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Meet the LCHS speech team

[FEB. 7, 2003]  The speech team from Lincoln High School shared their talents with the public Thursday evening during a fund-raiser program titled “Meet the Regional Speech Team.” The following students performed:

Tim Fak, impromptu speaking

Erica Brickey, prose reading

Ty Sank, humorous interpretation

Abrigail Sasse, oratorical declamation

Doug Rohrer and Betsy Buttell, dramatic duet acting

Kassandra Pepperell, original comedy

Julie Wood, original oratory

Brady Gerdts, Brandon Davis, Jamie Eckert, Brittany Feese, Katie Muck, Lindsey Boerma, Audrey Beach, Brian Welter and Amy Schumacher:  performance in the round

Tim Fak, extemporaneous speaking

Erica Brickey, verse reading

Abrigail Sasse, radio speaking

Betsy Buttell, dramatic interpretation

Ty Sank, special occasion speaking

Kassandra Pepperell and Tom Swanson, humorous duet acting


[Photos by Bob Frank]
[Ty Sank]

[Erica Brickey]

Campus visit day

[JAN. 14, 2002]  All high school juniors and seniors who are interested in learning more about Lincoln Christian College are invited to come visit the LCC campus on March 3. Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. in the Warehouse (student center).

The day will include:

  • Admissions presentation
  • Campus tour
  • Lunch in remodeled cafe
  • Meet-the-faculty session
  • Attend an LCC class

Please RSVP by Monday, Feb. 24. Call (217) 732-3168, Ext. 2228 or respond by e-mail to  coladmis@lccs.edu.

Honors & Awards

LJHS winter students of the month

[FEB. 13, 2003]  During a Feb. 7 assembly at Lincoln Junior High School, six students were announced as winning student-of-the-month recognition. Arielle Alley, Jaci Gandenberger, Rebecca Kasa, Mikel Frost, Brandon Rahn and Tim Wiser were honored.

Arielle Alley, daughter of Shane and Crystal Alley of 528 N. McLean St., is the seventh-grade student selected for November honors. She suggests students follow their dreams. Someday Arielle hopes to be a marine biologist or oceanographer. Of course, science is her favorite subject. Her activities include softball, basketball, track, music lessons, student council and the P.A.R.T.Y. committee (positive actions relating to youth). Hobbies for this upbeat young lady include piano and sports.

Jaci Gandenberger, daughter of Gilbert and Bonnie Gandenberger of 302 Sixth St., was selected as the seventh-grade student honored for December. She tells others not to give up and to have fun along the way. Her hobbies include basketball, track, band, chorus, speech, the play, dancing and chatting on the phone with friends. For her career, Jaci plans to be a journalist or a counselor. Her favorite subjects are history and writing.


Rebecca Kasa, daughter of Paul and Julie Kasa of 125 Churchill Lane, is the January Student of the Month. She tells others that to be successful, "just try." Rebecca enjoys band, speech, the play and Scholastic Bowl. Her musical hobbies are playing the piano and the sax. She hopes to be a veterinarian and enjoys science and geography.


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Like the three seventh-grade young ladies, the following three young men are eighth-grade students of the month for November, December and January respectively. Mikel Frost, son of Tom and Bobbi Frost of 121 Oglesby St., tells others to do their homework to succeed. He participates in wresting, speech, the play and Builders Club. He enjoys football and plans to be a police officer. His favorite subjects are history and PE.

Brandon Rahn, son of Gary Rahn and Michelle Sniff, lives at 1219 Pulaski St. He tells others to try their best and complete assignments. He participates in the school play, Circuit Rider newspaper and Builders Club. Brandon likes golf, swimming, reading and writing as hobbies. He plans to be a professor or surgeon in the future. His favorite classes are math, science, language arts and history.

Tim Wiser, son of Dale and Cathy Wiser of 511 Decatur, tells others to do their homework regularly. He participates in band, the play, Scholastic Bowl and Builders Club. Tim enjoys fixing computers and playing video games. This young man will be a computer programmer some day. His favorite class is math.

[LJHS news release]

Local students attend all-state music convention

[FEB. 11, 2003]  Kirsten Gandenberger and Michael Kasa attended the Illinois Music Education Association's annual convention Jan. 30 through Feb. 1 in Peoria. Both are students at Lincoln Community High School. Michael was selected for the All-State Band and Kirsten was selected for the All-State Honors Band.

Kirsten is the daughter of Gil and Bonnie Gandenberger of Lincoln. She has been a band member for eight years. During high school Kirsten has been her section leader for four years and section leader of the jazz band three years. She has been a member of the IMEA's District Band four times and a member of the All-State Honors Band twice.


[Kirsten Gandenberger]

She is employed by Audra's Studio of Dance, where she teaches classes in ballet, pointe, Celtic dance and tumbling. She is also a student in numerous dance classes and a member of the Flying Feet Cloggers.

Next year she plans to attend Webster University as a dance major.

Michael is the son of Paul and Julie Kasa and a junior at LCHS. He has been studying the trombone since fourth grade and the piano since third. He has been the trombone section leader at the high school for three years and plays in the jazz band.

Outside of band, he has been the accompanist for the spring musical and the fall Spooktacular. He is a member of the National Honor Society, Thespians, Scholastic Bowl, Spanish Club and chorus.


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Students who attend the IMEA convention have gone through a rigorous schedule of auditions and performances. The process begins with auditions at the district level in October, and students who are selected perform with the District Festival Band at Western Illinois University in November. Scores are then carried over to determine if the musicians rank high enough to attend at the state level.

Both local students were notified in early December that they had indeed made one of the all-state organizations. Upon arriving in Peoria, they auditioned for placement in either the All-State Band or in the more prestigious All-State Honor Band.

Every year thousands of students audition for the state honor, and only the best are selected. Lincoln can be proud of these two fine young people. They have brought honor to themselves, their families and the Lincoln community.


[Michael Kasa]

[LCHS news release]

Students honored for academic excellence

[FEB. 10, 2003]  During a Feb. 7 assembly at Lincoln Junior High School, the following students were honored for academic excellence and received decals from the Lincoln Elementary Education Organization. Sixty-three students maintained honor roll status for the first semester.

Seventh grade

Arielle Alley

Megan Armstrong

Aleishia Baker

Chelsie Beck

Melyssa Campbell

Jennifer Carroll

Cale Dahn

Kelsey Dallas

Cathie Daniels

Heather Danley

David Finnigan

Jaci Gandenberger

Daniel Garrett

Kaleb Gordon

Kelly Gosda

Dane Grable

Evelyn Haggard

Stephanie Holford


Kayla Horney

Alex Huerd

Rebecca Kasa

Andrew Keller

Nikky Kodatt

Krissy Logan

Sabrina Matson

Mick Montcalm

Jessica Owen

Hannah Payne

Brittany Reves

Jacky Scheurer

Ashley Shawgo

Amber Simmons

Heather Skelton

Kassie Tungate

Jairris Vermeire

Heather Walker

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Eighth grade

Jared Andreason

John Cosby

Katie Crosier

Bo Crowell

Adam Cunningham

Brittany Dickson

Kaeley Fitzsimmins

Emily Gilmer

T.J. Hernandez

Donald Heyen

Kevin Kirk

Melissa Lange

Merideth Laurence

Jon Leisinger


Mindy Malerich

Chad Painter

Juliann Papesch

Max Pozsgai

Brandon Rahn

Kady Rehder

Chris Sanborn

Wes Schrader

Michelle Schriber

Hannah Snyder

Sonya Twist

Les Vincent

Tim Wiser


[LJHS news release]


Lincoln speech team hosts weekend tournament

[FEB. 7, 2003]  Lincoln Community High School hosted a speech tournament on Feb. 1.

"The Lincoln Tournament was very rewarding for our team," said Ed Jodlowski, one of the local speech coaches. "Not only their hard work and practice was rewarded, but their hard work and their parents' hard work allowed for a very successful tournament."

LCHS was not in team competition but would have taken second place if they had competed.


LCHS participants

Betsy Buttell and Doug Rohrer, dramatic duet acting

Betsy Buttell, dramatic interpretation

Tim Fak, extemporaneous speaking

Kasey Pepperell and Tom Swanson, humorous duet acting

Ty Sank, humorous interpretation

Tim Fak, impromptu speaking

Brandon Davis, oratorical declamation

Abrigail Sasse, oratorical declamation

Kasey Pepperell, original comedy

Betsy Buttell, prose reading

Erica Brickey, prose reading

Ty Sank, prose reading

Audrey Beach, radio speaking

Abrigail Sasse, radio speaking

Ty Sank, special occasion speaking

[LCHS news release]


Lincoln Elementary School District 27


(Milk served with all meals)

Thursday, Feb. 20 -- Biscuit with egg and ham, fruit

Friday, Feb. 21 -- Cereal, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, juice

Monday, Feb. 24 -- Cereal, cinnamon toast, juice

Tuesday, Feb. 25 -- Breakfast pizza, fruit

Wednesday, Feb. 26 -- Cereal, graham crackers with dip, juice

Thursday, Feb. 27 -- Trix yogurt, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, banana

Friday, Feb. 28 -- Cereal, cinnamon toast, juice

Monday, March 3 -- Cereal, doughnut holes, juice

Tuesday, March 4 -- Sausage gravy with toast, fruit

Wednesday, March 5 -- Cereal, toast with jelly, juice

Thursday, March 6 -- Cheese toasty, fruit

Friday, March 7 -- No school; parent-teacher conferences


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(Milk served with all meals)

Thursday, Feb. 20 -- Corn dogs, baked beans, snack crackers, peaches

Friday, Feb. 21 -- Pancakes with syrup, sausage, potato rounds, cooked cinnamon apples

Monday, Feb. 24 -- Hamburger on bun with cheese, french fries, carrot sticks, peaches

Tuesday, Feb. 25 -- Chicken fajitas with salsa, green beans, tortilla chips, applesauce

Wednesday, Feb. 26 -- Sausage pizza, lettuce salad, corn, fruit cocktail

Thursday, Feb. 27 -- Spaghetti with meat sauce, peas and carrots, garlic toast, pears

Friday, Feb. 28 -- Turkey roast, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower with cheese, bread and butter

Monday, March 3 -- Chili dog on bun, french fries, pretzels, baked beans

Tuesday, March 4 -- Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, bread and butter, pears

Wednesday, March 5 -- Max cheese sticks, corn, carrot sticks, peaches

Thursday, March 6 -- Barbecued chicken sandwich on bun, potato rounds or hash brown, peas, strawberry shortcake

Friday, March 7 -- No school; parent-teacher conferences

West Lincoln-Broadwell School

Thursday, Feb. 20 -- Turkey patty with gravy, potatoes, broccoli, peaches and pears

Friday, Feb. 21 -- No lunch served; 11:15 a.m. dismissal

Monday, Feb. 24 -- Chicken fingers, cheesy potatoes, baked beans, pears

Tuesday, Feb. 25 -- Soft tacos, lettuce and cheese, nachos, corn, applesauce

Wednesday, Feb. 26 -- Chicken noodle soup, crackers, sub sandwich, raw vegetables, fruit crisp

Thursday, Feb. 27 -- Ham horseshoe, french fries, green beans, peaches

Friday, Feb. 28 -- Tenderloin on bun, potato rounds, salad, mixed fruit


LCHS announces freshman orientation night

[FEB. 18, 2003]  On Thursday, Feb. 27, at 6:30 p.m., Lincoln Community High School will host an orientation for all incoming freshmen and their parents.

The evening will begin in the high school auditorium with presentations by administrators, other school personnel and two students. In addition, information concerning the individual departments will be given.

Three events, at approximately 7:15, will follow the presentation in the auditorium. An activity fair in the cafeteria will acquaint the incoming freshmen with the extracurricular activities offered, members of the student government will lead guided tours of the building, and the culinary arts class will provide refreshments in the cafeteria.

[LCHS news release]

IMSA application deadline drawing near

[FEB. 12, 2003]  AURORA -- The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy welcomes applications from students looking for an educational program that offers a wide variety of challenging honors-level courses in mathematics, science, the arts and humanities. In addition, the residential academy also offers a wide variety of fine and performing arts, clubs and organizations, and interscholastic sports.

The application deadline for fall 2003 admission is March 1. Qualified Illinois students interested in attending the academy in the fall should begin the application process immediately. Illinois students enrolled in the equivalent of a ninth-grade program are eligible to apply.

IMSA, which opened in 1986, has an enrollment of 637 students representing all areas of the state. Admission is highly competitive.

For more information about IMSA or to request an application, contact the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, Office of Admission, 1500 W. Sullivan Road, Aurora, IL 60506-1000, (630) 907-5027, or in Illinois 1 (800) 500-IMSA, or visit the IMSA admissions website at http://www.imsa.edu. A downloadable application form is now available from the IMSA website.


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Located in Aurora, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy is an internationally recognized pioneering educational institution created by the state to develop talent and stimulate excellence in teaching and learning in mathematics, science and technology. IMSA's advanced residential college preparatory program enrolls 650 academically talented Illinois students in grades 10-12. More than 14,000 teachers and 20,000 students in Illinois and beyond have benefited from IMSA's professional development and enrichment programs. IMSA serves the people of Illinois through innovative instructional programs, public and private partnerships, policy leadership, and action research.

[IMSA news release]

Agriculture scholarships available

[Click here for details.]

Girl Scouts announce scholarship opportunities

[JAN. 24, 2003]  SPRINGFIELD -- Girl Scouts, Land of Lincoln Council is announcing college scholarship opportunities to all eligible Girl Scout members within the 6½-county jurisdiction who are continuing their education at an accredited college or university.

Girl Scouts attending an accredited college, university or technical school may apply for the Girl Scouts, Land of Lincoln Council Scholarship. This scholarship is a one-year, $1,000 award and is renewable. To qualify, girls must be currently registered with Girl Scouts, Land of Lincoln Council and have been a member with the council for a minimum of three years.

Active Girl Scout members enrolling as a junior, senior or graduate student in an accredited college or university are eligible for the Linda S. Culver Scholarship. This scholarship is a one-year, $1,500 award and is renewable. To qualify, girls must be registered members with the Land of Lincoln Council and have been so for a minimum of three years.

Girl Scouts enrolling at Springfield College in Illinois also have the opportunity to apply for the Springfield College Girl Scout Scholarship. This scholarship is a $500 award and is renewable. For more information, please contact the college's financial aid office directly at (217) 525-1420.


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Finally, Senior Girl Scout Gold Award recipients graduating in 2003 are encouraged to apply for the Elks National Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship is a $6,000 award.

Information on all Girl Scouts scholarships is available upon request by calling the Girl Scout Service Center, (217) 523-8159, or visiting www.girlscoutsllc.org. The deadline for applications is 5 p.m. Friday, April 11. Please note the Springfield College Girl Scout Scholarship has its own deadline.

Girl Scouting helps cultivate values and real-life skills so all girls will succeed as adults. Through the power of Girl Scouting and its all-girl environment, girls discover the fun, friendship and power of girls together.

[News release]

Health career scholarship applications available

[JAN. 21, 2003]  Applications for the Dwight F. Zimmerman Scholarship, sponsored by the Abraham Lincoln Healthcare Foundation, are currently available.

Applicants must be graduating seniors from Lincoln Community High School, Mount Pulaski High School, Olympia High School, Hartsburg-Emden High School, Delavan Community High School, Illini Central High School or students currently attending Lincoln College.

All applicants who are chosen as finalists to interview with the scholarship selection committee will receive an award to be applied directly toward tuition, fees and books. The two top applicants will receive scholarships of $1,500. Other finalists will be awarded $500 scholarships.


[to top of second column in this article]

Applications are available in the guidance offices of the above-listed schools. Applications are to be submitted to the Abraham Lincoln Healthcare Foundation, 315 Eighth St., Lincoln, IL 62656. The deadline to submit an application for the Zimmerman Scholarship is April 4. For more information, call the foundation office, (217) 732-2161, Ext. 405.

People who wish to contribute to the scholarship fund may send their contributions to the Abraham Lincoln Healthcare Foundation, 315 Eighth St., Lincoln, IL 62656.

[ALMH news release]

Zonta scholarships

[JAN. 20, 2003]  The Zonta Club of Lincoln again will sponsor health career scholarships for residents of Logan County who are enrolled in or accepted to a health care professional curriculum.

The scholarship award is for one academic year and is contingent upon the student's sustained academic achievement. Former recipients may reapply. Application forms are available by request at the high schools in Logan County, ALMH, several long-term care facilities and pharmacies in the county.

All completed applications, including references, are due to the scholarship committee by March 10 to be considered for interview. For applications and information, contact Mary Bruns, 778 Prairie St, Lincoln, IL 62656.

[News release]

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