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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

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Columbus (1451-1506) is credited with "discovering" North America in 1492 for his sponsors in Spain, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella (whose faces appear in a medallion on the rear of the memorial). His last name is the source of the "Columbia" in the District's name.

The memorial  (in Washington DC) was paid for by the Knights of Columbus. The memorial is a much larger fountain, featuring carvings of a native American, an elderly European, the figure of "Discovery"on the prow of a ship, and a globe.

On Columbus Day (October 12 or the Monday closest to it), Italian, Spanish, and American dignitaries and groups lay wreaths at the base of the memorial."

[photo by Stan Stringer]  click on the picture for a larger image






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Law & Courts                                For weeks of Sept. 26 and Oct 3
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Saturday, Oct. 8:

  • Alley Kats polka band new to this year's Germanfest celebration

  • Area businesses recognized for employing people with disabilities

  • New IRS rules for vehicle donation

  • Marriages

  • Dissolutions

  • Court news

  • K/C/B Historical Society turkey and pie at Lincoln High
    It's back

  • Fall festival at St. Peter Lutheran

  • Natural resources 'newsbits'

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