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May 03, 2000

Faith and family shape Park Meadows Baptist Church
[MAY 3, 2000]  Wherever you go, whomever you talk to, you hear the word "family" at Park Meadows Baptist Church in Lincoln.  Every member, every leader, every minister I interviewed has "family" in their heart and on their minds.  I shared in worship at Park Meadows on Sunday, April 9, and witnessed the 25th anniversary celebration of the ministry of Pastor S.M. Davis. The Sunday school hour that morning was devoted to special music in a "Singspiration" and testimonies to the ministry of Dr. Davis and his wife, Rae Jean.  Several testimonials noted the impact of the Davises on the homes and families in the congregation.

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"Turn left at the next corner, dear"

[MAY 3, 2000]  On most of our vacations, we’ve packed the car full and driven to our destination.  I’m usually in the driver’s seat, and my wife usually rides shotgun as the navigator.  On most trips we’re fine, even jovial, comfortable and happy for the first five or six hours of the trip, but then we begin to get weary, hungry or just plain grumpy.  And then the inevitable happens!  The driver (that’s me) asks in a grumpy tone for directions from the navigator (my wife) for the next turn.  The navigator, also weary, hungry or just plain grumpy, responds in kind.  And then it escalates as we find out in a panic that we’re not on the right road at all.  The vacation, now only five hours old, ceases to be a vacation, and our daughter in the back seat wishes she had stayed home.

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Two services mark  
National Day 
of Prayer

[MAY 3, 2000]  The National Day of Prayer will be observed tomorrow with two services, one at 12 noon at the Rotunda of the Logan County Courthouse and the other at 7 p.m. at the Earl C Hargrove Chapel at Lincoln Christian College. 

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Logan County school team mascots
[MAY 3, 2000]  I give you the school, you tell me the mascot.  Print out this puzzle and share a copy with a friend. 

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Lincoln Optimist Club observes Respect for Law Day
[MAY 3, 2000]  The Lincoln Optimist Club will observe Respect for Law Day on Thursday, May 4, at McDonald's Restaurant in Lincoln. City and Logan County police officers will be served a meal, compliments of the Lincoln Optimist Club and the Lincoln McDonald's. 

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Announcements –

- Blood drive at Sports Complex Wednesday

- LCHS bands present spring jazz night Thursday


Yesterday's news –

- Twenty homes featured on local tour

- Lincoln City Hall featured on Historic Preservation Week poster

- From the quieter side

- Population estimates in Logan County