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Attitude leads

By Jim Youngquist

[JAN. 28, 2003]  Well, I'm finally reacting to the news that the new economic director for Logan County has been named. Looking back, I was shocked and pleasantly surprised to find out that Jeff Mayfield had been selected.

Pleasantly because I believe Mayfield will bring something to the job that this county really needs: enthusiasm, positive outlook and energy.

Jeff Mayfield is an optimist with a capital "O." He always has a big smile on his face, a boisterous hello for anyone that he meets and an ear to hear if you have something to discuss with him. He usually disagrees if your point of view is negative, cynical or divisive, hoping to adjust your attitude to help you see things on the positive side.

These are excellent traits for someone who will help direct our economic efforts in this county.

In the time I have known Mayfield, he has been an associate minister at Jefferson St. Christian Church, on staff at LCC/LCS, on the chamber board (was going to be president of the board this coming year), our primary sportswriter here at LDN, a sports radio commentator at FIX 96, talk show host on Channel 5, husband, father and friend. He's the kind of guy that everyone wants as their friend, every board wants as a board member and every employer wants as an employee.

Our county is known as the place where nothing good happens. It was good once, and now it is all downhill from there. Old things close up, go away, and nothing economically viable seems to take their place.


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I've long thought that it's because of the dour attitude most people in this county seem to carry around with them that few things are tried and many things fail. I've heard a thousand times, "Oh, that wouldn't work here!" and "Just what were they thinking when they tried that" and the ever-popular "I could'a told you that wouldn't work!" Most people around here think this county is a dead-end, fading, doomed-to-die kind of place.

I do know this -- attitude leads. If you have a bad attitude, it often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and usually you'll have bad results.

If you have a good attitude, often the positive energy that accompanies your rosy disposition can help carry off a project that other people would forecast dismally.

There are those people out there in the county right now who are probably questioning Mayfield's ability to carry this off. While he doesn't have a master's degree in community development, or a Ph.D. in economic theory, or even an M.B.A., he has guts and he has spirit.

And because of that, I can't think of a better man for the job.

[Jim Youngquist]

[JAN. 27, 2003]  Looking back, there were many days I didn't believe we would make it this far or last this long.

It began as a dream to create, to communicate and to do something significant for Logan County. Together with many fine people, we were able to create Lincoln Daily News and bring you the news about our community six days a week for the past three years.

There were many times in the last three years that the news was thin, many times when help was scarce and many times that money was short. Technical problems abound in this technologically-dependent business, resources are sometimes very thin, and the temptation to rush a story is always present. But, because of the bulldog tenacity of our managing editor, Jan Youngquist (the most underpaid worker in Logan County), we have pressed forward every day to deliver a high-quality publication about good people.


My great thanks to Mary Krallmann, our copy editor, who slavishly works long hours to make us all sound so good. Mary has to read the drivel we write, correct the grammar, the spelling, the wording and even add punctuation to a particular writer's articles (who shall go unnamed here). Without her, LDN would surely never have survived.

Our publication is known for accurate writing with a positive outlook. Much thanks to our regular writers who give so much of themselves: to Joan Crabb, Lynn Spellman, Jeff Mayfield and Greg Taylor. You have proven that a small cadre of good writers can cover the important news in this community to rival, even at times, exceed the competition. Together we have certainly caused the "other paper" to improve a great deal.

Much thanks to Gina Sennett for her artistic and technical skills that make LDN look good every day; to Bob Frank for his photos of the people and events of the county; to our past, part-time, seasonal and intermittent writers who have done an excellent job with positive reporting.


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To those fine men, Tom and Ryan Seggelke and Sam Redding, who helped start LDN, who labored hard, cast a vision and helped push it down the hill, I also again say thanks.

Lucky Eichner pours her whole self into the job of selling and coordinating advertising, a tough job. I am thankful for her friendship, her devotion and her successes.

I am extremely grateful to our advertisers, both past and current, to all our sponsors, and to those who keep sending us "subscription" money to keep us going. Your support, your encouragement and your assistance mean so much to the staff of LDN. You have kept us going.

And last but not least, we want to thank those who read LDN on a regular basis, recommend it to their friends and have made LDN their hometown paper. Our readers from across the county and around the world now number slightly over 5,000. We did it all for you!

To all of you on our third birthday, I just want to say thanks.

And many happy returns!



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