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Graduations in Lincoln

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Honors & Awards

LCT scholarships awarded

[JUNE 16, 2003]  Lincoln Community Theatre has awarded two $500 scholarships to Lincoln students planning to major in theater arts at Lincoln College. The sophomore award was presented to Kelly Dowling, daughter of Ed and Marcia Dowling of Lincoln. The LCT freshman award was presented to Betsy Buttell, daughter of Mark Buttell and Linda Buttell, both of Lincoln.

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Area students on honor lists at Lincoln College

[JUNE 9, 2003]  A record number of students from Logan County have been named on academic honor lists for the spring semester at Lincoln College.

Students on the Special Honors List include Ashley Chinowth and Christinna Dye, both of Atlanta; Jessica Bryant, Victoria Cooper, Jason Crowe, Kelly Dowling, Andrew Frost, Christina Kennett, Ashley Kurtz, Kristofer Langellier, Max Letterly, Angela Maestas, Joshua McMullen, Shannon Merritt, Heather Miller, Jessica Shawgo, Joshua Wilson and Amber Wright, all of Lincoln; Kyle Pepperell of New Holland; and Amanda Finfrock of Waynesville. The criteria for this list are that students of the current semester achieve a grade-point average of 4.0 and carry a class load of at least 15 credit hours.


Area students on the President's List are Kody Gordon of Atlanta; Jennifer Florey of Beason; Larry Jones Jr. of Hartsburg; Travis Boward, Ashley Bowen, Tiffany Carvalho, Risa Kopp, Matthew Kurtz, Adam Wessbecher and Brandy White, all of Lincoln; and Todd Deibert of Mount Pulaski. To qualify for this list, students of the current semester are required to achieve a grade-point average in the range of 3.75 through 3.99 with a class load of at least 15 credit hours.


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Area students on the Lincoln College Dean's List are Nathan Buss of Atlanta; Jean Cross of Emden; Brad Aper of Hartsburg; JT Ashley, Angela Couch, Sara Farkas, Matthew Kodatt, Dale Miller, Krista Onken, Angel Quiles, Shana Reed-Harper, Stephanie Savery, Tiffany Short and Debra Vincent, all of Lincoln; Erica Jarnagin and Casey Young, both of Mount Pulaski. For this list, students of the current semester must achieve a grade-point average of 3.25 to 3.74 with a class load minimum of 15 credit hours.

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Zion Lutheran School honor rolls

[JUNE 7, 2003] 

Third grade

High honors -- Morgan Conrady

Honors -- Ethan Hartman, Kayla Huskins, Zach Leonard, Lexie Van Winkle

Honorable mention -- Matthew Roos, Lauren Stanfield, Ethan Wibben

Fourth grade

Fourth nine weeks:

High honors -- Ross Arneaud, Amanda Howard, Aaron Klemm, Bethany Last, Josh Sager, Kelsey Wendlandt

Honors -- Trevor Arrington, Joseph Mangano

Honorable mention -- Lindsey Beccue, Billy Campbell, Brandon Miller, Ben Rekart, Emily Rossetti

Year awards:

High honors -- Amanda Howard, Aaron Klemm

Honors -- Ross Arneaud, Lindsey Beccue, Bethany Last, Josh Sager, Kelsey Wendlandt

Honorable mention -- Trevor Arrington, Billy Campbell, Joseph Mangano, Brandon Miller, Ben Rekart, Emily Rossetti

Fifth grade

High honors -- Jordan Barr, Scott Carnahan, Michael Eack, Bryce Hunsley, Joshua Kastendick, Kathryn Opperman, Raeann Sheley

Honors -- Diana Kastendick, Lorenda Kirby, Jonathan Mangano, Emily Sheley

Honorable mention -- Caroline Cale, Bethany Dzekunskas, Devin Pegram


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Sixth grade

Honor roll (A-B) -- Kate Harmsen, Samantha Lambros, Lauren May, Colleen Pech, Brittany Rogers

Honorable mention -- Alec Broughton, Hailey Cooper, Autumn Hickey, Ethan Plumier, Todd Schumacher

Seventh grade

High honors -- Emilie Lowe, Jenna Opperman, Amanda Podbelsek, Annie Sheley

Honors -- Jan Arneaud, Sara Rossetti, Kristin Sullivan

Honorable mention -- Kelsey Shull

Eighth grade

High honors -- Michelle Eack, Ally Fuiten, Kate Kastendick, Nick May, Esther Smith

Honors -- David Williams, Joe Heidbreder

Honorable mention -- Josh Bartels, Amy Johnson, Shannon Laughery, Allicent Pech, Chris Powley, Kendra Matthews


New Holland-Middletown honor rolls

[JUNE 6, 2003] 

Fourth nine weeks

High honors

Fifth grade -- Kiley Sommers, John White

Sixth grade -- Michelle Boyer, Jessica Farley, Kayla Jenkins

Seventh grade -- John Fink, Jacob Harnacke

Eighth grade -- Katie Conklen, Jennifer Dammerman, Kimber Davison, Jason Dean, Tiffany Graham, Brandee Heidbreder, Justin Mason, Jill Patrick, Molly Tobias, Michelle Tripplett


Fifth grade -- Katrina Adye, Alyssa Albertson, Justin Jenkins, Chassidy Jones, James Kirby, Tom Koger, Casey Nelson, Taylor Sisk

Sixth grade -- Nikki Becker, Danielle Horn, Kelsey Jurgens, Diane Monday

Seventh grade -- Cori Wendell, Shonda White

Eighth grade -- Nick Apke, T.J. Cook, Jenna Hutchison, Lincoln Moore, Staci Otto


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Second semester

High honors

Fifth grade -- Kiley Sommers, John White

Sixth grade -- Michelle Boyer, Jessica Farley, Kayla Jenkins

Seventh grade -- Jacob Harnacke

Eighth grade -- Katie Conklen, Jennifer Dammerman, Kimber Davison, Jason Dean, Brandee Heidbreder, Justin Mason, Jill Patrick, Molly Tobias, Michelle Tripplett


Fifth grade -- Katrina Adye, Alyssa Albertson, Justin Jenkins, Chassidy Jones, James Kirby, Casey Nelson, Taylor Sisk

Sixth grade -- Danielle Horn, Kelsey Jurgens, Diane Monday

Eighth grade -- Nick Apke, Tiffany Graham, Justin Harnacke, Lincoln Moore, Staci Otto

ALMH names scholarship winner

[JUNE 6, 2003]  The Abraham Lincoln Healthcare Foundation has named Sarah Renee Harrington as the 2003 Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Scholarship winner.

Sarah was selected based on her commitment to serving others through a career in health care, her academic and extracurricular excellence, and financial need.

Graduating seniors at Lincoln Community High School, Hartsburg-Emden High School, Olympia High School, Mount Pulaski High School, Illini Central High School, Delavan High School and students at Lincoln College are eligible for the scholarship.

Sarah received an award of $500 toward her career goal of becoming a radiologist. The daughter of Anthony and Gail Snyder of Emden, she is a graduating senior from Hartsburg-Emden High School. Sarah will attend Heartland Community College in the fall.

Marty Ahrends, executive director of community development at ALMH, serves as scholarship liaison.

[ALMH news release]

Local student makes dean's list in Missouri

[JUNE 6, 2003]  SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Allison J. Leonard from Lincoln attained the dean's list for the spring semester at Southwest Missouri State University.

Each semester, students at the university who attain academic excellence are named to the dean's list. For undergraduate students, criteria include enrollment in at least 12 credit hours and maintaining at least a 3.5 grade-point average (on a 4.0 scale).

Of the 13,046 degree-seeking undergraduate students enrolled during the spring 2003 semester, 3,295 earned a spot on the list.

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Lincoln Junior High School academic honors

[JUNE 4, 2003]  Lincoln Junior High School has announced the names of students receiving academic honors for the fourth quarter and second semester.

LJHS decal winners

Forty-five Lincoln Junior High School students received decals sponsored by Lincoln Elementary Education Organization for exceptional grades the second semester. Congratulations to all of these fine scholars.

Seventh grade

High honors -- Brittany Reves, Rebecca Kasa, Jaci Gandenberger, Kelsey Dallas, Ashley Shawgo, Chrystal Olbrias, Jessica Owen, Alexandra Huerd, Jacquelyn Scheurer, Stephanie Holford, Daniel Garrett, Cale Dahm, Arielle Alley, David Finnigan, Kristina Logan, Heather Walker, Evelyn Haggard

Honor roll -- Jennifer Carroll, Jairris Vermeire, Amber Simmons, Sabrina Matson, Crystal Elliott, Ruth Skelton, Sevana Morris, Melyssa Campbell, Cathie Jo Daniels, Mick Montcalm, Kaleb Gordon

Eighth grade

High honors -- Jonathon Leisinger, Tim Wiser, Hannah Snyder, Brandon Rahn, Kaeley Fitzsimmons, Melissa Lange, Sonya Twist, Max Pozsgai, Juliann Papesch, Chad Painter

Honor roll -- Kevin Kirk, Bo Crowell, Daniel Parson, Mikel Frost, Les Vincent, Ben Grover, Donald Heyen

Board scholars

For the fourth quarter

Seventh grade

Kelsey Dallas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lyndall Dallas, 105 Allison

Jaci Gandenberger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Gandenberger, 302 Sixth

Daniel Garrett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Garrett, 1413 Fourth

Rebecca Kasa, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kasa, 125 Churchill Lane

Amanda Bowlin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norm Wilham, 160 White Ave.

Brittany Reves, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Reves, 800 S. College

Eighth grade

Kaeley Fitzsimmons, daughter of Mrs. Crystal Davis, 806 Pulaski

Jonathon Leisinger, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Leisinger, 333 Park Place

Brandon Rahn, son of Ms. Michelle Sniff, 1219 Pulaski

Hannah Snyder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Snyder, 314 Pekin St.

Tim Wiser, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Wiser, 511 Decatur

For all four quarters

Seventh grade

Jaci Gandenberger, Daniel Garrett

Eighth grade

 Jonathon Leisinger, Brandon Rahn, Hannah Snyder, Tim Wiser


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Fourth quarter honor lists

Seventh grade

High honors -- Rebecca Lynn Kasa, 4.2; Brittany Nicole Reves, 4.2; Jaci Anne Gandenberger, 4.2; Kelsey Elizabeth Dallas, 4.2; Ashley LeAnn Shawgo, 4; Jessica Lynn Owen, 4; Daniel Zachary Garrett, 4; Amanda L. Bowlin, 4; Jacquelyn Faith Scheurer, 4; Stephanie Marie Holford, 3.8; Alexandra Dawn Huerd, 3.8; David Larry Finnigan, 3.8; Arielle Meagan Alley, 3.8; Evelyn T. Haggard, 3.8

Honors -- Sabrina Ann Marson, 3.6; Kristina Elizabeth Logan, 3.6; Cale Thomas Dahm, 3.6; Jairris Eileen Vermeire. 3.6; Heather Michelle Walker, 3.6; Jennifer Louise Carroll, 3.5; Ruth Ellen Skelton, 3.4; Melyssa Sue Campbell, 3.4; Kaleb Marc Gordon, 3.4

Honorable mention -- Christen Deanna Spiker, 3.2; Sevana A. Morris, 3.2; Andrew Russell Keller, 3.2; Cathie Jo Daniels, 3.2; Kelly Marie Gosda, 3.2; Steven Scott Billington, 3.167; Dana Anthony Grable, 3; Chelsie Marie Shawgo, 3; Heather Dawn Skelton, 3; Amber Lynn Simmons, 3; Jallisa Nicole Tisdale, 3; Chelsie Marie Beck, 3.

Eighth grade

High honors -- Brandon Lynn Rahn, 4.2; Jonathon D. Leisinger, 4.2; Timothy Dale Wiser, 4.2; Hannah Joy Snyder, 4.2; Kaeley Marjorie Fitzsimmons, 4; Melissa Sue Lange, 4; Juliann Marie Papesch, 3.8

Honors -- Sonya Twist, 3.6; Anthony James Weakley, 3.6; Max Pozsgai, 3.6; Kevin James Kirk, 3.6; Daniel Joseph Parson, 3.4; Mikel E. Frost, 3.4

Honorable mention -- Emily Patricia Gilmer, 3.333; Andrew Allen Stephenson, 3.2, Donald Rex Heyen, 3.2; John Stewart Cosby, 3.2; Bo Crowell, 3.2; Chad W. Painter, 3.2; Ben Grover, 3.2; Jeffery Raymond Hickox, 3.167; Amanda Kaye Skelton, 3; Kady Yvonne Rehder, 3; Les L. Vincent, 3; Michelle Ashley Schriber, 3; Brittany Williams, 3; Brittany Elizabeth Dickson, 3; Mallory Dean Hinton, 3

[Lincoln Junior High School]

Lincoln College honored by American Red Cross

[MAY 30, 2003]  Lincoln College was recently named sponsor of the month for April 2003 by the central Illinois chapter of the American Red Cross. The award recognizes the efforts of those who have gone above and beyond in hosting a Red Cross blood drive.

Lincoln College hosted a blood drive on April 30 with a goal of obtaining 60 new blood donors. Lincoln College students and donors from the Lincoln community met that goal and posted a new record of 86 donors. Lincoln College also broke a record of recruiting type "O" blood donors.

Doug Padgett, donor services representative of Central Illinois Red Cross, says the drive was huge success. "We are grateful for all the students who supported the drive and the efforts of the Red Cross. I don't think the students realize what an impact they have made on helping others."

John Stoltzenburg, Lincoln College student activities director, and Jeff Nelson, assistant director, are giving thanks to the many student groups that helped get the word out. "All of the students pulled together to get their classmates to donate," Stoltzenburg said. "I think our student body went above what was expected, and they deserve all the credit."


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Lincoln College President Ron Schilling said the honor is a reflection of the Lincoln College student body. "Our students are truly great caring individuals, and so it doesn't surprise me that their efforts exceeded the goal. I am very proud of the support Lincoln College has shown and am happy to congratulate the entire student body on this award."

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