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Thursday, September 11, 2003 

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9/11 -- Today we remember. We remember the shock we all felt two years ago when foreign terrorists launched an unprovoked, unanticipated attack on innocent people in our country. America watched the incomprehensible in frozen, abhorred silence. 

 We watched while those trained to defend and rescue did their best. Miraculously, they saved many. Sadly, many lost their lives selflessly. Thousands of innocent people were massacred that day. 

 Today we remember who we are as a country. We are proud and strong. We will not bow to a malicious coward.

 We remember those who are trained and ready to risk their lives for our safety and protection every day.

 We remember our military who daily defend our county.

 We remember generations of leaders who have stood against those who would harm us.

 We remember to thank God for the compassion, vision and strength he has given America.

 We must remember this and all that is right, true and good to be the strong country that we are.

Representatives of our Logan County heroes began this day of commemoration with a 9 a.m. ceremony on the steps of the Lincoln post office. Lincoln City and Rural Fire departments, Lincoln Police Department, Logan County ESDA, Logan County Paramedic Association, and others were presented with plaques.

[Pictures by Bob Frank] 
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