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Tuesday, May 9, 2017
published daily from 8am Lincoln, Illinois

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Lincoln College

Lincoln Christian University

A sea of purple and black shingles fill the first several rows of seats at the Jack Nutt Arena at Lincoln College on Saturday. The Class of 2017 graduation ceremony was celebrated not only as the ending and beginning of chapters in young lives but also as the Sesquicentennial or 150th graduating class at Lincoln College.

In another part of town, a similar scene was unfolding as the Lincoln Christian University Class of 2017 Commencement Services were being held in the Earl C. Hargrove Chapel. For the younger university, the commencement marked 72 years of graduations

Photos by Lisa Ramlow & Angela Reiners      (click on image for larger version)

At 7pm rail crossings into downtown Lincoln have been reopened and crews are working through the night to repair damaged fiber optic and power lines .

Posted this evening:

Custom Underground Inc., Utility Construction crews were brought into downtown Lincoln on Tuesday afternoon. Construction related to development of areas surrounding the high speed rail led to electrical and fiber optic cables being cut. A representative of Custom said that their crew planned to work through the night to find and repair damage to a fiber optic cable. Already there had been graduated progress. He expected everything to back to normal by morning.

Communications workmen from Frontier were also on hand.

The electrical damages impacted crossing gates along the railroad crossings into downtown Lincoln earlier in the day. Union Pacific crews were out to supervise and manually operate crossing gates as needed. While power had been restored by evening, railroad crews remained in the area.

Jan Youngquist

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Choosing a grill to suit your tastes
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