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Section Sponsorship:

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Karen Hargis


Roy Logan


Locally owned & operated since 2000

601 Keokuk St, Lincoln, IL 6265


For Advertising Contact:

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$600 & up

per month

Top Banner on Each Page

LDN news is divided into six

sections - Top Stories, News,

Business, Community, Health

and Leisure, Sports.

Sections and subsections

provide a target-rich

environment for businesses to

reach select audiences.

Section Sponsorship

offers huge advantages in

multiple locations and exclusive

exposure for a low price.

Section Sponsorship includes:

• Your business seen in the Top

Banner on the section page

and on each subsection page

for every article (lots of times) in

that section.

• Your Top Banner Ad is linked.

• Button Ad on the section front


• Plus, your choice: a Large

Display Ad / or a free-standing

Banner Ad in the section.

In addition:

• Your Large Display Ad travels

to other areas of LDN for even

more exposure.

All ads can link to your website,

Facebook or flyer.