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News and commentary from our community


For more information contact:

Karen Hargis 217-737-7418

Roy Logan 2 7-73 -7104






LDN readership

DAILY: LDN has over 12,000

- 15,000 unique visitors.

Unique visitors represents

each computer that logs-on,

counted only once in a 24

hour period.

That’s 72,000 to 90,000

visitors in a six-day week!

Of those visitors, 87% are in

Logan County. We also reach

our Florida snow birds, troops

and missionaries serving

in foreign lands, and other

people around the world.

What we do best is make

your business name familiar

- so when readers (potential

customers) are ready to buy

they think of you first.

While the national average is

3 - 4 pages,

LDN averages 11 page

impressions per reader!

Page impressions count only

when pages completely load,

which includes ads.

The nitty-gritty: Your ads get

seen and more often!

Your business

LDN provides a path for customers to

find you and to learn more about you.

You can Get a link your website, social

media, or email - Get a flyer - Get a

bigger ad. Get more attention!

For an ad in a print paper what you get

is - a certain size and space for one day

at a big price, frills extra; and that is it.

In LDN your ad is usually run for 30 days

and in full color.

Get ‘More - More - More!’

Your business message can reach a

range of consumers through the diversity

of content offered in LDN.

Or, many businesses prefer location in

our target-rich sections - such as lawyers

in Law and the Courts, accountants in

Business, etc...

Or mix it up, look through our six top

categories to claim a your special spot

as a sponsor and float an ad.

We chart our competition and are

convinced that we exceed them in

every regard at bringing local news and

advertising to our readers.

If you are looking for ‘eyeballs’ ... LDN

has them!!!