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Wednesday, May 17, 2017
published daily from 8am Lincoln, Illinois

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In this shot over Elkhart, taken by LDN's aerial photographer/pilot Curtis Fox, one can see quite clearly the mess that the Elkhart Fire Department, Logan County EMA, Union Pacific Railroad, and many others had on their hands on Tuesday. The train derailment that occurred at approximately 10 p.m. Monday evening left a total of 18 rail cars and their cargo damaged. Much of that cargo was new vehicles. Damage also occurred to the tracks, a metal shed, railstation, signal devices and power poles and lines. Here, you can see there are 16 cars that had been pulled into the green space between the tracks and Route 66, with one in the process of coming off. Also note the number of vehicles gathered in spots near the wreckage, which signifies the large number of people working on the cleanup.

Photo by Curtis Fox      (click on image for larger version)

Hepler receives IACAA Grey Warner Award

Freight train derails at Elkhart

Posted Tuesday

Update from the Logan County EMA
Train derailment at Elkhart

Aerial View - Elkhart train derailment - Album

Elkhart train derailment - slideshow

Amtrak revised train schedule for Lincoln stops

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