christian Fellowship
311 Broadway St., Lincoln
Pastors: Larry Crawford
, 309-830-0461
Kevin Wolf
, 309-838-8564
Worship: 10AM Sunday
Home Group:
(various times and locations)
Website: http://comebackministries.com
E-mail: comeback7@msn.com

United Methodist

First United Methodist Church
302 Broadway St.,  Lincoln
Pastor: Jame Hahs

Asst. Pastor: Julie Azbell
 9AM Sunday
Sunday School: 10:15AM
Website: www.gbgm-umc.org/




First Presbyterian Church
301 Pekin St.,  Lincoln
Pastor: Rev. Phillip Blackburn

 10AM Sunday
Celebration: 6PM Wed.

Website: www.firstpreslincoln.com
E-mail:  office@firstpreslincoln.com

First Cumberland Presbyterian Church
110 Broadway St.,  Lincoln
Pastor: Dr. David West
Cell phone: 871-9940

 10:30 AM Sunday
Sunday School: 9:30AM

To inquire about listing your congregation's worship information, please e-mail us at ads@lincolndailynews.com or call us at 217-737-7418.

Church Activities & Announcements

Project Simulcast Training Event
LIVE via Satellite

Where: Lincoln Christian College & Seminary!

When:  Saturday, September 27, 2008

Go to www.thetruthproject.org to register.

Do You Really Believe

That What You Believe
Is Really Real?

June 8st Zion Light



LESSON 9 The State: Whose Law?

Special attention will be given to the design, structure, and role of the state, its place in God’s plan for human society, and the rightful extent and limits of its power. The state, as we will see, has the capacity to exert a tremendous power for good in the affairs of mankind as long as it operates within its proper boundaries; but it also has the potential to become the most horrendously pathological and abusive of all the social spheres if not kept in check.


The 12 week Bible study continues this Sunday from 1:30-3PM
in the Youth Room.  Each session consists of viewing a DVD
followed by discussion led by Donna Bishop.  High School age
and up are welcome to attend.  Makeup sessions will be offered
on Wednesday, June 11th at 6:30 PM in the Youth Room &

will be led by Lisa Madigan. 

For June 15th Zion Light



LESSON 10 The American Experiment: Stepping Stones. 

We will continue to discuss the design of the state.  In particular, we want to take look at the question, “What should God’s minister on earth (Romans 13:4) look like?  What is a proper form for this agency that is divinely appointed and commissioned to administer justice, punish evil, and encourage goodness among its citizens or subjects?”  We will begin to approach this task by considering the American Experiment.


The 12 week Bible study continues this Sunday from 1:30-3PM
in the Youth Room.  Each session consists of viewing a DVD
followed by discussion led by Donna Bishop.  High School age
and up are welcome to attend.  Makeup sessions will be offered
on Wednesday, June 18th at 6:30 PM in the Youth Room &

will be led by Lisa Madigan. 

For June 22th Zion Light



LESSON 11 Labor: Created to Create

By the time this tour is finished, we will have made a number of striking discoveries about this system.  We will have found that creative labor is a vital element of God’s plan for the social realm; that work is not a “curse,” as it is often represented today, but an essential element of our humanity; that it is, in fact rooted in the nature of God Himself, the Original Worker. We will also learn that the structure of this sphere parallels that of the others we have already visited in that it also appears triune in design. And we will begin to see that the importance of work is closely related to our divinely given responsibility to care for the poor.


The 12 week Bible study continues this Sunday from 1:30-3PM
in the Youth Room.  Each session consists of viewing a DVD
followed by discussion led by Donna Bishop.  High School age
and up are welcome to attend.  Makeup sessions will be offered
on Wednesday, June 25th at 6:30 PM in the Youth Room &

will be led by Lisa Madigan.

For June 29nd Zion Light



LESSON 12 Community & Involvement: God Cares, Do I?

Here we will have an opportunity to draw near to the Creator and learn what it is that has compelled Him to draw near to us.  We will find that the God of the Scriptures is in fact the Lord of the lonely, the Savior of the outcast, the Defender of the defenseless, and the Sustainer of all who find themselves in need.  Our call is to become like Him by discovering what it means to not only love Him, but to love our neighbor.


The final session of the 12 week Bible study be this Sunday from
1:30-3PM in the Youth Room.  Each session consists of viewing
a DVD followed by discussion led by Donna Bishop.  High School
age and up are welcome to attend.  Makeup sessions will be offered
on Wednesday, July 2nd at 6:30 PM in the Youth Room & will be
led by Lisa Madigan.

Send your church announcements and articles to  ldneditor@lincolndailynews.com


















Recent Spiritual Life Articles

Cleaning House

talked with a friend this week about an opportunity she had to help a guy clean his house.  It may not sound that monumental, except his house hadn’t been cleaned for SEVEN years.  Something had happened, and his life as he had known it ended.  Maybe something died, or shut down, but stuff started to pile up—garbage, dishes, papers, clothes—until it felt overwhelming.  His friends didn’t know how bad it had gotten, he hadn’t shown them, or maybe they just never stopped by.  My friend was the first in a long time.  They spent six hours cleaning, just so they could clear a path so the appraiser could walk through the house.  It’s not finished, and there’s a whole lot more to do, but it’s a start.

(Click Here to Read Full Article)

Homeless in Lincoln

When the two of us decided to experience homelessness one weekend for a cross-cultural assignment, the lifestyle that over 20 million Americans experience every year, we were not ready for what we encountered.

We thought it would be easy to find money or food in exchange for work, and we were worried we wouldn’t even see any homeless people, much less interview them.  Instead, we were met by people who wouldn’t look us in the eye, much less give us the opportunity to work for them.

(Click Here to Read Full Article)

How Graduates Can Make Wise Decisions

A pastor friend called and asked for counsel: “A 13 year old girl in my church is from a broken home. Her father left her mother and has been living with another woman. The Dad has joint custody and visitation rights and the girl went to visit him for two weeks.

(Click Here to Read Full Article)

Have Americans lost their sense of reality to the The Truth?

Do we really understand what freedom is all about? Many have paid dearly for maintaining freedom.  “Freedom is not Free”...  much blood has been shed in the name of freedom.  Has all this blood been shed in vain?  How can God Bless America when abortion has killed over 46 million babies; that’s more than double the number of people who were killed in Holocaust.

(Click Here to Read Full Article)


Open Arms Christian Fellowship has relocated


Open Arms Christian Fellowship has relocated!  Our new address is 311 Broadway.  We want to take this opportunity to invite you & your family to come and worship with us at our new location.  For more information, call Pastor Larry @ 309-830-0461.  

Do You Really Want To Know The Truth?

I had spoken at a family conference
and explained and illustrated Bible truths about how a parent can “turn around” a rebellious teen.
-- A man came up to me and said, “How did you discover such amazing truths?” I replied, “The Bible is the mind of man’s Creator revealed to man. In the Bible God gave to man every key truth man would need to live human life. Our difficulty is in receiving and believing ALL of those truths. But each truth we believe opens up another set of truths. And each one of those opens up another set, etc. etc.”

(Click Here to Read Full Article)

Which Flag Are You Flying?

I read that an American POW in the Hanoi Hilton took some cloth scraps and carefully sewed an American flag.  Every morning he would come to attention, salute the flag and give the pledge of allegiance. One day his captors caught him. They destroyed his flag, beat him mercilessly, and then threw him back into his cell. Later one of his fellow POW’s saw him working with his hands and asked, “What are you doing?” He replied, “Sewing another flag.”

(Click Here to Read Full Article)

Creationism vs evolution:
faith and fact?

It's confusing and difficult to make an honest assessment on the subject of how everything came into being. There are two proposed ways of looking at it -- either everything was created by a pre-existing being and was shaped by intelligence, or the stuff everything is made of has always existed and just takes on different forms by chance.

(Click Here to Read Full Article)

Lincoln Churches Come Together in Action

Community action of some kind is commonplace inside most churches. But for the first time in Lincoln, 11 churches -- and that number is anticipated to grow to more than 15 -- have banded together to create the campaign "Together for Lincoln." This unified action will involve all participating churches being committed to working together to serve the community, from building wheelchair ramps to visiting the homebound.

(Click Here to Read Full Article)

Absolute truth vs. situational truth
Here Am I, SendMe

In America and much of the world, absolute truth has been replaced by the myth of situational truth. Situational truth allows the circumstances at the time to dictate behavior or to be more important than real truth.

(Click Here to Read Full Article)

My SecretSin
Here Am I, Send Me

Fond memories remain of a young boy's weekly trek with his mother to downtown Lincoln. This was before shopping centers. The two of them would make their way around the square, which then contained shops with every kind of item needed, ending at the A&P grocery store.

(Click Here to Read Full Article)

Living With Regret
By Ronald K. Denlinger

An error in judgment can result in a lifetime of regret. It isn't required that there be any intentional harm to another in order for us to carry sorrowful thoughts about our actions. Each of us looks back at things we've done, and we wish for just a moment in which we could have made a different decision. If only we had thought more carefully about the potential consequences. If only we had taken a slightly different course.

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