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Holy Family Parish
316 S. Logan St.

  Rev. Jeffrey G. Laible
Rev. John Huy Pham
Liturgy schedule:
  5PM Saturday
  8AM & 10AM Sunday



Jefferson Street Christian Church
1700 N. Jefferson St.

Preaching minister:
  Dustin Fulton

  9AM & 10:45AM Sunday
Midweek activities:
  "Truth North": 6PM Wed.
Website: www.jeffstreet.org
E-mail: dustinf@jeffstreet.org

Lincoln Christian Church
Independent Christian Church
204 N. McLean St.

Preaching minister:
  Ron Otto

  8:15, 9:30, 11AM & 6PM
Midweek activities:
(Beginning Sept. 12)
  Adult, Youth & Kids' Club:
6:30PM Wed.
Website: www.lincolnchristianchurch.org
E-mail: gtparmenter@insightbb.com

Prairieland Christian Church
P.O. Box 108, 1st St. Hartsburg, IL 62643

 Vance Russell

Sunday School:  9:30AM
Worship: 10:30AM

Church of God

Lincoln Church of God
1415 Fourth St.

  Jacob Skelton

Sunday School:  9:30AM
Morning Worship:
Evening Service: 6PM
Wednesday Family Hour:


Trinity Episcopal Church
402 Pekin St., Lincoln
 James Cravens

 7:30 & 9:45AM Sunday
 9:00AM Wednesday


Kingdom Life Ministries
2500 Woodlawn Road
Pastor: Joe Bennett
 10AM & 6:30PM Sunday

Lincoln Bible Church
2316 N. Kickapoo St., Lincoln

Don Hoover
 Ron Denlinger
 Dave Pepperell
Worship: 10AM Sunday
Sunday School: 9AM
Prayer meeting: 6:30PM
Overcomers in Christ:
 7PM Tuesday 


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Association of Free Lutheran Congregations
1140 N. State St., Lincoln
Worship: 10AM Sunday
E-mail: gslc@ccaonline.com

Immanuel Lutheran Church  ELCA
1409 Pulaski St., Lincoln
Pastor: Daniel Tuhy
Worship: 9AM Sunday
Sunday School: 10:15AM
Praise Service:
 5PM Saturday
Website: http://www.immanuellincoln.org
E-mail: immanuel_lincoln@verizon.net


Open Arms Christian Fellowship
311 Broadway St., Lincoln
Pastors: Larry Crawford
, 309-830-0461
Kevin Wolf
, 309-838-8564
Worship: 10AM Sunday
Home Group:  Various dates and locations
please call for more information)
Website: http://comebackministries.com
E-mail: comeback7@msn.com

United Methodist

First United Methodist Church
302 Broadway St.,  Lincoln
Pastor: Jame Hahs

Asst. Pastor: Julie Azbell
 9AM Sunday
Sunday School: 10:15AM
Website: www.gbgm-umc.org/




First Presbyterian Church
301 Pekin St.,  Lincoln
Pastor: Rev. Phillip Blackburn

 10AM Sunday
Celebration: 6PM Wed.

Website: www.firstpreslincoln.com
E-mail:  office@firstpreslincoln.com

First Cumberland Presbyterian Church
110 Broadway St.,  Lincoln
Pastor: Dr. David West
Cell phone: 871-9940

 10:30 AM Sunday
Sunday School: 9:30AM

To inquire about listing your congregation's worship information, please e-mail us at ads@lincolndailynews.com or call us at 217-737-7418.

Church Activities & Announcements

Value is Relative

Value is relative. You have only to watch Antique Roadshow once to realize that one person’s trash is an antique dealer’s treasure. So let me ask this question…when is a gallon of gas not worth $5? The answer is…when no one will pay that much. Things are worth what a person is willing to pay for it. A watch that sells for a thousand bucks in New York City is less than worthless to someone in the desert who needs a drink of water. A house purchased in Lincoln in 2003 for $300,000 is not going to sell easily today. It is just not worth the price that was paid.
I heard a preacher tell a story a number of years ago about a woman he was counseling. The minister, Peter Lord, was trying to get at the bottom of her feelings of worthlessness. After a long session with no progress, he handed her a Bible and told her to go into a room by herself and ask God what she was worth. “Come out when you hear from Him,” he told her.
A good amount of time passed and the woman finally emerged from the room, her face showing all the signs of an emotional breakthrough. Mr. Lord asked her what she learned and she responded, “I felt him tell me, ‘You are worth the price I paid.’”

Memory Verse:
Romans 5:8
(New International Version)

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Thank you, Lord, for the blood that bought us from the slavery of sin and for the grace you lavished on us. Help us to remember the value you placed on us and treat others with the same worth.

Lincoln Church of the Nazarene to celebrate centennial Oct. 5

When you find them, they might be together inside worshiping Christ or outside working or playing in the yard. But when they part and drive away, these folks know they've still got important work to do -- to be the hands and feet of Jesus to show his love to people.

This is what the Church of the Nazarene has been doing for the last 85 years in Lincoln. "A fellow minister once quipped, 'When I first came to town, I drove by your church with a friend who said, "Those people know where Jesus came from, but they don't know why he came."' At first that remark irritated me," says Pastor Greg Wooten. "Now I let it guide my focus. I'd rather equip a small congregation to serve quietly than have us spend all our time trying to make headlines. That's the difference Jesus has made in my life. And, if I read the Bible correctly, that's the difference Jesus would have us make in the world."

This little church family is part of a much bigger family that will be celebrating a major milestone on Oct. 5 -- the 100th anniversary of the birth of the denomination known as the Church of the Nazarene. In 1908 in the little town of Pilot Point, Texas, two holiness church groups merged. Both groups believed that God calls his people to be holy -- to be like Christ -- and that he also makes this possible by the real presence of the Holy Spirit within the hearts of fully devoted believers. These Northern and Southern Christians put away years of unhealed divisions dating back to the Civil War and sealed their union with a time of worship and celebration that ended in a "Hallelujah March" around the tent where they were meeting as they sang a song of unity to the tune of "Dixie":

With forces all united,
We'll win! We'll win!
We'll preach a gospel o'er the land
That fully saves from sin!
Praise God! Praise God!
Praise God for full salvation!

Now, 100 years later, the Church of the Nazarene serves Christ and his kingdom in 151 world areas in more than 20,000 local congregations made up of over 1.5 million people.

Lincoln Church of the Nazarene will join in this centennial celebration with a day full of special events on Oct. 5. At 9:45 a.m. there will be a special lesson highlighting the history of world missions in the denomination. During the worship hour at 11 a.m. the church will unite with every Nazarene congregation across all 24 times zones by sharing communion, reading the same Scripture and hearing the same message preached. Included in the service will be highlights of denominational history as well as local church history, as several special families will be honored whose faithfulness and commitment have made the church's existence possible today.

Following the worship hour will be an old-fashioned potluck dinner. Then, finishing the day's activities on a high note, a concert featuring Barry Wilson from Bourbonnais will begin at 2:30 pm. Wilson is a Nazarene pastor-turned-recording artist with a great sound and a great sense of humor.

Lincoln Church of the Nazarene invites all their brothers and sisters in Christ to join them for any or all of the day's festivities.

For more information on the centennial celebration of the Church of the Nazarene, call Pastor Greg Wooten at the church office at 732-8362 or e-mail him at pgw@netzero.com.


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Recent Spiritual Life Articles

Do You Really Believe That What You BelieveIs Really Real?


As it has been throughout history, God continues to call ordinary people to make an eternal difference in our world. We invite you to be a part of this cultural change by participating in the live nation-wide Focus on the Family's Truth Project Simulcast Training Event. We believe this one-day eventrepresents the possibility for exponen1tial change within the body of Christ, as we expect that tens of thousands will be transformed by this curriculum.


(Click Here for Full Article)

New wave of higher education


Back-to-school is looming in the air for most people right now. From buying up crayons and pencils for the youngsters to packing up that college-bound youngster of yours for the first time. And when a lot of us take time to think about the hustle and bustle of preparing for school this time of year, those are the situations we normally think of first.


(Click Here for Full Article)

New Staff Member at Lincoln Christian Church


Lincoln Christian Church is thrilled announcing Don Kauffman as the unanimous recommendation of the elders to their congregation to serve as a Student Ministry Team Leader (Youth Minister).
Lincoln Christian Church is excited about the addition of Don to their staff team. They believe God has called him as their Student Minister and has uniquely prepared him for this time.

Reaching New Heights


So, what’s the point?  Many of us are trying to do too much on our own strength and ability.  We have failed to join ourselves with God and allow Him to take us higher than we could ever go on our own.


(Click Here for Full Article)

Lincoln Christian Church's VBS raises money for 'Together for Lincoln'

Lincoln Christian College welcomes new faculty for 2008-09 Academic Year

Lincoln Christian College is pleased to announce new additions to the faculty.

(Click Here for Full Article)

Don’t Preach to Me!

A preacher once asked comedian and actor George Burns for advice; “You’re so good with audiences, Mr. Burns, and you hold their attention so well. Do you have any advice for a preacher?” He answered, “My advice is to have a good beginning, and good ending, and then keep them as close together as you can.”

(Click Here for Full Article)

What is Together for Lincoln?

Together for Lincoln is a partnership consisting of over 15 area churches who are committed to work together to share the love of Jesus Christ by serving our community. Our first day of service will be on Sunday, September 28, 2008. On that day, we will send dozens of teams into the community to do everything from building wheelchair ramps for individuals to visiting members of our community who are in the nursing home. The day will conclude with a community worship gathering in the evening.

(Click Here for Full Article)

Praise God For What He Does


Ephesians 5:19-20 says we are to “speak to one another with songs, hymns and spiritual songs.  Sing and make melody in your hearts to the Lord, always giving things to God the father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  We praise God for His works.

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There’s something about fire that mesmerizes us, attracts us, draws us in. Its raw power and energy has amazing potential to be used for good—to heat our homes, to give us light, to cook our food, create spaces where we tell stories and connect with each other—and also to destroy as it consumes whatever we throw into it. It’s untamed, we can’t understand it, and it carries the potential to break out into something so totally beyond us. It’s a thing of awe, a thing of terror, a thing of beauty and a thing that has often inspired worship.


(Click Here to Read Full Article)

Understanding where our uniqueness is from

We desire old, vintage, nostalgic things’ they’re things we want.  I love the look of old movie theaters, the smell of old books, the glimmer of classic cars, the design of old posters and the simplicity of a boy shooting his eye out in A Christmas Story.

(Click Here to Read Full Article)

Cleaning House

talked with a friend this week about an opportunity she had to help a guy clean his house.  It may not sound that monumental, except his house hadn’t been cleaned for SEVEN years.  Something had happened, and his life as he had known it ended.  Maybe something died, or shut down, but stuff started to pile up—garbage, dishes, papers, clothes—until it felt overwhelming.  His friends didn’t know how bad it had gotten, he hadn’t shown them, or maybe they just never stopped by.  My friend was the first in a long time.  They spent six hours cleaning, just so they could clear a path so the appraiser could walk through the house.  It’s not finished, and there’s a whole lot more to do, but it’s a start.

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Do You Really Want To Know The Truth?

I had spoken at a family conference
and explained and illustrated Bible truths about how a parent can “turn around” a rebellious teen.
-- A man came up to me and said, “How did you discover such amazing truths?” I replied, “The Bible is the mind of man’s Creator revealed to man. In the Bible God gave to man every key truth man would need to live human life. Our difficulty is in receiving and believing ALL of those truths. But each truth we believe opens up another set of truths. And each one of those opens up another set, etc. etc.”

(Click Here to Read Full Article)

Lincoln Churches Come Together in Action

Community action of some kind is commonplace inside most churches. But for the first time in Lincoln, 11 churches -- and that number is anticipated to grow to more than 15 -- have banded together to create the campaign "Together for Lincoln." This unified action will involve all participating churches being committed to working together to serve the community, from building wheelchair ramps to visiting the homebound.

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