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Wednesday, April 4, 2018
published daily from 8am Lincoln, Illinois

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On Saturday in Atlanta, the Atlanta Park Board hosted the Annual Community Easter Egg Hunt in the park. On hand to help out were members of the Atlanta Ag 4-H Club. Cavit and Molly Schempp and Winton Carlock performed a number of chores to help make the hunt a success including helping to get the eggs scattered about the park, handing out goodie bags and making sure that youngsters retrieved all the prizes packed inside the plastic eggs.

The eggs were filled with coins, tickets for candy bars and promises of special gift baskets. In addition, every participant was given a special goodie bag.

Posing for a shot with the special gift baskets (left to right) Molly Schempp, Cavit Schempp and Winton Carlock.

Photo by Kim Carlock    
(Click on photo for larger version)


Atlanta Ag 4-H offers a hand at the annual Atlanta Community Easter Egg Hunt - Album
Revised - Together, LCHS students make big impact in lives of children with medical needs

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