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Letters to the Editor

The Lincoln Daily News publishes letters to the editor as they are received.
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Lincoln Daily News requests that writers responding to controversial issues address the issue and refrain from personal attacks. Thank you!

Sept. 11 county observances at wrong times


To whom it may concern:

Does the county realize that the time they have for the observances of a moment of silence are the wrong times? They should be 7:45, 8:03, 8:41, 9:10 Central time.


Melissa Byrd


Dear Ms. Byrd,

Good observation. We checked with JoAnn Marlin in the Logan County Board office. She reported that they used the times supplied by ESDA. Assistant ESDA Director Terry Storer explained that they chose to make the times CDT rather than EDT in order that the schools might fully participate.

Jan Youngquist

Managing Editor

A little-known Bears fact


To the editor:

I am glad that the Bears are spending the year back in central Illinois. I use the word "back" because they got their start in the NFL down the road in Decatur. They were called the Decatur Stalleys.  [Isnt] this an interesting Bears fact.

Mark Fielden



Please send your letters by e-mail to ldneditor@lincolndailynews.com or by U.S. postal mail to:

Letters to the Editor
Lincoln Daily News
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Letters must include the writer's name, telephone number, mailing address and/or e-mail address (we will not publish address or phone number information). Lincoln Daily News reserves the right to edit letters to reduce their size or to correct obvious errors. Lincoln Daily News reserves the right to reject any letter for any reason. Lincoln Daily News will publish as many acceptable letters as space allows.

Your news STINKS!


To the editor:

I can NEVER get any of the links to open up to read the article???? WHY IS THIS??

There is a lot of news on LDC I want to read like in the Saturday, Sept. 7, Letter to the Editor. When I click on it, it just comes up BLANK!

I use Netscape 7.4 and I can NEVER get any of your links to open up! PLMK [please let me know] what gives!

Alan Boyd



Thanks for your message. As a result of your request, I again checked out LDN and found that everything opens fine here with Netscape 6.2. Things look a little different, but everything works. So, Netscape isnt likely to be the culprit. But, please try our site with Internet Explorer (5 or 6) just for more information.

We have gotten a few other complaints from abelink users. I dont know if that is the problem or not. There may be an issue with the distance the request has to travel and your connection is timing out.

Nothing is blocked on Lincoln Daily News, nothing is restricted and it is not browser- specific. We want you to be able to read everything we post, and so do our advertisers.

Let us know what the outcome of the Internet Explorer test is and if we can provide further assistance.

Meanwhile, here is the text of that letter to the editor posted on Saturday. (See below.)

Jim Youngquist

Publisher, LDN

Thanks to LDC staff


Dear LDC staff:

To all of you who have cared for and cared about our daughter Darla Cramer throughout the 40 years she was a resident at LDC, "Thank you." Thanks [to] you just does not seem enough when you have been like family to her and to us. She and we will miss you.

Thank you from all of us in the Lincoln Parents Association.  I think I can speak for all of us, that collectively, we would do it all again. You the staff, the union and we parents fought the good fight and a clean fight.  We commend you all and wish only the best and Gods blessings to each and every one of you. 

Till we meet again....


Janet and Larry Bruns

Railer band has been working hard on halftime show


Dear Editor:

I just wanted to say a few words about the Railer Marching Band. Im a member of the band, so I know how hard its been. We worked our [tails] off for two weeks at camp before school started. Then we started early morning practices on our first full day of school.

Its been really tough this year. We have an all-new show thats a lot more complicated and difficult than last year. Plus weve incorporated something new this year, a flag squad, who have also been working really hard. During band camp, most days wed go from 8-12, 1-4 and 6-9.

We also had to deal with people switching instruments. Theres a lot of people this year marching and playing instruments theyd never played before. For example, we have girls who played flute last year playing baritone this year, and clarinetists playing percussion and tuba... just to mention a few.

Its been hectic, tiring, and crazy... but its paying off. Our halftime show last Friday has gotten great comments. I know it was short, but were getting there. I guarantee the show will be different every time, as we add onto and improve the show.


[to top of second column in this letter]

I also want to say a few words about Mr. Swaar. Hes also had to deal with a lot this year. Hes had to deal with working in the flag squad, marching with people gone to sports and such, and some people just get tired and get unmotivated and [have] an attitude. I dont know how he does it. I honestly think that none of us band members could. He spent most of his summer vacation getting things ready for this year; hes put in so much time and effort. I think I would be right in speaking for the whole band when I say we appreciate it so much, and sometimes I really dont think he knows.

But now maybe everyone will know how hard weve all worked and come see us perform at our next halftime show on Sept. 13.


Holly Phillips


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